Illicit Relationship Chapter 455

450 Fighting Jinhai And Gui At Street Vendor

As Jinhai and Gui were throwing their fists towards Xiao Tian's face, Xiao Tian didn't move, not even by an inch. At this moment, everyone, who saw Xiao Tian, thought that Xiao Tian was too scared to move his body.

But they were wrong. They were utterly wrong because before Jinhai and Gui could hit Xiao Tian's face, Xiao Tian caught their punch with his hands.


The entire area dropped into silence.

Xiao Tian's actions much surprised everyone. Because Xiao Tian looked like a weak young man, they didn't expect Xiao Tian was able to catch the punch of Jinhai and Gui.

Not only that, but Xiao Tian still had a calm expression as if the ones who wanted to hit him were children.

They didn't expect that the young man, who they thought weak and a coward, did something unexpected in front of them.

The expression of deep shock emerged on the faces of Jinhai and Gui. They also found it hard to believe that Xiao Tian was able to catch their punch. Caching a punch was extremely difficult and dangerous because they needed power and speed to do that.

If their movement were slower than their opponent's move, they would get hit before they could catch their fist, and if their strength were weaker, it would be pointless to catch their punch because they would still get hit.

That was why only people, who were skilled in martial arts and believed that they were stronger than their opponent, dared to do that.

'How could this be?'

Because Xiao Tian looked like someone who had never learned martial arts, Jinhai and Gui still could not believe what was happening.

Their bodies were bigger than Xiao Tian's body, and they didn't see any muscles on Xiao Tian's body, so they thought Xiao Tian was much weaker than them.

However, because Xiao Tian could catch their punch with a calm expression, they knew that Xiao Tian's strength was stronger than theirs.

Due to how strong Xiao Tian grasps were, Jinhai and Gui were unable to free their hands from his grasp.

After catching their fist, Xiao Tian kicked their chins. Because of how fast his kicks were, Jinhai and Gui were unable to block or dodge it.

Not only did Xiao Tian kick their chins, but when they were thrown into mid-air, he also kicked their mid-torso.


Jinhai and Gui were thrown back two meters and landed on the table before finally falling to the floor.

Due to how strong Xiao Tian's kicks were, blood dripped down from the corner of their mouths. Of course, Jinhai and Gui rose to their feet immediately and attacked Xiao Tian again.

Because it was street fighting, Jinhai didn't care about fighting fairly. He immediately grabbed a stool and threw it towards Xiao Tian.

Xiao Tian had guessed that Jinhai and Gui would use anything in the fight, so he was not surprised when Jinhai threw a stool towards him.

Because Lan Ruoxi was pretending to be a weak woman, Xiao Tian knew that she would not defend herself, and he had to protect her.

Xiao Tian was sure if something happened to her, her friend or everyone at the street vendor would blame him.

Even though Xiao Tian was annoyed by her actions, he had to protect her because, at that time, everyone thought that she was his lover, so as her boyfriend, he needed to protect her.

Because Lan Ruoxi was standing behind him, Xiao Tian knew that she would get hit by the stool if he dodged it.

For this reason, Xiao Tian grabbed her waist with his right hand and moved to the right side to avoid the stool.

When Jinhai and Gui learned that Xiao Tian was fighting them while protecting Lan Ruoxi, their mouths suddenly curved up into a sinister grin.

They knew it was hard to fight while protecting someone, so they wanted to take advantage of the situation.

Lan Ruoxi had pissed them off several times, so they didn't care about her. Their main purpose was to sleep with her, so as long as she was still alive, they didn't care whether she would get hurt by them or not.

And like before, Jinhai grabbed a stool again. However, this time, he didn't throw it; instead, he used it as a weapon.

When Gui noticed a stick near him, he immediately grabbed it. Without waiting for another second, Gui swung the rod vertically.

In order to avoid Gui's attack, Xiao Tian grabbed Lan Ruoxi's waist and dragged her to the left side. After that, Xiao Tian kicked Gui's right arm, causing the stick to fly high into the air.

Because Xiao Tian thought it was a perfect time to attack Gui, Xiao Tian threw a kick towards Gui's mid-torso.

