Illicit Relationship Chapter 431

426 Is It My Turn Now?

"Oh! It seems like you are not afraid of being unable to move your body, huh?" actually, Xiao Tian also intended to have sex with Shi Fei and Liu Ning tonight because he would go to Beijing with Lan Ruoxi in two or three days.

"Hehe. Having sex with you feels so good. It makes me want to have sex with you every time we are alone." Shi Fei gave an honest answer.

"Your words make me wonder whether you really love me or my dick." Of course, it also made Xiao Tian happy every time Shi Fei said that she loved having sex with him.

Who would not be happy when their lover said that they liked having sex with them because it meant they could satisfy their lover in bed.

Many people also said that sex could make a relationship stronger and make a couple love each other more.

Because it was a perfect time to tease Xiao Tian, Shi Fei decided to lie to him. "To be honest, I love your cock more because your cock can make me feel like I'm on cloud nine."

Upon hearing her words, Xiao Tian touched her pussy through her trousers and spoke, "Oh, so you only think with your pussy, huh?"

"Hehe." Shi Fei let Xiao Tian touch her pussy through her trousers as he pleased. "Little brother, you can't say something like that to a woman because only woman can say it to a man."

The corner of his lips twitched upon hearing her words. Of course, Xiao Tian knew that many women often said it to a man.

That was why Xiao Tian said it to Shi Fei because, in his eyes, women and men were equal. "If women are allowed to say something like that, that means men can say it too."

"You really know how to answer everything, huh?" Shi Fei said as she pinched his nose.

Because Xiao Tian also wanted to lovey-dovey with Liu Ning, he immediately spoke, "Fei, bring Ning'er here. I want to spend time with her too."

"All right." Shi Fei slid from his lap and walked out of his office.

Not long after that, Shi Fei and Liu Ning entered his office. Xiao Tian rose from the couch when he saw Liu Ning.

Without giving her a warning, Xiao Tian embraced Liu Ning. After he stopped the hug, Xiao Tian held the hands of Liu Ning and Shi Fei. "Let's sit on the sofa."

"Tian'er, I thought you would not come to the company today." like Shi Fei, Liu Ning was also surprised when she found out that Xiao Tian was in the company.

Because of how busy he was, she could only meet him every night because he was usually busy with his other company.

"Actually, there is something I want to tell you two." Because Liu Ning and Shi Fei were next to him, Xiao Tian thought it was a perfect time to tell them.

"What is it?" Liu Ning asked curiously

Xiao Tian looked at their faces before answering, "Lan Ruoxi wants me to accompany her to attend the banquet in Beijing."

"Lan Ruoxi?" of course, Liu Ning knew who Lan Ruoxi was because Lan Ruoxi had helped her in the past. "And what is your answer?"

"Ning'er, she has helped me many times, so I accepted it." Xiao Tian gave her an honest answer. "But you don't have to worry. I have no special relationship with her. Our relationship is only at the level of a business relationship."

"Hehe. I only want to know your answer. I never ask about your relationship with her." even though Liu Ning said something like that, but she was pleased upon hearing Xiao Tian's words.

"Little brother, it's true that we are jealous when we know that you will accompany Lan Ruoxi to attend the banquet in Beijing, but it's because we love you. However, we will not stop you from doing what you want because we believe in you." Shi Fei then turned her head toward Liu Ning. "Isn't that right, Ning?"

"Yes." Liu Ning answered as she nodded her head. "Hehe. You even said that you don't have a special feeling for her. Are you worried that we will be angry with your decision?"

"Well, it's because I want to tell you about it and don't want to make you sad." Xiao Tian was afraid they would think that Xiao Tian loved Lan Ruoxi or something like that. That was why Xiao Tian said that he had no special feelings for Lan Ruoxi.

"When are you going to Beijing?" Shi Fei inquired

"I don't know. Lan Ruoxi will tell me about it later, but the banquet will be held in three days, so if not tomorrow, I will go to Beijing the day after tomorrow." Xiao Tian really hoped that he would go to Beijing the day after tomorrow so that he could spend more time with his women before traveling to Beijing.

"How long will you be in Beijing?" Liu Ning inquired

"I also don't know about it." Xiao Tian spoke and paused for a second before he continued, "But I will come back as soon as possible because I can't live without you two by my side."

Upon hearing his words, Liu Ning and Shi Fei laughed at the same time. Because Xiao Tian often said flattering things like that, Shi Fei and Liu Ning were not surprised by it.

As if both of them had planned it before, Liu Ning and Shi Fei pinched his cheeks at the same time and spoke in unison, "What a smooth talker!"

Xiao Tian only smiled when his women pinched his cheeks. He really loved it when he could enjoy his time with Liu Ning and Shi Fei like that. "Oh, both of you dare to bully me, huh? As a man, I can't allow this, so I will fight back now."

However, before Xiao Tian could do anything to them, Liu Ning and Shi Fei looked at each other and nodded their heads as if they could communicate through their eyes.

Without waiting for another second, Liu Ning and Shi Fei pulled Xiao Tian's cheeks, causing Xiao Tian to feel a little pain.

"Agghh." Xiao Tian pretended to be in pain. "Fei, Ning'er, it's unfair that you two gang up on me like this."

Liu Ning and Shi Fei laughed when they saw the expression on Xiao Tian's face. It was rare for Xiao Tian not to fight back like that, so they didn't stop pinching his cheeks.

Shi Fei and Liu Ning pinched his cheeks for another three seconds before finally, they stopped what they were doing.

When Xiao Tian realized the opportunity to punish them had arisen, he turned his head towards Liu Ning and spoke, "It's a chance to fight back."

Without waiting for another second, Xiao Tian cupped Liu Ning's face and kissed her cherry lips. And like usual, Liu Ning immediately welcomed the kiss.

Because Shi Fei had seen them kissing many times and she was also one of his women, Xiao Tian and Liu Ning kissed passionately without feeling shy.

After kissing Liu Ning passionately for more than a minute, Xiao Tian stopped the kiss and turned his body toward Shi Fei.

"Is it my turn now?" Shi Fei asked as she smiled.

"Yes." and like what he did to Liu Ning, Xiao Tian immediately kissed Shi Fei passionately too.

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