Illicit Relationship Chapter 407

402 Qingyu I Miss Tian So Much

"Oh right, why did Cai Yazhu show a sad expression after you said you wanted to leave?" Shi Fei thought the reason Xiao Tian brought Cai Yazhu to the company was that he wanted to hire her as their model.

If a contract was what she wanted, why was she sad when Xiao Tian wanted them to leave after getting a contract? This made Shi Fei curious and want to know about the reason.

"It's because she wants to meet me." Xiao Tian thought there was no point in lying to her. For this reason, he gave her an honest answer. "She wants to meet Xiao Tian."

"Hehe." Shi Fei covered her mouth and giggled. "As expected of my lover, you are sure popular. Even the former rising star model idolizes you. So, why don't you want to meet her as Xiao Tian?"

At this moment, Shi Fei didn't think that he was lying to her because she knew a lot of people idolizing him.

Not only was Xiao Tian good-looking, but he was also young and successful person, so she immediately believed it when he said that Cai Yazhu desired to meet him.

Of course, Shi Fei was not jealous; instead, she was proud of him because the former rising star was idolizing her lover.

"I don't want to waste time because I still have a lot of work." Even though Cai Yazhu was a gorgeous lady, but Xiao Tian didn't want to seduce her.

He had Liu Ning, who was prettier than her, and Shi Fei, who was sexier than her, so Xiao Tian didn't want to waste his time only to make her happy.

"Oh! Is that so? So, you don't mind wasting your time on me?" of course, Shi Fei was pleased by his words.

Even though she didn't mind with him having several women, but she didn't want Xiao Tian to seduce every pretty woman.

"Yes," Xiao Tian replied instantly. "You are my lover, so I don't mind wasting my time on you."

"What if I want to spend time with you for the whole day?" of course, Shi Fei was joking around because she knew Xiao Tian was busy.

Even though it was true that she didn't want to be separated from him, but she should not be selfish. Xiao Tian lived with them, so she could lovey-dovey with him later.

"I'm fine with it." Xiao Tian answered without thinking twice. "Do you want to go on a date today?"

"No." Shi Fei was pleased when she knew Xiao Tian said something like that without thinking twice because it meant, he really loved her.

Xiao Tian stroked her hair and a soft smile suddenly appeared on his face, "Thank you, Fei."

Actually, Xiao Tian had guessed that Shi Fei was joking around because she had never asked him to spend time with her every time he was busy.

Then Xiao Tian and Shi Fei talked for another ten minutes because they didn't want to make other people suspicious of them.

Not long after that, Cai Yazhu returned to Shi Fei's office. Luckily, Shi Fei had unlocked the door, or else, they would be suspicious of them.

"What's wrong, lady Cai?" even though Cai Yazhu tried to hide her disappointed expression, Xiao Tian was able to see it.

Of course, Xiao Tian knew the reason why she was disappointed, but because he didn't want to waste his time on her, he pretended as if he knew nothing.

"What do you mean, Mr. Qing? I'm fine. Nothing happened to me." Cai Yazhu was surprised upon hearing his words. She didn't expect Xiao Tian would find out that she was a little sad because she could not meet Xiao Tian.

Of course, Cai Yazhu immediately smiled and behaved as if she wasn't sad because she didn't want to give Shi Fei and Xiao Tian a bad impression.

When Xiao Tian and Cai Yazhu were about to leave, Shi Fei wanted to give him a good-bye kiss, but she knew it was impossible because Xiao Tian was pretending to be Qing Feng.

After Xiao Tian drove Cai Yazhu home, he traveled to Eternal Beauty company to work again. He worked for two hours before finally, he relaxed on the couch.

Time went by quickly and without realizing it, it was already 06:10 pm. At this time, Xiao Tian was still in his office. Because his body and mind were tired, he kept lying down on the couch.


Jiazu district, near Xiao Tian's house.

Currently, Ye Xueyin and Ye Qingyu were walking toward their home with groceries in their hands. Since the supermarket was not far from their home, they decided not to drive a car.

"Qingyu, I miss Tian so much." Because Xiao Tian still hadn't returned home, Ye Xueyin could not sleep well.

She began to regret ignoring her son. Since Xiao Tian left home, she often felt lonely, and their home also felt empty.

Even though she could forget him when she was working, but when she was at home, her mind was filled with him again.

Due to how much she missed him, she even began to see his shadow in every part of the house. And every time she arrived home, she always headed to his room, hoping she could see him in his room.

However, every time she was in his room, his bedroom was empty. There was no trace of him. Even his fragrance began to disappear.

"Don't be sad, big sister. I'm sure we will meet him again." Ye Qingyu could not say any other words except than that. Of course, Ye Qingyu understood her big sister's feelings because she also felt the same.

"But when?" Ye Xueyin had been waiting for more than two weeks but still, she was unable to see her son.

"Idon't know." Ye Qingyu had tried to find him several times but to no avail. Every time she went to Stars Clothes company, Shi Fei always said that Xiao Tian was not in the company.

This made her even sadder. She didn't expect that it would be hard to see him after he left home.

"Has our attitude been wrong to ignore him?" Ye Xueyin knew that her son had tried to solve the problem many times, but because she was furious at that time, she kept ignoring him.

Now that he left home and they could not see him for more than two weeks, she began to wonder whether her actions to ignore him was wrong or not.

Ye Qingyu didn't immediately answer it because she also wondered about it. Of course, she knew that they behaved immaturely but she also thought that they were not wrong because he was cheating on them. "Maybe."

Not far from Ye Qingyu and Ye Xueyin, fifteen members of the Hawk gang were watching them. They had been following Ye Qingyu and Ye Xueyin since they left home.

Even though the members of the Hawk gang knew that Xiao Tian's underlings were protecting Ye Qingyu and Ye Xueyin secretly, they thought it was a perfect time to kidnap Ye Xueyin and Ye Qingyu because nobody was around them.

"Get ready! We will begin our mission now." Kaishi, the leader of the team, spoke.

"All right." the other members of the gang nodded their heads.

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