Illicit Relationship Chapter 412

407 Good Night My Love

Nanli District, Hawk gang headquarters

Currently, Jin Yimu, Ma Gen, and Ma Shuhe were talking in the living room. In front of them, there was a table with many beers on top of it.

Jin Yimu gulped down the beer in his glass and put the glass on the table. "Ma Gen, who were the people you sent to kidnap them?"

"Kaishi and fourteen other gang members." Ma Gen replied before drinking his beer.

"Oh, Kaishi?" Jin Yimu didn't expect that Ma Gen would send Kaishi to kidnap Ye Qingyu and Ye Xueyin.

Even though Kaishi was not as strong as them, Jin Yimu believed that Kaishi's fighting skill was in the top ten among all members.

"With Kaishi and fourteen other gang members, I'm sure they will success in kidnaping Xiao Tian's family." Ma Gen had investigated the people who were secretly protecting Xiao Tian's family. That was why he dared to say something like that.

"Oh! It seems you believe they will succeed." Jin Yimu let Ma Gen handle the mission of kidnaping Xiao Tian's family. That was why he had no idea who were the people Ma Gen sent to kidnap them.

"Of course." Ma Gen answered instantly. "With Kaishi as the leader of team, I'm sure this mission will be succe-"

Before Ma Gen had finished his words, someone suddenly knocked on the door.

"Come in." Jin Yimu spoke

"Leader, Kaishi and the others failed in kidnaping Xiao Tian's family." Jin Yimu's underling went straight to the point.


Ma Gen cursed in his heart.

"What?" Jin Yimu said in surprise. "How come?"

Jin Yimu's underling began to explain everything. "At first, they almost managed to kidnap them, but suddenly a lady who wore a mask appeared and beat them. Six of our people died and the others were taken to the Blue Ice Lotus headquarters."

"They were all beaten by one woman?" Jin Yimu inquired

"Yes." Jin Yimu's underling answered instantly. "She beat all of them alone."

"Have you investigated the identity of that woman?" Jin Yimu wanted to know who that woman was. If she was able to beat fifteen of his underlings alone, at least she was a master martial artist.

"The spy team lost track of her when they wanted to investigate her." the spy team kept following the lady, but when the lady walked toward the crowd, they lost track of her. That was why they had no idea who she was.

Jin Yimu touched his chin and spoke, "Is she a member of Blue Ice Lotus gang?"

"I don't think so." Ma Shuhe spoke abruptly. "There is only one person who can defeat fifteen people alone, and that person is Chun Hua, the leader of Blue Ice Lotus gang. However, she has become Xiao Tian's bodyguard now, so I think that lady is not Chun Hua."

Jin Yumu looked at Ma Shuhe and asked, "So, who do you think she is?"

"I think she is the person Xiao Tian hired to protect his family in secret." One of Jin Yimu's underlings said that Chun Hua was at Xiao Tian's company for the whole day, so Ma Shuhe was sure that she was not Chun Hua. "Now that the mission has failed, I'm sure Xiao Tian knows about it. What we have to do now is prepare ourselves because I'm sure Xiao Tian will attack us later."

"That's right." Jin Yimu replied. "Let's prepare ourselves first."


In the living room, there were two naked people on the sofa; a gorgeous mature lady and a good-looking young man.

The pretty lady was sleeping on top of the young man. If anyone saw them, they would immediately know that the lady and the young had just finished having wild sex a few minutes ago.

Those people were none other than Xiao Tian and Liu Ning. Earlier, they had no intention to have sex, but suddenly the mood was perfect for doing it. That was why they decided to have sex.

They had sex for about one and a half hour before finally, they stopped because Liu Ning was tired and exhausted.

At this moment, Liu Ning was sleeping soundly while Xiao Tian looked at her and stroked her hair gently. Even though it was already 03:00 am, Xiao Tian didn't feel sleepy at all.

However, because they were naked in the living room, Xiao Tian was worried that Liu Ning would catch a cold.

'She will catch a cold tomorrow if we continue sleeping here.'

With that in mind, Xiao Tian intended to carry her to the bedroom. However, because she was sleeping on top of him, Xiao Tian was unable to move his body. "Ning'er wake up."

Actually, Xiao Tian didn't want to wake her because it seemed like she was sleeping on top of his body comfortably, but because he didn't want her to catch a cold, he had to wake her.

Without opening her eyes, Liu Ning replied, "What is it, Tian'er? I can't do it again now. Let's just do it tomorrow morning."

Xiao Tian could not help but smile upon hearing her words. "Not that. Let's sleep in the bedroom or else, we will catch a cold later."

"All right." Liu Ning rubbed her eyes and sat on the sofa.

From the expression on her face, Xiao Tian knew that she was still sleepy. For this reason, he carried her and walked towards the bedroom.

Because Liu Ning was drowsy, she fell asleep again when Xiao Tian carried her to the bedroom. A soft smile spread across his face when he saw her sleeping face.

Even though Liu Ning was a woman who belonged to the category of beautiful women, but when Xiao Tian saw her sleeping face, she looked so cute, making him desire to pinch her nose. But because he was unable to do that, he only smiled softly while heading toward his room.

When Xiao Tian stepped into the bedroom, he noticed Shi Fei sleeping soundly. After he put Liu Ning on the bed, he crawled into the bed.

Of course, Xiao Tian laid down between Liu Ning and Shi Fei because, in his view, it was the perfect place to sleep.

"Good night, my love." Xiao Tian kissed Shi Fei's forehead before finally kissing Liu Ning's forehead too.

Xiao Tian really loved it when he could sleep with them because he would be able to see their faces in the morning.

Xiao Tian's face broke into a smile when Shi Fei suddenly embraced his right arm. With two important people sleeping on both of his sides, Xiao Tian felt like he was the luckiest man in the world.

At this moment, Xiao Tian had no idea that Shi Fei already woke up, but because she was drowsy, she only hugged his right arm without opening her eyes.

Of course, she knew that Xiao Tian and Liu Ning had sex earlier. Even though she desired to join them earlier, she chose to keep sleeping because she was worn out.

Like what Shi Fei did, Liu Ning also hugged Xiao Tian's arms. And like that, they slept happily.


The following morning, Xiao Tian didn't travel to his companies; instead, he went to Blue Ice Lotus gang headquarters.

Because Hawk gang dared to try to kidnap his family, Xiao Tian wanted to destroy them immediately. That was why he went to Blue Ice Lotus gang headquarters and called all of his underlings.

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