Illicit Relationship Chapter 416

411 He Is A Demon

"KILL THEM!" Jin Yimu roared angrily as he pointed his sword at Xiao Tian.

Upon hearing Jin Yimu's words, all Hawk gang members were instantly ready to attack Xiao Tian and his underlings.

Because Fu Jiyi and the others thought it was a perfect time to attack the Hawk gang members, they dashed toward the Hawk gang members and began to attack them.




The sound of a few people crying in pain echoed in the front yard. Because Fu Jiyi and the others were skilled in a martial art, they beat ten people in an instant.

Jin Yimu turned around right away upon hearing his underlings cry in pain. When he noticed twelve unfamiliar people attacking his underlings, he gritted his teeth.

Jin Yimu finally understood that Xiao Tian had brought more than twenty-two people to his headquarters.

And because he was careless, he didn't notice it. He thought Xiao Tian would attack them openly, but he was wrong.

Now that Xiao Tian's people were surrounding them, Jin Yimu finally realized that he had made a big mistake.

Jin Yimu knew that he had to divide his underlings into two groups or else, it would be fatal for them because he knew that the people who attacked them from behind were skilled in martial art.

Jin Yimu looked at Ma Gen and spoke, "Ma Gen, take care of them."

"All right." Ma Gen answered before charging toward Bi Yu and the others.

Jin Yimu instantly unsheathed his sword and roared, "Attack their leader!"

Because they were surrounded by their enemy, Jin Yimu knew that they were at a disadvantage, so in order to have the upper hand, they had to defeat Xiao Tian immediately.

Not only would they be able to make Blue Ice Lotus gang members lose their will to fight if they could defeat Xiao Tian quickly, but Xiao Tian's underlings would either surrender or run away because defeating the leader was the key to winning the war. For this reason, he ordered his underlings to attack Xiao Tian.

When Xiao Tian saw the Hawk gang members running toward him, his lips curled into a grin. "Come here."

In his past life, Xiao Tian had a group fight or a war more than three times, so instead of feeling afraid; his blood was boiled in excitement.

"Bi Yu, protect him!" Fu Jiyi was worried when she noticed more than ten people trying to attack Xiao Tian.

Even though Xiao Tian had told her that he was a sword martial artist, but in her view, Xiao Tian was still inexperienced in a real fight.

She even thought that Xiao Tian was weak. Even though he had learned martial arts, but street fighting was different from fighting fellow martial artists.

For this reason, Fu Jiyi was worried to death when more than ten people wanted to attack Xiao Tian because she was sure that Xiao Tian would get injured by them

"I will leave them to you." Bi Yu instantly dashed toward Xiao Tian.

Their main mission was to protect Xiao Tian, so they had to protect him at any cost or else, Shi Fei would be furious at them later.

When Ma Gen noticed that Bi Yu wanted to help Xiao Tian, he immediately blocked her way. "I won't let yo-"

However, before Ma Gen had finished his words, Fu Jiyi kicked him hard in the head, causing him to fly into mid-air. "Hurry up and save him!"

Bi Yu nodded her head and rushed toward Xiao Tian again.

"Protect our boss!" Chun Hua shouted loudly.

At this moment, Xiao Tian didn't move even an inch. It was not like he didn't want to attack them immediately, but he wanted to show them what fear was.

'Moon style of sword drawing techniques-First Ceremony.'

Xiao Tian began to concentrate and focused on his enemy. When the Hawk gang members were a meter away from Xiao Tian, he began using his secret technique.

'Mountain Splitter.'

Xiao Tian moved in zig-zag four times before finally changing his movements into an 'X' pattern. His movements were fast and deadly.


Every time Xiao Tian swung his katana, the blood of his enemies flew on the air. Some of his enemies' blood splashed onto his face and body.

Because his enemies were not master martial artists, Xiao Tian killed one person in every move. It was not like a battle; instead, it was like a massacre.

All of his enemies didn't have time to scream or dodge and they instantly fell on the ground; death.

All his enemies died!

Anyone who saw Xiao Tian was stunned. It was as if Xiao Tian was not a human being; instead, he looked like a God of War who entered the battlefield to massacre his enemies.


In an instant, almost everyone stopped fighting when they saw what Xiao Tian had done to his enemies.

"What kind of movement is that?" Fu Jiyi was shocked when she saw Xiao Tian killing his enemy in every move he made.

She believed that she knew all kinds of martial arts, but when she saw Xiao Tian's movement, she could not help but be stunned because she had no idea what kind of martial arts he had learned.

She had never seen such deadly martial arts move like his. Not only was his movement deadly, but it was also fast.

"He is" Bi Yu could not finish her words because she found it hard to believe what she was seeing.

All this time, she thought Xiao Tian was an inexperienced martial artist who pretended to be a master martial artist.

However, when she saw his deadly move, she knew that she was wrong.

'No wonder he dared to behave like that. It turned out that he is skilled in martial arts.'

Upon seeing Xiao Tian's deadly move, Bi Yu was sure that Xiao Tian had fought many people in the past.

It was impossible for inexperienced martial artists to kill the enemy in every move. Not only were his movements deadly, but he was not afraid when facing more than ten people alone.

All of Xiao Tian's underling, who intended to protect him earlier, stunned when they saw what Xiao Tian had done to his enemies.

Like Bi Yu, they also doubted that Xiao Tian was an expert in martial arts before. They just didn't expect that their big boss was skilled in martial arts.

All this time, they followed his every word because their founder told them to. They even had the intention to attack him when Xiao Tian first came to their headquarter because they thought Xiao Tian didn't deserve to be their big boss.

And seeing how easily he killed his enemies, Blu Ice Lotus gang members believed that Xiao Tian was much stronger than them.

They suddenly felt lucky that they didn't try to attack him when he first came to their headquarters or else, they would have been dead now.


Hawk gang members, who saw what Xiao Tian had done to their fellow gang, started feeling afraid of him.

They didn't expect that Xiao Tian would keep killing people without caring about the consequences.

"He is a demon!"

"I..I don't want to fight him."

"He is not a human being, he is definitely a demon in disguise."

"I don't want to die."

"Me too. I don't want to get killed by him."

"I don't want to fight anymore."

In front of death, it was normal for a human being to feel fear. When the Hawk gang members saw their fellow gang death on the ground, their will to fight disappeared instantly.

Even though they often fought with other people, it was very rare for them to kill their opponents. The worst-case was lying in the hospital for several months.

They just didn't expect that they would meet a person who would kill people easily. Not only that, but he even killed people without a blink, as if killing people was something he usually did.


Due to how scared he was, one of the Hawk gang members unconsciously dropped his weapon and a frightened expression emerged on his face.

When he saw the terrifying expression on Xiao Tian's face, the frightened expression within him grew bigger and bigger.


He instantly fell on his knees. He really didn't want to fight Xiao Tian. Even though he was a gang member, but he was still afraid of death.

When Jin Yimu saw his underlings, he shouted angrily. "What are you all doing? Kill him! Revenge for our brother who died fighting against him!"

Xiao Tian's lips curled into a smirk. "Yes, that's right. come! Let's continue our fight!"

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