Illicit Relationship Chapter 415

410 Kill Them

Xiao Tian pointed his index finger toward the members of Hawk gang and spoke, "Bring them with us. We will take them as hostages later."

"Understood, boss." seven of his underlings then brought Kaishi and the others to the truck.

Then Xiao Tian and the others went to the Hawk gang headquarters by truck.

It was a truck like KrAZ-6322 military truck, so one truck could bring twenty-four people. Because their number was only thirty-five people, they only needed two trucks to bring all of them to the Hawk gang headquarters.

Because they would have a war with Hawk gang, everyone brought their weapons with them; including Xiao Tian.

He was holding a katana in his right hand. This made all of his underlings want to know whether Xiao Tian had ever learned sword martial arts or not because until now, they had never seen him fight anyone.

Not only Xiao Tian's underlings, but Bi Yu and Fu Jiyi were also curious about it. While Lan Ruoxi's people behaved normally because Lan Ruoxi had told them that Xiao Tian was a sword martial artist.

Even though Lan Ruoxi had told them that Xiao Tian was a sword martial artist, she didn't inform them how strong he was because she also had no idea about it.

Because Fu Jiyi could not hold the curiosity she had, she decided to ask, "Sir, have you ever learned sword martial arts?"

Xiao Tian looked at Fu Jiyi for about two seconds before answering. "Yes."

"Where did you learn it? What is the name of the martial art that you have learned?" Fu Jiyi became more curious upon hearing his words.

Not only Fu Jiyi, but everyone looked at him intently. They wanted to know what was the name of sword martial art he had learned; including Bi Yu.

"You don't need to know." Of course, Xiao Tian knew what was on their minds.

It was not like Xiao Tian didn't want to tell them about it, it was because he believed there was no martial art called 'Moon Sword Martial Arts' in his current life.

The expression of disappointment emerged on the faces of everyone.

"Why?" Fu Jiyi didn't give up and still asked it, hoping Xiao Tian would answer her later.

"Even if I tell you, you will not know about it." several days ago, because Xiao Tian was bored practicing martial arts alone, he tried to search martial art called 'Moon Sword Martial Arts' on the internet, but to no avail.

For this reason, Xiao Tian believed there was no point in telling them the name of martial arts he had been learning because, in the end, they would not know about it.

'Hmf! I'm sure the name of his martial art is bad and his master is weak. That is why he didn't want to tell everyone about it.'

Because Xiao Tian was her boss and her leader's lover, Bi Yu only said it in her head.

"Sir, I have fought many martial artists in the past, so I'm sure I will know about it." in the past, Fu Jiyi had fought a lot of martial artists and won.

Of course, it was when she was still a member of the Blue Ice Lotus gang because when they had a war with other gangs, she fought many people who had learned various types of martial arts.

Like before, Xiao Tian didn't tell her about it. Because he didn't want other people to ask him more question, he shut his eyes.

'Hmf! He behaves as if he is skilled in martial art. I really dislike a person like him.'

Bi Yu began to dislike Xiao Tian since they made a plan earlier. In her eyes, Xiao Tian was only an ordinary person who was lucky with everything.

Because Xiao Tian shut his eyes, Fu Jiyi didn't ask more question.

'What a pity that he didn't want to tell me about the name of martial art he has been learning because I'm really curious about it. Well, I will know it later.'

Because Fu Jiyi had fought many martial artists, she could know the name of martial arts based on their movements. That was why she wasn't as disappointed as the others.

When they were one hundred meters from the Hawk gang headquarters, they got out of the truck and began their mission.

Because Bi Yu, Fu Jiyi and Lan Ruoxi's people had to climb the wall, they immediately took a grappling Hook to help them climb the wall later.

After Bi Yu, Fu Jiyi and Lan Ruoxi's people went on their mission, Xiao Tian looked at Chun Hua and spoke, "Bring them with us."

Nine of Xiao Tian's underlings immediately grabbed Hawk gang members and dragged them out of the truck.

"Hmmm..HmmmmHmmmm.." because there was black tape on the mouths of the Hawk gang members, they couldn't speak clearly.

"Let's go." Xiao Tian spoke.

