Illicit Relationship Chapter 414

409 Do You Think I Cant Win This War Without The Help Of You Two?

When Chun Hua stepped into the Blue Ice Lotus gang headquarters, she was shocked when she saw Bi Yu, Fu Jiyi and ten unfamiliar people.

'Who are those ten people?'

Suddenly Chun Hua remembered something.

'Are they Lan Ruoxi's people?'

Because Xiao Tian went to Red Flower bar with her several days ago, she suddenly thought that they were Lan Ruoxi's people.

This made Chun Hua thrilled. Ten of her underlings were in the hospital and could not participate in the war, so she could not help but happy when she saw them.

Not only that, but their founder's underlings would also help them in the war. Even though she knew the reason why Shi Fei ordered Bi Yu and Fu Jiyi to participate in the war, she didn't mind it.

"Boss, I've got the blueprint of the Hawk gang headquarters." Chun Hua said when she was in front of Xiao Tian.

Xiao Tian took the blueprint and looked at the others, "Let's make our plans now."

Two of Xiao Tian's underlings grabbed a table and placed it in front of Xiao Tian. Xiao Tian, Bi Yu, Fu Jiyi, Deng Deng and Chun Hua immediately stood around the table.

Without waiting for another second, Xiao Tian put the blueprint of the Hawk gang headquarters on the table so that everyone could see it.

Because Chun Hua was the most familiar with Hawk gang headquarters, she began to explain it to everyone. "This is the blueprint of the Hawk gang headquarters. Their headquarters has two floors and surrounded by a wall as high as three meters. Usually, two people guard the entrance gate while ten people patrol around their base."

Everyone looked at the blueprint of the Hawk gang base seriously. At this moment, Xiao Tian didn't expect that their headquarters had a strong defense.

Chun Hua then continued explaining it. "The first floor is a large room with several sofas arranged neatly; like the place where we are standing right now. It's a place where the Hawk gang members talk and relax. Jin Yimu's office and bedroom are on the second floor, but to reach the second floor, we have to use the stairs which is located in the middle of the large room, so it's almost impossible to kill Jin Yimu without his underling noticing about it. "

Xiao Tian touched his chin and spoke, "So, there are about thirty-two people in the first floor."

"No." Chun Hua answered instantly. "Usually, Ma Gen and Ma Shuhe are in Jin Yimu's office because Jin Yimu always discuss everything with them."

"We have thirty-five people so.." Xiao Tian didn't finish his words because he was thinking about the best move they should take.

Because his underling, who guarded his mother and aunt were in the hospital, Xiao Tian ordered ten of his other underlings to protect them.

With Bi Yu, Fu Jiyi and ten of Lan Ryoxi's people, they only had thirty-five people including himself. Xiao Tian decided not to seek help anymore because the difference in their numbers was only ten people.

Bi Yu and Fu Jiyi were master martial artists, and Lan Ruoxi's people were also skilled in fighting, so despite having fewer people, in his view, their overall strength was higher.

While Xiao Tian was thinking about the plan, Bi Yu said abruptly. "Why don't we attack them openly. Even though we only have thirty-five people, but they only have forty-five people. The difference in our numbers is not big, so I think, we can attack them openly."

When they had a war with other gangs in the past, they rarely used a plan and instantly attacked their enemies. That was why Bi Yu said something like that.

Fu Jiyi sighed upon hearing Bi Yu's words. It was true that they never lose a war between gang or use a tactic in the past, but it was because their leader was very strong.

Every time they had a war with other gangs, Shi Fei always managed to defeat the leader of their opponent quickly and brutally. That was why other gangs were afraid of them, and they could become the strongest gang in Shanghai.

While Deng Deng only looked at Bi Yu. Even though he didn't mind attacking the Hawk gang openly, he didn't say anything.

Lan Ruoxi had given them the order to follow Xiao Tian's words, so he would agree to whatever Xiao Tian's plans.

"No!" even though Xiao Tian was sure that they could win the war, but he didn't want to be careless. "Bi Yu, Fu Jiyi and Deng Deng, all of you will attack them from behind while we will attack them openly. They have no idea that all of you are helping me, so when they see us later, they will think that we only have a few people. Because their front yard is huge, we will lure them all out of their base. When they focus on us later, all of you attack them from behind. Beat them as quickly as possible and as many as you can. With that, their number will decrease a lot. This way, it will be much easier for us to beat them later."

"No! I want to attack them openly with you." it was not like Bi Yu disagreed with his plan, but because she had to protect him.

If something bad happened to him when she was not by his side, Shi Fei would punish her later. For this reason, she wanted to attack the Hawk gang openly with Xiao Tian.

"Yes. I also want to attack them openly with you." Fu Jiyi had the same thought as Bi Yu. Their primary purpose of participating in the war was not to destroy the Hawk gang but to protect Xiao Tian.

Shi Fei had told her that it was fine if they lost the war, but she would destroy the Hawk gang if they lost a war.

Of course, Xiao Tian had no idea about it. "Bi Yu, Fu Jiyi, if both of you are together with me, they will be suspicious later."

"I don't care." Bi Yu didn't want to be punished by Shi Fei, so she didn't care about his plan.

The reason she worked in his company and participated in the war was that Shi Fei ordered her to. Otherwise, she didn't want to do something troublesome like that because, in her eyes, Xiao Tian was only her leader's lover, not her boss who could order her around.

Xiao Tian was unhappy with her behavior. "Bi Yu, Fu Jiyi, if both of you don't want to follow my words, you two can leave now. Do you think I can't win this war without the help of you two?"

Bi Yu gritted her teeth. She was furious because Xiao Tian dared to behave rudely in front of her. If he were not her leader's lover, she would have beaten him and torture him for daring to behave like that.

'You should be grateful that my leader order me to protect you, asshole!'

Bi Yu was furious, but she still tried her best to hold back because her leader would get angry at her if she annoyed Xiao Tian. "Fine!"

Xiao Tian looked at Deng Deng and asked, "What about you?"

"We will follow your plan, young master Xiao." Deng Deng answered instantly.

"Good!" Xiao Tian was satisfied with Deng Deng's answer. "We will teach the Hawk gang a lesson later. A lesson that they won't forget for the rest of their lives."

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