Illicit Relationship Chapter 433

428 Because You Are So Attractive

"Why did you suddenly want to kiss me?" Ye Qingyu wanted to know why her nephew suddenly desired to kiss her earlier.

Of course, she was thrilled by it because it was a sign that their relationship was getting better again.

What made her curious was why he suddenly desired to kiss her. He even kissed her in front of the company as if he wanted to let others know that she was his woman.

At this moment, Ye Qingyu really hoped their relationship would return to the way it was used before as quickly as possible because even though Xiao Tian still treated her special, but it was not as special as it was used before.

"Because you are so attractive, aunt." at first, Xiao Tian wanted to tell her that he didn't intend to kiss her earlier, but he only wanted to take away the leaf in her hair.

However, because he had kissed her lips, Xiao Tian thought it would be better not to say it. Xiao Tian was sure that his aunt would be sad if she knew the truth.

Ye Qingyu lowered her head and spoke, "Thank you."

Ye Qingyu's face blossomed into a smile when her nephew praised her beauty. Even though she often heard it from others, but because it was Xiao Tian who praised her, she suddenly felt lucky to have a pretty face.

'Luckily, I've taken away the small leaf in her hair and threw it on the back seat.'

Earlier, when they were kissing passionately, Xiao Tian took away the leaf in her hair and threw it in the back seat. That was why his aunt had no idea that there was a small leaf in her hair earlier.

Not long after that, they arrived home. When they stepped into the living room, Xiao Tian saw his mother watching TV.

"Tian.." Ye Xueyin was pleased when she saw her son.

For the whole day, she kept wanting to see him, causing her to be unable to focus on her work.

Xiao Tian walked towards his mother and sat on the couch. "I'm home, mother."

'Is she trying to seduce me?'

Xiao Tian was surprised when he saw his mother's clothes. She was wearing a loose white T-shirt and short skirt. Due to this, he thought his mother was trying to make him feel aroused.

And after seeing her loose white T-shirt, Xiao Tian knew that his mother was not wearing a bra. This made Xiao Tian suddenly remember the time when they had sex in the past.

Because Ye Xueyin really wanted to lovey-dovey with her son, she immediately hugged his right arm and looked at him. "Tian, what do you want to do right now?"

Instead of giving her an answer immediately, Xiao Tian only looked at her in the eyes.

'You want to do it?'

Because his mother hugged his right arm tightly, Xiao Tian could feel the softness of her breasts. Of course, Xiao Tian knew what was in her mind because from how she behaved or based on what she was wearing, he knew that his mother wanted to have sex with him.

It was not like Xiao Tian didn't want to do it with his mother, but if he had sex with her, there was a possibility that he couldn't go to Shi Fei's house later because it would take a long time to finish having sex with her.

Not only that, but Xiao Tian was also sure that his aunt would join them if he had sex with his mother. With this, it took even longer to finish having sex.

However, because Xiao Tian didn't want to make his mother sad, he pretended as if he didn't know what was in her mind. "What do you want to do, mother? Do you want to head to the backyard?"

Ye Xueyin was unhappy upon hearing his words. The reason she wanted to have sex with him was that she wanted to make their relationship return to the way it was used before.

Ye Xueyin realized that Xiao Tian didn't treat her special like in the past, and in order to make her special again, it would take a long time if she only used a normal way.

For this reason, she wanted to use sex as a way to make her special in a short time because she knew that Xiao Tian loved having sex with her.

"Tian, let's have sex." Ye Xueyin was a lady who always said what was in her mind, so she gave him an honest answer.

They had a lot of sex in the past, so she thought there was no need to hide what she wanted.

"Mother, it's not tha-" Xiao Tian stopped his words halfway when he saw his aunt.

'Are you trying to seduce me too? Did the two of you plan all of this?'

Xiao Tian shouted in his head. Like his mother, his aunt was also wearing a loose T-shirt and short skirt.

This made Xiao Tian gulp his saliva hard. With her pretty face and the clothes she was wearing, Xiao Tian almost lost in lust.

However, Xiao Tian tried his best to hold back the lust within him because he intended to have sex with Liu Ning and Shi Fei later.

If all his women lived under the same roof, he would gladly have sex with his mother and aunt, but because they lived in a different home, Xiao Tian had to think carefully about whether he should have sex with his mother and aunt or not.

Xiao Tian really wanted to have sex with Liu Ning and Shi Fei and spend time with them for the whole night later. That was why he only intended to watch TV with his mother and aunt earlier.

However, Xiao Tian's mind was in a mess again when his aunt suddenly sat next to him and hugged his left arm.

With him being able to feel the tenderness of their breasts, the lust within him began growing again. "Mother, it's not like I don't want to do it with you right now, but I have to go to Liu Ning's house later."

"Are you going to sleep at her house again tonight?" Ye Xueyin's expression turned sad upon hearing his words.

Even though she could see him again, Xiao Tian never slept at their home anymore. Last time, he even left when she was asleep, so when Xiao Tian said that he wanted to go to Liu Ning's house, the feeling of sadness suddenly emerged in her heart.

"Yes." because his mother and aunt knew that Liu Ning and Shi Fei were his women, Xiao Tian thought there was no point in lying to them.

Of course, he knew that his mother was sad after hearing his words because he could see the expression on her face changed drastically after he said that he wanted to go to Liu Ning's house later.

"Can't you sleep with us tonight?" Ye Xueyin said in a sad voice. "Mother really wants to sleep with you tonight."

Xiao Tian could only sigh when he saw her expression. If it were in the past, Xiao Tian would immediately agree to sleep with her, but not now, because, in his heart, Shi Fei and Liu Ning were more important. "Mother, I can't sleep with you tonight."

"But mother really wants to sleep with you tonight. Can't you sleep at her house tomorrow?" Ye Xueyin inquired.

After thinking for several seconds, Xiao Tian replied, "Mother, aunt, how about I buy a mansion, and we live together there?"

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