The Hawk gang headquarters was located in the Southeastern part of Nanli district, and several trees were surrounding their base.

Currently, Xiao Tian and his underlings were not far from their base. They wanted to know how many people guarding the entrance gate before breaking in their base.

"There are two people guarding the entrance gate." Xiao Tian spoke abruptly.

"Should we break in now?" one of Xiao Tian's underlings inquired.

"Yes." because they wanted to lure all the Hawk gang members to the front yard, Xiao Tian decided to attack them openly. "Let's go."

Xiao Tian and twenty-two of his underlings walked toward the gate.

When the Hawk gang members saw Xiao Tian and his underlings, they immediately tried to close the gate. "Close the gate and inform the others that Blue Ice Lotus gang is attacking us."

However, before they could close the gate, Xiao Tian's underlings prevented them from closing the gate.

Hawk gang members knew that they would not be able to prevent them from entering their base. That was why they ran away to inform the others and their leader.

And because Xiao Tian's primary mission was to lure all of them to the front yard, his underlings and he stood there and waited for them patiently.

There were several reasons for this, but the main reason was that it would be easier to defeat them in a big place.

Xiao Tian needed a large place to use his secret move, so in his view, the front yard was the best place to fight them. And on the front yard, Bi Yi and the others could attack the Hawk gang members from behind too.

Not long after that, Jin Yimu and his underlings came out of their base. Of course, all of them were holding a weapon in their hands.

Even though they knew that Xiao Tian would attack them, they didn't expect that Xiao Tian would attack them so quickly.

"Hahaha. Xiao Tian I'm amazed by your courage. You even dare to come to our base with few people." When Jin Yimu noticed that Xiao Tian only brought twenty-two people, he could not help but laugh.

In his view, Xiao Tian was a fool for daring to come to their base with few people. Not only were they at their headquarters, but Jin Yimu still had forty-four underlings.

Xiao Tian looked at his underling and spoke, "Bring them here."

Even though Xiao Tian didn't say it directly, his underlings understood what he wanted. Then his underlings put Kaishi and eight other Hawk gang members on both of Xiao Tian sides.

The faces of Jin Yimu and the others instantly darkened. Of course, they knew what Xiao Tian wanted to say.

However, before Xiao Tian could say anything, Jin Yimu laughed. "Hahaha. Do you want to threaten me using my underling? Hahaha. Funny. This is funny. Haha."

Jin Yimu didn't care about his underlings. If they died, he could recruit another underling. He also thought that Xiao Tian would only knock them out, so he didn't care about his underlings.

"Sir, it seems like he doesn't care about his underlings." Chun Hua spoke abruptly.

"So, you don't care about them, huh?" Xiao Tian's expression turned terrifying, and he immediately unsheathed his katana. "If so, then they are useless to me now."


Xiao Tian swung his Katana very fast and in a second, he had sliced the throat of Hawk gang members who were taken as hostages.

Jin Yimu and his underlings were surprised. They didn't expect that Xiao Tian would kill them instantly because they believed Xiao Tian would not dare to kill them.

However, they were wrong. They were utterly wrong because Xiao Tian killed them without a second thought as if killing people was something he usually did.

Not only Jin Yimu and his underlings, but Xiao Tian's underlings were also shocked. They didn't expect that their boss was so cruel.

Even though they knew Xiao Tian was a cruel person, they didn't expect that he was more ruthless than they thought.

However, what surprised them the most was that he could kill them quickly as if he was a master martial artist.

"YOU!" due to how furious he was, Jin Yimu's eyes turned red. "HOW DARE YOU KILL THEM!"

Xiao Tian's lips curled into a grin. "Why? Didn't you say that you don't care about them? They are useless to me, so there is no point in keeping them alive. As their leader, you should be grateful to me because I kill them quickly."

Jin Yimu found it hard to believe what he was hearing. He didn't expect that Xiao Tian was a cold-blooded person.

At this time, Bi Yu and the others were behind Jin Yimu and his underlings. However, because Jin Yimu and his underlings were focused on Xiao Tian, they didn't realize it.

"KILL THEM!" Jin Yimu shouted loudly.

Jin Yimu's underlings immediately dashed toward Xiao Tian.

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