Illicit Relationship Chapter 405

400 Im Deeply Sorry

When Xiao Tian and Cai Yazhu stepped into the company, several employees stared at them. it was break time, so they were about to head to the canteen.

The employees just didn't expect that they would meet Xiao Tian in the lobby. This made them want to know why Xiao Tian and Cai Yazhu came to Stars Clothes company.

"Hey, isn't that Qing Feng?"

"Yes, you are right. So, he is the owner of that evil company?"

"What is he doing here?"

"I don't know. Maybe he has come here because he wants to do a partnership with Stars Clothes company."

"I hope our boss will reject him later. I don't want our company to cooperate with a scammer like him."

"Me too. Our young boss is a genius in business, so he doesn't need to cooperate with scammer like him."

"Yes. His company's skincare products have ruined the faces of many people."

"That's right. My neighbor is also one of the victims of his rotten skincare products. Luckily I didn't buy skincare products from his company."

"Maybe, this is the reason why he is wearing a mask."

"He is wearing a mask because he is a scammer."

"In the past, I wanted to buy skincare products from his company because all the comments on the internet stated that their skincare products were good. Luckily I didn't buy their skincare products, or else my beautiful face would have ruined right now."

"Maybe all the good comments on the internet were from his employees to boost his company's good reputation."

"Yes. I'm sure about it."

At this time, they had no idea that they were bad-mouthing their boss. And because Xiao Tian only took responsibility today, they didn't know that he had taken the responsibility to his customers.

Not only the female employees, who were speaking ill of Xiao Tian, but a few male employees also did the same things.

This made Xiao Tian furious. Today, he had lost a lot of money to cure the facial skin disease of demonstrators and when he returned to his company, his employees dared to bad-mouth him.

He let them work at his company, and they dared to behave like that to him. Of course, Xiao Tian would not forgive them.

"What did you all just say?" Xiao Tian looked at them and spoke in a cold voice. "I dare you all to say it again!"

All the employees were shocked when Xiao Tian dared to behave like that. He was at Stars Clothes company, not Eternal Beauty company, and here, he dared to behave rudely.

"You are an evil person and your company also sells rotten skincare products." A red-haired lady spoke. "Why? everyone knows that your company's skincare products have ruined the faces of many people. Are you going to deny it?"

"Yes, you are right, Ehuang. Get out of here because we don't welcome an evil person like you." a blue-haired lady said abruptly.

"Lifen, calm down. I'm sure our boss won't want to cooperate with him later." Ehuang spoke. "because his company is not worthy to cooperate with Stars Clothes company."

"You!" Cai Yazhu was furious when the employees spoke ill of Xiao Tian.

"Stop it. Let me handle this." Xiao Tian spoke to Cai Yazhu. Then he returned his attention to Ehuang and Lifen. "You two are Ehuang and Lifen, right? It seems like both of you don't want to work here anymore."

"Huh? You want to make us get fired? Who are you to dare to say something like that? You are not our boss!" Lifen found it funny that Xiao Tian dared to say something like that to them.

"Just because you are the owner of Eternal Beauty company, doesn't mean you can fire every employee who works here. Remember, this is Stars Clothes company, not Eternal Beauty company!" Ehuang also had the same thought as Lifen. How could Xiao Tian dare to behave as if he was their boss?

"Hahaha" Xiao Tian laughed loudly. "I know Xiao Tian. If I ask him to fire you two, both of you will be fired immediately. Just you wait, today will be the last day you two work here."

"There is something wrong with his head," Lifen stated. "Who does he think he is?"

"Yes. Maybe because he is facing so many problems, it makes him crazy." Ehuang replied.

And because Ehuang and Lifen were quite beautiful, two young men, who had an ordinary appearance, walked closer toward Ehuang and Lifen.

Of course, they wanted to help Ehuang and Lifen while hoping that they could get closer to Ehuang and Lifen so that they could date them later. They were none other than Ren Tao and Gu Zi; a new employee, who just worked at the Stars Clothes company for a week.

Xiao Tian stared at Ren Tao and Gu Zi and asked, "Do you two also want to lose your job today?"

"Hahaha." Ren Tao and Gu Zi laughed.

They still found it hard to believe that Xiao Tian still dared to say something like that. And because they wanted to make fun of Xiao Tian, they were not afraid of Xiao Tian's threat.

Because he thought that Xiao Tian would not be able to get him fired, Gu Zi spoke boldly, "I dare you to fire me now!"

Ren Tao looked at Lifen and Ehuang and spoke, "Miss Lifen, Miss Ehuang, it seems like he is still dreaming right now because until now he is speaking nonsense."

