Illicit Relationship Chapter 44

41 My Love For You Is Infinite

Today was a day off for Lin Xing Xue so Xiao Tian decided to go to her place but today, there was a little different about him.

There was a bouquet of white roses in his right hand and he kept smelling the scent of white roses as he walked.

He treated the bouquet of white roses as if it was his dear lover. The people who saw him behaving like that were smiling at what he did.

Some of them teased him, some of them making fun of him and saying he was like an idiot but some of them cheered him and gave their blessing to him.

Not long after that, he had arrived at Lin Xing Xue's home and he immediately knocked on the door.

" Little Xue, your lover is coming. " he said as he hid the bouquet of white roses behind his back.


The sound of the door opened by someone could be heard in his ears. When the door was opened, a beautiful mature woman wearing a red T-shirt with blue short pants could be seen.

" Tian ? " she said with puzzlement.

" Little Xue, your lover is coming. Are you happy ? " he asked as he smiled

She looked at him with puzzlement, after a few seconds she smiled and said " un, happy "

Looking at her beautiful smile, he almost forgot to give her the bouquet of white roses. He immediately gave her the bouquet and smiled " here. I prepare this beautiful bouquet of white roses for a beautiful lady "

Seeing that, she smiled and took the bouquet of white roses " thank you. Hihi. There are a lot of white roses "

" that's right. There are fifty roses in this bouquet. It symbolizes that my love for you is infinite. My love for you is as tall as a mountain and as big as the lake " he said

She giggled and said " but mountain and lake is not infinite. It's even can be measured "

Hearing that, he gave a cough and said ".. I mean, my love for you is as tall as the sky, as big as the universe, and as deep as a black hole."

" hehe. Good. Now it's infinite " she said as she smiled beautifully

" hm..hm.. this is what I want to see. Your beautiful smile from your heart. You seem so stressful earlier " he said

" so when you say your love is as tall as a mountain and as big as the lake, it's only to make me smile? But didn't I smile when I accepted your bouquet " she said

" little Xue, I know you smiled when you accepted the bouquet but I can see you didn't smile from your heart, It feels like you only smile on your face but your mind is somewhere else. " he said
for visiting.

" Tian, sorry " she apologized

He looked at her lovingly and said " little Xue, I know you have a problem, everyone has a problem but remember this little Xue. You're not alone, there is still me. I'll do anything to help you and make you happy. If you can't say it now, I'll wait until you decide to say it to me "

She looked at him for a few seconds before she finally said " thank you Tian. I'm fine. Let's come inside "

" un " he nodded

He came inside the guest room and sat on a red sofa.

" wait here, I will make a drink first. " she said

" alright " he nodded

She put the bouquet of white roses on flower vase in her bedroom. After she put the bouquet, she went to the kitchen to make a tea for him but when she wanted to takes biscuits as a snack. There were no biscuits anymore and she forgot to buy it so she had no choice but to only bring tea.

" sorry, I run out of biscuits and forget to buy it. " she said as she put the tea in front of him.

" don't worry about it. I still have you as my biscuits " he said jokingly

" hmf. Bad boy. You want to treat me like a biscuit? " she said as she smiled

" why not " he said as he grabbed her hand and pulled her toward him

" kyaa " she was surprised and let out a cute voice when he suddenly pulled her toward him.

" what is it Tian? why did you suddenly pull me ? " she asked curiously

" nothing,I just want you to be close to me. " he said as he made her sit on his lap

When she was sitting on his lap, his right hand wrapped around her hip while his left hand was holding her right hand.

she didn't try to run or do anything at that time, she even let him wrapping his hand around her hip and let him hold his hand.

" so the reason you're coming here so early in the morning is because of this ? " she said as she wrapped her left hand around his neck.

" un. This is one of the reason " he said honestly

" one of the reason ? " she said with puzzlement

" yes. the other reason is I want to do business and I want to hire you " he said as he looked at her

" but I already work at the cosmetic shop, I'm afraid, I can't work for you because it will make me very tired " she said

She was working from 09.00 a.m until 06.00 p.m and six-day a week so if she works in the evening she was afraid her body can't bear it because she wasn't young anymore, she is already in her late twenty and her body began to hurt every now and then

" you don't need to worry about that. your job is only supervising and you don't need in there all the time. oh..I'll be there with you too " he said

Hearing that, she began interested in the job that he talks about. She looked at him and asked curiously " what job is it? "

He began telling her everything from how he wants to make design clothes and how he already makes the famous singer Yun Xin Er agreed to wear his design dress in her next live concert if she likes his design dress.

She was shocked again after she hears that, she thought the young man who wanted her as his lover has many talents like playing the piano, making clothes until creating a song.

but he didn't tell her that he sell his song to Yun Xin Er he only told her that he created a song and played it on the piano competition.

" that's a good start Tian. You are very lucky " she said

" un I am just lucky. " he said as he smiled
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