Illicit Relationship Chapter 46

43 Do You Have A Girlfriend ?

After thirty minutes, he finally let her go from his lap and not long after that, they were ready to look for a tailor.

Coincidently Lin Xing Xue has a friend who is a reliable tailor. Her friend name is Shi Fei. Shi Fei is Lin Xing Xue's friend from the college but they were still keeping in touch until now, that why, when he told her that he was looking for a reliable tailor, the first person who appeared on her thought was Shi Fei.

Shi Fei is lives in an apartment and it was quite far from Lin Xing Xu's home, it took around fifteen minutes by bus before they arrived at Shi Fei's apartment.

The apartment building where Shi Fei lives is like a usual apartment building, a tall rectangular building with a lot of room. There are a few apartment building around Shi Fei apartment building with a few a garden and trees in front of it.

When they were inside the apartment building, they were immediately walking toward a lift because Shi Fei's apartment is on the tenth floor.

after reaching on the tenth floor, they needed to walk for a few seconds before they finally arrived in front of Shi Fei's apartment. On the tenth floor of Shi Fei's apartment block, there are six different apartments including She Fei's apartment.

Lin Xing Xue immediately took her smartphone and called her.

" hallo " a voice rang out from Lin Xing Xue's smartphone.

" Fei, I know you're in your apartment. open it, I'm in front of your apartment right now. " said Lin Xing Xue

" what ? " said Shi Fei in surprised " wait for a second, I'll tidy up my apartment first "

" un, please hurry up. " said Lin Xing Xue before She hanging up the phone.

five minutes later Shi Fei opened the apartment's door.

" Xue I . " Shi Fei spoke halfway before closing the apartment room. " wait a moment "

She Fei thought Lin Xing Xue was coming to her apartment alone so she didn't bother to spruce up her appearance but when she saw a handsome young man next to Lin Xing Xue, of course, she would close the door again to spruce up her appearance.

" ..this woman. " said Lin Xing Xue as she shook her head.

" ahahaha " Xiao Tian only laughed at that time


The door opened again

" Please come in. " said Shi Fei as she smiled

When Shi Fei opened the door again, Xiao Tian finally can see her face clearly. She is a little prettier than an average beautiful woman but there is a big plus that anyone would give to her when they see her. That is her curvaceous body.

She is a tall woman with a big chest, slender waist, and plump ass, to put it in short, she has a body of a supermodel, a body that made every woman envy of her and even though she is a little prettier than an average beautiful woman but her curvaceous body would make any male drooling for her when they see her.

" Why did you close the door again ? " asked Lin Xing Xue as she giggled.

" hey.. you didn't tell me that you're coming with a handsome young man. " said Shi Fei with a small voice

Hearing her answer, Lin Xing Xue just giggled. Of course, as a woman, she could understand her feeling.

When they were inside Shi Fei apartment, they immediately saw shoe storage near the door. There are a few shoes and slippers on it.

they were walking straight before they arrived at the guest room. The guest is around 3x3 meters with only TV and white sofa on it.

but what made it comfortable was, next to the guest room is a balcony where sunlight illuminates the guest room and it would be a perfect place when the sun is rising.

On the balcony, there is a small chair and table with a few plants neatly arranged on the basket next to the chair. He thought that her apartment is cozy, making anyone feel comfortable in there.

" so why did you come here? you even bring a handsome young man with you? you want to show off, right ? " said Li Fei as she looked at Lin Xing Xue

" I have a job for you. He wants to make a dress so I want to introduce you to him. " said Lin Xing Xue as she went straight to the point.

" Hello. I'm Xiao Tian. " he said as he smiled beautifully

" waaa a handsome young man with a beautiful smile, my life is compl ehm. I mean. Hello little brother. my name is Shi Fei. Little brother, do you have a girlfriend ? " said Shi Fei

" I do. " he said as he pointing his index finger toward Lin Xing Xue

" Xue, so you want to show off to me by coming here with your handsome young boyfriend huh. You want to make fun of me because I'm still single ? " she said angrily

" no I have a job for you " said Lin Xing Xue, then she looked at Xiao Tian and said " huft. Tian, I still haven't accepted you as my boyfriend yetand can we have a serious conversation first "
for visiting.

Shi Fei touched Lin Xing Xue's shoulder and said " Xue, if you don't want him, please give him to me "

Hearing that Lin Xing Xue unconsciously said " no.. he is mine "

After saying that, Lin Xing Xue immediately covering her mouth and lowered her head as she blushed.

Xiao Tian was happy when he heard that and can't stop smiling.

" so what is it ? do you like him or not ? " said Shi Fei curiously

" whatever I like him or not is up to me. it has nothing to do with you " said Lin Xing Xue

" of course it does. If you continue treating him like this, sooner or later he'll give up on you so just give him to me. I don't want to waste a handsome young man like him " said Shi Fei

Hearing that, Lin Xing Xue was stunned. She realized that everyone had limit patience, what if he didn't want her anymore and decided to give up on her.

Suddenly Lin Xing Xue felt hurt on her heart, like something sharp piercing her heart.

Will he give up on me? will he not want me anymore later? butbut he said he would love me forever. Am I selfish for making him wait this whole time? she thought

Her feeling suddenly became complicated at that time. Lin Xing Xue patted her cheek and said on her head again.

No. I believe in him, he'll wait for me because he said so. He'll wait for me until I accept him. yes, I'm sure he'll wait for even though it takes a long time.
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