"I think so too," Lifen replied.

"Yes. I really want to know what makes him think that he can fire all of us?" Ehuang was sure that Xiao Tian could not do anything to them later. That was why she dared to say something like that.

"It looks like all of you don't want to work here anymore." Xiao Tian spoke and paused for a second before he continued, "Don't beg me to forgive you later."

"Beg?" Ehuang said. "Do you think we will ask your forgiveness later?"

"Hahaha." Not only Ehaung, Lifen, Ren Tao, and Gu Zi, but several people also laughed at him. They thought Xiao Tian was crazy.


The sound of someone wearing high heels walking towards them could be heard in their ears. All of them immediately turned their heads to the source of the sound reflexively.

When they saw Shi Fei walking towards them, the employees began to smirk.

"What's going on here?" Shi Fei inquired. "I know it's a break time now, but why are you all causing trouble in the lobby?"

Ehuang pointed her index finger toward Xiao Tian and spoke, "Director Shi, this person is the one who is causing trouble here, and we are trying to stop him but he keeps causing trouble."

Of course, Ehuang wanted to slander Xiao Tian. She wanted to teach Xiao Tian a lesson by slandering him.

Shi Fei was shocked when the employees said that. She didn't expect that the employees dared to behave rudely to Xiao Tian.

Lifen looked at Xiao Tian and spoke, "Didn't you say that you want to get us fired? Do it now! Of course, If you can."

"Hehe." The employees began to laugh again.

Because of this, more employees began to walk toward them. They wanted to know what was going on.

Shi Fei was furious when she knew that the employees dared to behave like that to Xiao Tian. At this moment, she wanted to beat them up and throw them to the trash can; a place where they belong.

Xiao Tian looked at Shi Fei while pointing his index finger towards Ehaung, Lifen, Ren Tao, and Gu Zi. "Director Shi, fire all of them right now!"

"Hahaha." Ehaung, Lifen, Ren Tao, and Gu Zi laughed again.

They could hardly believe that Xiao Tian dared to order Shi Fei to fire them. Shi Fei was the director of the Stars Clothes company, not an employee of low status, and Xiao Tian still dared to order her around.

This made them could not help from laughing. They were sure that Shi Fei would not fire them because Xiao Tian was nobody to Stars Clothes company.

"Do you think Director Shi will do as you say?" Ehuang said with a mocking face.

"Do you think you have the authority to order director Shi?" Lifen said before laughing again.

Of course, Gu Zi and Ren Tao also wanted to make fun of Xiao Tian because they wanted to get close to Ehaung and Lifen.

Gu Zi looked at Shi Fei and spoke, "Director Shi, kick this person out of the company right now."

"That's right." Ren Tao said. "Otherwise, he will cause trouble in the company again later."

"That's right." Ehaung and Lifen spoke in unison.

"The four of you are fired!" Shi Fei spoke coldly. "Pack your belonging and immediately get out of the company. I don't want to see all of your faces again."

"What?!" Ehaung, Lifen, Ren Tao, and Gu Zi said in surprise.

They found it hard to believe what they were hearing. This made them want to know why Shi Fei followed his order. He was nobody and she was a director, so why did she follow his words?

"Director Shi, you want to fire us because of him?" Ehuang asked with disbelief expression.

At this time, Cai Yazhu smiled happily. She didn't expect that Xiao Tian had authority in Stars Clothes company. He even could order the director to fire the employee. This made Cai Yazhu curious who was Xiao Tian?

"Director Shi, why did you do this to us?" Lifen inquired.

"Yes. Director Shi." Gu Zi added. "He is not our boss, so why did you follow his order?"

"Director Shi, you should kick him out of the company, not fire us." Ren Tao almost could not believe what Shi Fei had just said to them. "A scammer like him should not be allowed to enter the company. It will make the reputation of the company turn bad."

"What? All of you still dare to speak ill of him?" the expression on Shi Fei's face turned terrifying. "I said, you all are fired. Get out of the company right now!"

Xiao Tian crossed his arms over his chest and started to smirk. "I've said this before that you all will lose your job. How dare a lowly employee like you all behave rudely to me?"

"Get out right now, or else I will call security guards!" Shi Fei was getting angrier when Ehaung, Lifen, Ren Tao, and Gu Zi were still in front of her.

This made Ehaung, Lifen, Ren Tao, and Gu Zi begin to regret their action. They didn't expect that they would lose their job just because they spoke ill of Xiao Tian.

