Illicit Relationship Chapter 41

38 Unexpected Gues

Today after Xiao Tian had a date with Ling Xing Xue, he immediately went home but when he arrived at his home he saw Yun Xin Er and some mature middle-aged man around forty-six years old on the guest room.

The guest room was around 3-meter width and 4 meters in length. There was only a red sofa and table on the room with sea and mountain paintings hanging on the wall.

" Tian, welcome home. " said his mother

" I'm home, mother " said Xiao Tian as he smiled

" Tian, miss Yun and Director Li are coming here to meet you. They're already waiting for you for about forty minutes " said his mother

Yun Xin Er and director Li immediately stood up when they saw Xiao Tian.

" little brother, we meet again " said Yun Xin Er as she smiled

" big sister Yun, I've never thought we'll meet again this fast " said Xiao Tian as he smiled

"oh right little brother, let me introduces you, this is director Li from Li entertainment. " said Yun Xin Er as she introduced her director to Xiao Tian

The mature middle aged man immediately raised his right hand forward, giving a handshakes sign and smiled " hello Xiao Tian young man. I'm Li wen. It's a pleasure to meet a genius young man like you "

Xiao Tian raised his hand forward too and did a handshake with him " hello director Li, it's my pleasure to meet you .and you're praising me too much. I am just an ordinary man "

" no. a young man who can play piano very well only after learn it for a year and created a masterpiece song is worth to be called a genius. If you're calling yourself an ordinary man, you'll be hurting a lot of pianist and composer's heart by saying that. " said Li Wen as he smiled

" no. I'm just lucky." said Xiao Tian as he smiled

" look like young Xiao is a humble person " said Li Wen as he laughed

" please sit director Li, big sister Yun " said Xiao Tian

Li wen and Yun Xin Er immediately sitting again while Xiao Tian walking toward his mother and sat next to her.
for visiting.

" so what business does director Li and big sister have for coming to our home ? " said Xiao Tian as he went straight to the point.

" nothing. I'm just curious when Yun Xin Er was talking about young Xiao's performance on the piano competition so I asked her to introduce me to young Xiao " said Li Wen

At this time Xiao Tian didn't believe what Li Wen says. A big shot like Li Wen was impossible to meet nobody like him just because curious.

If Li Wen was only curious about him, he can ask his people to get information about Xiao Tian and it would be easy for a big shot like Li Wen.

From his name, Xiao Tian knew he was from Li family, a big family who own a few companies with net worth multi-billion RMB.

So Xiao Tian thought there was something Li Wen want from him or his family.

Xiao Tian began thinking about it.

What is it? Is it about a song? Or about the piano?

He shook his head and think if it was about song and piano, Li Wen can meet anyone that more talented then him.

So what he wants?

Suddenly Xiao Tian eyes widened and he gritted his teeth

After taking a breath and calming himself, Xiao Tian said " oh. I think there is something director Li want from us. Look like I overthinking about it "

" no, young Xiao is overthinking about it. oh right, I hear young Xiao also want to become a businessman and it's a clothes business right? Yun Xin Er told me that Young Xiao wants to sell your designer clothes and also want her to wear your designer dress on her next live concert. Young Xiao is really an amazing person." said Li Wen

" actually, I want to become a businessman from a long time ago and can only do it now " said Xiao Tian

" oh is that so? do your best young Xiao. I am supporting you " said Li Wen

" thank you director Li " said Xiao Tian as he smiled

" miss Ye must be happy to have a son like young Xiao. It makes me envy." said Li Wen as he laughed

" thank you, director Li. for having a son like Tian is indeed my biggest happiness. " said Ye Xueyin as she smiled

"I think so too. " said Li Wen

" oh right little brother. my album launch is near and everything is ready. I come here to give you my DVD album. " said Yun Xin Er as she gave him her DVD album " you'll be the first one to hear my song in this album "

Xiao Tian accepted it and smiled " Thank you big sister Yun "

" Tian, you're lucky because you'll be the first person who hears miss Yun's song. If anyone knows about this, they'll envy you to the core" said Ye Xueyin

" un you're right, mother. I'm lucky " Xiao Tian said as he smiled to his mother

Sighed, It's just a song. I never care about that. I would rather spend my time with my aunt, mother or Lin Xing Xue than hearing this song. Xiao Tian thought to himself.

After that, they talked about an hour before finally Li Wen and Yun Xin Er leave.

" Tian, let's hear miss Yun's song together. " said his mother as he grabbed Xiao Tian's arm

He gave Yun Xin Er's DVD album to his mother and said " here. Take it. I don't care about this at all "

Hearing that, his mother was stunned " what? Didn't you happy earlier when you accept this DVD "

He sighed and said " mother, look like you need to learn a lot about this kind of act "

" so all this time was only act " asked his mother with puzzlement

" did you think Li Wen says everything seriously and coming here just to meet us ? " he asked

" I don't think so. I think he wants something from you. A big shot like director Li to meet nobody like us is hard to believe " said his mother

He kissed his mother cheek and said " un. Mother is smart "

After that, his mother was listening to Yun Xin Er's song alone in the living room but because she played it with a volume high, Xiao Tian who was making a plan how to seduce Lin Xing Xue finally can't think any longer and could only sigh.

mother, please lower the volume, I'm making my ultimate plan to seduce little Xue here, he thought to himself.


Somewhere inside the car

" look like there is someone that didn't take a fancy after meeting you. Haahaha " said Director Li

" hmf " grimaced Yun Xin Er

"hahaha and that young man Xiao Tian is very cautious. He acted very carefully when he was talking to us. He is always on guard when we were talking with them earlier. " said Director Li

" un. I can feel it too. He is a caution person. Look like he is the type of person who always on guard when he is not sure about something. " said Yun Xin Er

" but how can he still acted calmly when we were coming to his home. It seems I underestimate that young man. ahahha " said Li Wen
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