However, Gui noticed it and immediately placed both of his hands in front of his mid-torso to block Xiao Tian's attack.

Before Xiao Tian's kick landed on Gui's mid-torso, he changed his aim to Gui's face because Gui would be able to block his kick if he still attacked Gui's mid-torso.

Because Gui thought Xiao Tian would attack his mid-torso, he didn't have time to block or dodge when Xiao Tian threw a kick towards his face.


Blood splashed out of his mouth when Gui was sent flying by Xiao Tian's kick.

At this moment, Lan Ruoxi was surprised when she noticed that Xiao Tian could change his aim when he was attacking.

Changing attack patterns was challenging to do, and not all martial artists were able to do it because they had to have sharp eyesight and quick reflexes to do that.

Usually, only people, who were genius in martial arts or experienced martial artists who've fought countless times, could do something like that.

Because Xiao Tian was still young, Lan Ruoxi was sure that he was a martial arts genius. She didn't expect that she would meet two geniuses in martial arts in her lifetime.

With this, Lan Ruoxi wondered who was the more genius between Xiao Tian and Zhao Sheng in martial arts.

As Gui was lying on the ground, Jinhai attacked Xiao Tian with a stool. And like before, Xiao Tian grabbed Lan Ruoxi's waist to avoid the attack.

At that time, the stick that was thrown into the mid-air fell in front of Xiao Tian. Because Xiao Tian was grabbing Lan Ruoxi's waist with his right hand, he caught the stick with his left hand and attacked Jinhai's head with it.

At first, Jinhai could block Xiao Tian's attack with the stool. However, because of how fast Xiao Tian's attacks were, Jinhai began to get hit by Xiao Tian's attacks.

It was not only his head that was hit by the stick, but the stick also hit his hands, waist, and mid-torso. Because Xiao Tian didn't stop attacking him, Jinhai's head was covered in blood.


Because Jinhai felt so much pain and Xiao Tian was still attacking him, he fell to the ground. At this moment, Jinhai could no longer move his body and only stare at Xiao Tian.

"Die!" Gui roared as he was throwing his fist towards Xiao Tian.

Even though Gui suddenly attacked him from behind, Xiao Tian didn't panic; instead, he lifted Lan Ruoxi and spun her around.

Because Lan Ruoxi was a master martial artist, she knew what Xiao Tian had in mind. For this reason, when Xiao Tian was spinning her, Lan Ruoxi threw a kick towards Gui's head.


Gui instantly fell to the ground after getting hit on the head by Lan Ruoxi.

The expression of deep shock emerged on the faces of everyone. Because Xiao Tian looked like a weak young man, they thought Jinhai and Gui would beat Xiao Tian instantly.

However, they were wrong because the ones, who were lying on the ground, was not Xiao Tian, but Jinhai and Gui.

Not only that but from how Xiao Tian fought Jinhai and Gui, they knew that Xiao Tian was good at fighting. This made them not dare to provoke Xiao Tian anymore.

When Xiao Tian saw the place was in a mess because of him, he suddenly felt guilty to the owner. He turned around to see the owner of the street vendor.

The street vendor owner, who was already in his sixties, was sitting on the floor with his body trembling non-stop.

Xiao Tian could only sigh after seeing him. He shifted his gaze from the street vendor owner to Lan Ruoxi.

"Honey, why are you looking at me like that?" of course, Lan Ruoxi knew what Xiao Tian had in mind, but because she didn't want to be blamed, she pretended as if she didn't know anything.

Xiao Tian brought his face closer towards her right ear and whispered, "Lady Lan, because of your bad behavior, I have to take responsibility now. Don't think that I will let you free after this."

Like usual, Lan Ruoxi was not afraid of his threats and whispered back. "This is the price for kissing me in front of my friend."

Xiao Tian then grabbed Gui and placed him next to Jinhai.

"What is he doing?"

"I don't know."

"Does he still want to beat them up?"

"Maybe he is still furious."

"But those people can no longer move their bodies. Isn't it too cruel to beat them at that state?"

"Yes. I think so too."

Everyone at the street vendor was curious about what Xiao Tian wanted to do to Gui and Jinhai. The expression of deep shock emerged on their faces when they saw what Xiao Tian did to Jinhai and Gui.

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