Illicit Relationship Chapter 454

449 Honey Im Scared. Beat Them To Death

"Who are you? Why are you sitting here?" Lan Ruoxi really wanted to beat the people who were sitting in front of her, but she still tried her best to hold back her anger.

From their expression, Lan Ruoxi suspected that they had bad intentions. Lan Ruoxi felt disgusted when she noticed their lustful eyes.

"Calm down, beauty. We don't have bad intentions. Because you are sitting alone, we just want to accompany you." The red-haired man said before turning his head towards his brother. "Isn't that right, brother Gui?"

"Yes," Gui replied as he nodded his head. "What brother Jinhai said is right. We only want to accompany you."

"It's them again."

"Yes. Those people always harass beautiful women."

"What are the police doing? Letting people like them do whatever they want."

"Don't ask me. I'm not a cop."

"What should we do? Should we help her?"

"She came with her boyfriend, so let her boyfriend handle it. I want to know whether her boyfriend will protect her or not."

"Good idea!"

"I also want to know about it."

"If her boyfriend doesn't protect her, we will protect her later. With this, we will win her heart and she will hate her boyfriend. It's like killing two birds with one stone."


All the men, who were at the street vendors, decided not to help Lan Ruoxi right away because they wanted to know whether Xiao Tian would protect her or not.

When Lan Ruoxi noticed that they kept looking at her breasts, she could not hold back her anger anymore.

However, she suddenly remembered of Xiao Tian. Her lips curled into a smirk because she thought it was a perfect time to make Xiao Tian pay for kissing her in front of her friend earlier.

For this reason, Lan Ruoxi pretended to be a weak girl. "Leave me alone! Otherwise, my boyfriend will beat you all."

"Haha." Gui and Jinhai were not afraid when Lan Ruoxi was threatening them.

At this moment, Xiao Tian, who just returned from ordering food and drinks, said coldly. "Who are you?"

Xiao Tian was furious when those two people had bad intentions towards Lan Ruoxi. It was not like he was jealous or something like that.

With those two people having bad intentions towards Lan Ruoxi, Xiao Tian knew that they would not be able to eat peacefully.

He was starving because he hadn't had lunch and here, they wanted to disturb them.

"Her boyfriend has returned."

"This will be interesting."

"I want to know whether he will be able to protect her or not."

"We will know about it later."

When all men noticed Xiao Tian, they wanted to know what Xiao Tian would do when Xiao Tian learned that Gui and Jinhai were having bad intentions towards Lan Ruoxi.

Xiao Tian was annoyed when he noticed all men staring at him. Because none of them helped Lan Ruoxi and they also didn't show any expressions of fear towards Gui and Jinhai, he knew what they were thinking.

'I see! So all of you want to take advantage of the situation later, huh?'

Even though Xiao Tian was angry because none of them helped Lan Ruoxi, but he could not yell at them. They were strangers and had no relationship with him, so if he yelled at them, they would be angry with him.

When Lan Ruoxi saw Xiao Tian, she instantly rose to her feet and dashed towards Xiao Tian.

"Honey, they want to do bad things to me. Beat them to death!" Lan Ruoxi pointed her index finger towards Gui and Jinhai.

Since she decided to pretend to be a weak woman, Lan Ruoxi made a terrified expression as if she had just seen a ghost.

Her body was trembling and tears formed in her beautiful eyes. Because of how perfect her acting was, none of them knew that Lan Ruoxi was a martial arts expert.

Xiao Tian shifted his gaze from Gui to Lan Ruoxi.

'Hey, hey, hey! What is this? Aren't you a martial arts expert? They are only a delinquent. I'm sure you can beat them easily, so why are you pretending to be terrified like this?'

At first, Xiao Tian had no idea why Lan Ruoxi was pretending to be a weak woman. However, when he remembered what he did to her in the hospital earlier, he finally understood why she didn't beat Gui and Jinhai.

"Beauty, just forget him because we are much better than him. Look at him! His body looks so weak and he also has no muscles. We are one hundred times better than him." Gui said before turning his head towards Jinhai. "Isn't that right, brother Jinhai?"

"That's right," Jinhai answered instantly. "Not only are we more manly than your boyfriend, but I'm sure we're also much better in bed than your lover."

"Yes. Just forget him and become our woman. We will make you happy every day. Haha." Gui was sure that Xiao Tian would not dare to do anything to them because, in his eyes, Xiao Tian was a coward.

"Ho-honey, I'm scared. Beat them to death!" Lan Ruoxi grabbed his shirt and hid behind him as if she was really scared of Jinhai and Gui.

"What?! Beauty, did you think that your boyfriend can beat us? It's funny. Haha." because Xiao Tian looked like a weak man, Jinhai thought Xiao Tian would not dare to do anything to them.

"I'm sure your lover is scared right now but pretending to be brave because you are beside him," Gui added.

"My lover is strong." Lan Ruoxi answered instantly. "You two will regret it later."

'Why haven't those two fools attacked young master Xiao yet? What should I do to make them attack him?'

Because Lan Ruoxi wanted to take revenge on Xiao Tian, she was unhappy when Gui and Jinhai were just talking and still hadn't attacked Xiao Tian.

"Strong? Did I hear it correctly?" Gui said before turning his head towards Jinhai. "Brother, did you hear what she just said?"

"Beauty, how could you say that your lover is strong. Look at his body! I'm sure it only took me one hit to knock him out." Jinhai decided to humiliate Xiao Tian so that Xiao Tian would lose face in front of his lover.

"Honey, he is humiliating you. Hurry up and beat them to death!" Even though Lan Ruoxi wanted Xiao Tian to fight Gui and Jinhai, but she would still help Xiao Tian if Xiao Tian could not beat Gui and Jinhai later.

She only wanted to make Xiao Tian fight Gui and Jinhai as a punishment for kissing her in front of her friend earlier.

"Leave now! Don't disturb us. I'm not in good mood now." Xiao Tian said coldly.

"Eh! What is this? Do you think you can beat us?" Jinhai found it hard to believe what he was hearing.

All this time, Xiao Tian was silent like a coward, so when Xiao Tian suddenly behaved like a hero, Jinhai thought Xiao Tian didn't want to lose face in front of his lover.

"I will count to three. If you are still here, don't blame me for beating you two later." Because his reputation was on the line, Xiao Tian knew that he had to fight them.

"Haha. Brother, let's beat him!" Jinhai was unhappy when Xiao Tian was acting like a hero.

Without waiting for another second, Jinhai and Gui threw their fists towards Xiao Tian's face.

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