Because they didn't want to lose their job, they turned their heads toward Xiao Tian. They knew if they wanted to keep working at Stars Clothes company, they had to apologize to Xiao Tian.

When Xiao Tian noticed them looking at him, he immediately spoke, "Why are you all looking at me? Do you all want to apologize to me?"

Ehaung, Lifen, Ren Tao, and Gu Zi didn't immediately answer. Earlier, they said that they would not ask for forgiveness because they believed that Xiao Tian could not get them fired. They just didn't expect that they would get fired just because he said so.

Xiao Tian suddenly found a good way to teach them a lesson. For this reason, he immediately said, "Kneel before me and apologize! If you are all sincere enough, maybe I will forgive all of you later."

This made Ehaung, Lifen, Ren Tao, and Gu Zi gaze at each other. They didn't want to kneel before Xiao Tian because it would make them lose face, but they also didn't want to lose their job because working at Stars Clothes company was their dream.

Because she still wanted to work at Stars Clothes company, Ehuang bowed slightly and spoke, "Mr. Qing Feng, please forgive my rude behavior to you earlier. I'm deeply sorry."

"Yes, Mr. Qing Feng. I also regret my behavior earlier." Lifen added and also bowed slightly. "I'm very sorry."

"Mr. Qing, I also regret my action. I'm sorry and please forgive me." Ren Tao bowed slightly. "Please ask director Shi not to fire us."

Because Ehaung, Lifen, and Ren Tao bowed slightly toward Xiao Tian, Gu Zi also did the same because he didn't want to lose his job. "Please forgive my stupidity behavior. I really regret it."

At this time, Cai Yazhu and Shi Fei only looked at Xiao Tian. They wanted to know what Xiao Tian would do to them later.

"I said kneel before me and apologize, not bow slightly to me!" of course, Xiao Tian would not accept it because they didn't kneel before him. And because he wanted to scare them even more, he looked at Shi Fei. "Director Shi, hurry up and kick them out!"

When Ehaung, Lifen, Ren Tao, and Gu Zi heard Xiao Tian's words, they immediately knelt before him and said in unison. "Mr. Qing please forgive our rude behavior earlier. Please ask director Shi not to fire us."

They knew that the other employees were looking at them. However, because they didn't want to lose their job, they had no choice but to do that.

Xiao Tian didn't immediately answer them and only looked at them. His lips curled into a grin when they did as he told them to.

At this moment, five security guards walked toward them. The security guards were shocked when they saw Ehaung, Lifen, Ren Tao, and Gu Zi kneeling before Xiao Tian.

Of course, the security guards didn't say anything about it and only stood next to Shi Fei, waiting for her to give them any order.

When Xiao Tian thought that they had been kneeling before him long enough, he looked at Shi Fei and spoke, "Director Shi, fire them and kick them out right now."

Ehaung, Lifen, Ren Tao, and Gu Zi instantly raised their heads to look at Xiao Tian. They found it hard to believe what they had just heard.

Earlier Xiao Tian said that he would forgive them if they knelt before him and apologized. But Xiao Tian's words were different from his promise.

This made Lifen want to know. "Mr. Qing, didn't you say that you would forgive us if we kneel before you and apologize? Why did you still ask director Shi to fire us?"

"You are right. But I only said that I would forgive you all. I never said that I would ask director Shi not to fire all of you." Xiao Tian answered instantly. "This is a lesson for you all so that all of you don't behave rudely toward other people in the future."

Because Xiao Tian said that he wanted her to fire them, she looked at the security guards and spoke, "Kick them out of the company"

"Yes, director Shi." The security guards answered in unison before they walked toward Ehaung, Lifen, Ren Tao, and Gu Zi.

"Director Shi, you can't do this to us!" Ehaung said

Shi Fei only stared at them and didn't answer. If they were not at the company, she would have beaten them to death for daring to insult Xiao Tian.

"Director Shi, I want you to fire him, him, her, her, him, and him." Xiao Tian pointed his index finger toward the employees who were involved in bad-mouthing him earlier.

Shi Fei and Cai Yazhu were surprised upon hearing his words. However, because Xiao Tian wanted to fire them, she had no choice but to do that.

When the other security guards came, she immediately told them to kick the employees who insulted Xiao Tian earlier.

"From now on, if any employees dare to disrespect guests, I will fire them immediately." Shi Fei looked at the other employees before looking at Xiao Tian and Cai Yazhu. "Mr. Qing, lady Cai, please follow me."

The other employees felt lucky that they didn't insult Xiao Tian earlier, or else they would have lost their job too.

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