Illicit Relationship Chapter 420

415 Both Of You Are Stupid

Hong Guan Ji, Hong Jun, Hong Duan, and Yi Yi were stunned upon seeing Xiao Tian and his underlings. They found it hard to believe what they were seeing.

Not only did the Hawk gang not destroy Xiao Tian's gang, but they even let Xiao Tian come to their house. What surprised them the most was that Xiao Tian was still alive and kicking.

This made them furious at the Hawk gang. The Hawk gang said that they would deal with Xiao Tian as soon as possible. They didn't expect that the Hawk gang would lie to them.

'That bastard Jin Yimu! What the hell is he doing right now? Why hasn't he dealt with Xiao Tian yet? He even let Xiao Tian come to my house.'

Hong Guan Ji gritted his teeth. Because Xiao Tian was in front of him, he knew that Xiao Tian had defeated his bodyguards and security guards.

Upon knowing that no one could save them anymore, Hong Guan Ji had no idea what they should do.

When Xiao Tian saw the expression on their faces, his lips curled into a smirk. "Why? Are you all disappointed to see me?"

"Why are you still okay?" since Hong Jun wanted to know why nothing happened to Xiao Tian, he decided to ask.

"Of course, it's because I always take care of myself." Xiao Tian answered instantly. "Oh, wait! I'm sure you all want to know why the Hawk gang still doesn't do anything to me, right?"

Xiao Tian's underlings laughed upon seeing their expressions. They really wanted to say that they had destroyed the hawk gang, but decided not to do so.

"Because I've destroyed the Hawk gang." Xiao Tian said as he laughed.

"What?" Hong Jun, Hong Guan Ji, Hong Duan, and Yi Yi said in surprise.

"Don't lie to us!" Hong Jun spoke.

Of course, they didn't believe Xiao Tian's words. The Hawk gang was stronger than the Blue Ice Lotus gang, so it was impossible for them to destroy the Hawk gang.

"Oh! You don't believe me?!" Xiao Tian had guessed that they would not believe it easily. "I know that the Hawk gang was stronger than my gang, but that was in the past because now, we are much stronger than them. If the Hawk gang is stronger than my gang, how could I possibly stand in front of you all? "

They began to think about Xiao Tian's words seriously. If the Hawk gang was indeed stronger than the Blue Ice Lotus gang, it was impossible for Xiao Tian to appear in front of them because the Jin Yimu had said that they would deal with Xiao Tian today.

Because Xiao Tian was the one who appeared in front of them, that meant the Blue Ice Lotus gang had indeed destroyed the Hawk gang.

The feeling of deep fear suddenly emerged within them. They didn't expect that the Hawk gang would lose to the Blue Ice Lotus gang.

Because many people said that the Hawk gang was stronger than the Blue Ice Lotus gang, they thought the Hawk gang could destroy Xiao Tian's gang and capture him, but they were wrong.

Hong Guan Ji, Hong Jun, Hong Duan, and Yi Yi looked at each other. At this time, they were thinking of a way to escape from Xiao Tian.

They knew if they fell into Xiao Tian's hands, he would torture them later. However, because none of them could do martial arts and Xiao Tian also came with his underlings, they knew that it was almost impossible to escape from him.

"Why are you all silent? I know that all of you are eager to capture me. Why don't you do it now? I'm even standing in front of you right now?" Xiao Tian really loved it when he saw the hopeless expression on their faces.

Because their family status was an upper-class family in the past, they always looked down on other people. Now that they could not do anything, it was so satisfying to see their expressions.

Hong Guan Ji suddenly remembered that he put the gun under the table in the afternoon. Even though it wasn't enough to kill all of them, at least he could kill Xiao Tian using a gun.

He was sure if he managed to shoot Xiao Tian with a gun, they could escape from them. Xiao Tian was the leader of the Blue Ice Lotus gang, so if something happened to Xiao Tian, his underlings would immediately worry about him and ignore them.

At that time, they could immediately run away from them. As long as they could escape from Xiao Tian, they could try to kill him again in the future.

For this reason, Hong Guan Ji squatted down and grabbed the gun. Without waiting for another second, he pointed the gun toward Xiao Tian and said, "DIE!"

However, before Hong Guan Ji could fire the gun, Xiao Tian had swung his katana.


Because the distance between Xiao Tian and Hong Guan Ji was not far, Xiao Tian managed to cut off Hong Guan Ji's right hand before he could fire the gun.

"AAAAAAA." Hong Guan Ji cried out in pain. The gun fell on the floor along with Hong Guan Ji's right hand.

Hong Guan Ji immediately pressed his right arm using his left hand. However, the blood still didn't stop coming out of his right arm.

Of course, Xiao Tian immediately grabbed the gun because he was afraid they would take the gun if he didn't immediately grab the gun.

"Father!" Hong Jun and Hong Duan were worried when they knew that Xiao Tian had cut off their father's right hand.

"Dear.." Yi Yi's face went pale when she saw blood coming out of his right hand.

"That is the price for trying to kill me!" actually, Xiao Tian had guessed that Hong Guan Ji was hiding a weapon near him.

Hong's family was a former upper-class family, so he believed that at least they had one gun. That was why Xiao Tian didn't let his guard down since he entered their house.

"How dare you cut off my father's right hand!" Hong Jun couldn't control his emotions and dashed towards Xiao Tian.

However, before he could hit Xiao Tian's face, Xiao Tian stabbed Hong Jun's mid-torso with his katana.

Even though there was a gun in his hand, Xiao Tian decided no to use it because the sound of the gun could attract people's attention. That was why Xiao Tian used his katana to attack Hong Jun.


Hong Jun fell on the floor and blood splashed out of his mouth. He looked at his white T-shirt that had turned into red.

"Big brother!" Hong Duan dashed toward his big brother.

Actually, Hong Duan was surprised when Hong Jun tried to attack Xiao Tian earlier. He wanted to stop Hong Jun but it was too late.

"Like father like son. Both of you are stupid!" Xiao Tian had no idea what was on Hong Jun's head when Hong Jun tried to attack him earlier.

Hong Jun should have known that there was no point in attacking him barehanded because Xiao Tian had a katana in his hand.

Xiao Tian then looked at his underlings and spoke, "Bring them to our base."

Because they could not fight Xiao Tian and his underlings, Yi Yi, and the others didn't fight back when Xiao Tian's underlings wanted to bring them to Blue Ice Lotus gang headquarters.

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