Illicit Relationship Chapter 42

39 Guess Who Am I ?

Three days went by quickly and Yun Xin Er's album had been launched. there hasn't been a day after her album was launched, Xiao Tian's song ' illusion ' was immediately become the top chart in China's song list. China's song list is a website controlled by China association where all the song with copyright was on it and everyone can hear or download the song from that website.

The whole of China was in an uproar because of it. It was the fastest song that becomes a top chart in the history of China's song list.

Yun Xin Er immediately became a hot topic and got an invitation by a lot of TV channel, newspaper, and other business news. of course, Li's entertainment also became more famous and have a better reputation after Yun Xin Er's album launched.

All the shop who's selling Yun Xin Er's album were in a panic because a lot of people kept asking them about Yun Xin Er's album.

There were also a lot of people standing in front of Li entertainment, they demanded Li entertainment to make the copy of Yun Xin Er's album as soon as possible.

Because of it, Li entertainment has to call the police to help them calming Yun Xin Er's fans. After Li entertainment promises them to make a copy tomorrow, finally they went home.

Yun Xin Er's song that was uploaded on the internet already have been downloaded by millions of people and the video on the internet have been seen by millions of people too.

Before this, Li entertainment got an issue after they were giving an announcement to postponed Yun Xin Er's album launch but that issue immediately disappear like it wasn't there after the ' illusion song ' was taking the top chart.

The whole of China was talking about that song, from the young people until the old people, they knew about that song. When they heard that song once, they immediately felt like they were taking a drug, they wanted to hear that song again, again and again.

A lot of TV channel, newspaper or other business news wanted to know who's the real creator of ' illusion '. Some of them even send a secret people to investigate who's the real creator of that illusion song.


Somewhere in the Li entertainment company.

" look like I made the right choice. " said Li Wen as he smiled from ear to ear.

He was sitting on the sofa in his office room with a lot of newspapers on the table. In all those newspapers, the cover pages were all about Yun Xin Er's album launched.

" yes, director Li. This morning, there are a lot of people who are want to invest to Li entertainment and want to become a business partner " said a middle-aged man in front of Li Wen

" oh I already know about it. our Li entertainment has reached the heaven this time. " said Li Wen as he laughed


Somewhere in front of green tea shop, a handsome young man was sitting in the chair. There were green tea and a smartphone on the table in front of him. He was sitting outside the area of the green tea shop.

That outside area of green tea shop was shady because there were a few trees on that area, making the costumers can feel the breeze while drinking green tea.

" ahh.. drinking a green tea in the morning is the best " said Xiao Tian

Suddenly his smartphone was ringing. He took his smartphone and looked at the smartphone's screen. There was only a number and no name on the screen so that means it's a new number.

He accepted the phone and said " hello, who is this? "

" it's me, little brother. did you already forget about this big sister voice ? " a melodic voice rang out from his smartphone

Xiao Tian was trying so hard to remember that melodic voice but failed to recognize that voice.

Who is this? did this person is one of the original owners of this body's friend? he thought to himself

" can you give me a hint ? " he asked

" this big sister is a kind and beautiful lady." a melodic voice rang out from his smartphone

That's all? only that? what kind of hint is this? and you call that a hint? he thought to himself

" what is it, little brother? did you really forget this big sister voice ? " a melodic voice rang out from his smartphone

Suddenly he remembered something and said " oh. is this big sister Yun? "

"hm that right. look like now little brother already remember this big sister voice " said Yun Xin Er

" of course. How can I forget big sister beautiful appearance and angelic voice? Everyone will definitely remember everything about big sister Yun after they meet big sister once because big sister is like a fairy that descended from the highest heavens " he said

Hearing that she was happy and said " it seems little brother has a sweet tongue "

" what are you talking about big sister Yun? I only state the truth " he said

" hehe. This big sister like hearing that " she said as she laughed
for visiting.

" so what is it, big sister? calling me this early in the morning. Do you need something ? " he asked her

" I want to meet you. Where are you right now ? " she asked him

" I'm at green tea shop right now. " he said

" I'll be there so don't go anywhere. " she said

" un, I'll wait here. " he said
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