Illicit Relationship Chapter 444

439 Ladies Breakfast Is Ready

The following morning, Liu Ning was the first to wake up. The expression of deep shock emerged on her face when she saw Shi Fei sleeping on top of Xiao Tian.

Because Xiao Tian often put his cock into their pussy after they had sex, Liu Ning immediately checked whether Xiao Tian's cock was in Shi Fei's pussy or not.

Liu Ning smiled and shook her head when she found out that Xiao Tian's cock was in Shi Fei's pussy. Of course, she was fine with it because Xiao Tian often did that to them.

Because it was already 06:00 am, Liu Ning wanted to make breakfast for them immediately. However, when she was about to stand up, her pussy suddenly felt sore.

'It hurt!'

Because her vagina was sore, Liu Ning decided to lie down on the bed. Of course, Liu Ning knew that something like this would happen to her. She just didn't expect that it would hurt so much.

Not long after that, Xiao Tian woke up. When he noticed Liu Ning was already awake, he smiled and spoke, "Good morning, Ning'er."

"Good morning." Liu Ning replied as she smiled softly. If anyone saw her expression, they would not know that she was still in pain.

When Xiao Tian saw her soft smile, he could not help but happy. He really loved it when he could see his women after waking up. It was as if he was the luckiest man in the world.

"Oh! It rare for you to still lie down like this. Are you still tired?" usually, Liu Ning immediately made breakfast after waking up. That was why Xiao Tian was a little surprised when he saw Liu Ning lying down on the bed.

"Tian'er, I can't move my body right now. My pussy hurts a lot." because Xiao Tian was her man, Liu Ning didn't lie to him.

Xiao Tian was the reason why she could not move her body. That was why she was telling the truth.

"All right. Let me make breakfast this time." Xiao Tian suddenly felt guilty when he found out that Liu Ning was unable to move her body.

If Liu Ning's pussy hurts a lot, Xiao Tian was sure Shi Fei's vagina hurts more because he had more sex with Shi Fei last night.

"What? You want to cook breakfast?!" Liu Ning said in surprise.

Liu Ning and Shi Fei knew that Xiao Tian could not cook because, in the past, Xiao Tian made food for them, and his food tasted like poison.

"Tian'er, how about you order fast food?" it was not like she didn't want to let Xiao Tian cook breakfast for them, but with their current condition, it would make their condition even worse if they ate a poisonous food.

"Ning'er, believe me. This time, I will make delicious food, not poisonous food again." Xiao Tian was not angry after hearing her words; instead, he wanted to let her know even more that he could cook delicious food now.

After failing more than twenty times, Xiao Tian finally could cook delicious food. Even though it was only a simple soup, Xiao Tian was satisfied with it. At least, now he could cook for his women.

'Right now, I can only make a simple soup, but in the future, I will make a lot of delicious food for my women.'

It was true that Xiao Tian only could cook a simple soup for now, but he was sure that he would be able to cook a lot of delicious food in the future.

In his previous life, Xiao Tian was a young master from the wealthiest family, so it was normal if he could not cook any food, but now he decided to change himself.

"Hehe." Liu Ning could not help but giggle when Xiao Tian said he made poisonous food in the past. "All right. I will let you cook breakfast for us."

Because Xiao Tian insisted on cooking breakfast for them, Liu Ning didn't have the heart to stop him.

Even though she was sure that his food would taste like poison again, Liu Ning still let him cook breakfast.

"Wait here. I will cook breakfast now." After putting Shi Fei on the bed, Xiao Tian headed toward the kitchen.

Liu Ning's face blossomed into a smile after Xiao Tian walked out of her room. With him insisting on wanting to cook breakfast for them, Liu Ning knew that Xiao Tian loved them very much.

At this moment, Shi Fei suddenly opened her eyes. When she could not find Xiao Tian, she looked at Liu Ning and asked, "Ning, where is little brother?"

"He is cooking breakfast in the kitchen." Liu Ning gave Shi Fei an honest answer.

"Really?" Shi Fei said in surprise.

"Yes." Liu Ning replied as she nodded her head. "He said he would make delicious food for us later."

"Well, even though the food will taste like poisonous food, I will still eat it." since the person who was making breakfast for them was Xiao Tian, Shi Fei would still eat it.

She didn't care whether the food would taste like poison again or not. What mattered to her was who made the food for them.

"Yes. I will also eat it." Liu Ning didn't want to hurt Xiao Tian's feelings. That was why she also intended to eat the food later.

"My pussy hurts a lot." Shi Fei looked at her pussy and spread it.

"Me too." Liu Ning answered instantly. "My vagina also hurts a lot. That's why I don't cook breakfast and just lie in bed."

"Little brother is surely amazing. He even can satisfy both of us. I even could no longer move my body last night." When Shi Fei remembered what Xiao Tian did to her last night, she could not help but praise him.

Last night, they had sex for more than three hours until she could no longer move her body. Even though she knew Xiao Tian was a beast, she just didn't expect that both of them were still not his match.

"I also could not move my body last night. Luckily, Tian'er carried us to my room. Otherwise, we would sleep on the couch." When Xiao Tian carried her to her room, Liu Ning was already awake.

However, because she was worn out, she kept closing her eyes and pretending to be asleep.

"Hehe. He even put his cock into my vagina again before walking toward your room as if he still desired to have sex with us again. Hehe." of course, Shi Fei knew about it because she was already awake when Xiao Tian carried her to Liu Ning's room.

"Hehe." Liu Nin giggled. "He is such a beast."

"Yes." Shi Fei answered instantly. "A wild beast."

As Liu Ning and Shi Fei were talking, Xiao Tian was cooking breakfast happily. He was thrilled because the chance to please his women with his cooking skills finally came.

Not long after that, Xiao Tian finished cooking soup. Because he knew that his women could not walk to the dining room, Xiao Tian decided to bring the soup to Liu Ning's room.

As Xiao Tian stepped into the room, he immediately spoke, "Ladies, breakfast is ready."

Upon hearing his words, Liu Ning and Shi Fei turned their heads toward Xiao Tian.

"Here, eat it while it's still warm." Xiao Tian then gave the soup to Liu Ning and Shi Fei.

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