Illicit Relationship Chapter 404

399 Going To Stars Clothes Company With Cai Yazhu

After the employee drove Cai Yazhu home, he immediately returned to the company because he had to work again.

At this moment, Xiao Tian tilted his head back and shut his eyes.

'What should I do to deal with the Hong family?'

Xiao Tian began to regret letting Hong family go in the past.

'This time, I won't let them off and will take over all their wealth too. I forgave them in the past, but this time, I won't do the same. I will make them regret for daring to cause trouble to me again. But this time, it will be difficult to do that. Sigh.'

Earlier, Xiao Tian's underlings informed him that the Hong family had hired several bodyguards and those bodyguards guard their house twenty-four hours per day.

With security like that, it would be challenging to deal with them without letting the bodyguards know about it.

"If only father were here, he would know what to do." Xiao Tian mused. "I should have studied seriously when my father taught me how to deal with the enemy."

His past life father and master martial arts had taught him many things in the past, but because Xiao Tian was only interested in martial arts and women, he had never studied seriously. Now that Xiao Tian was facing a problem, he began to regret it.


Nanli District, Hawk gang headquarters

Currently, Jin Yimu and Ma Shuhe were chatting in the private room. As they were chatting, suddenly someone knocked on the door.

"Boss, I have come to tell you the results of our investigation." Ma Gen spoke.

"Come in." Jin Yimu sent Ma Gen and two of his underlings to investigate the number of people who were guarding Xiao Tian's family.

Ma Gen wasn't surprised when he saw his big brother sitting on the sofa because he was often together with Jin Yimu.

"How is it?" Jin Yimu inquired

"Ten people are guarding them secretly." At first, Ma Gen thought only two people were guarding Xiao Tian's mother and aunt, but he was wrong because ten people were guarding them secretly.

Earlier, Ma Gen was surprised when he found out about it. He knew that Xiao Tian was a leader of a gang. He just didn't expect that Xiao Tian ordered ten of his underlings to protect his family secretly.

"Ten people?" Jin Yimu was also shocked upon hearing Ma Gen's words. "Good! It's good that he orders ten of his underlings to protect his family secretly."

"Eh! Why?" Ma Gen was dumbfounded upon hearing his boss' words. How could Jin Yimu be happy when he found out that ten people were guarding Xiao Tian's family secretly?

Shouldn't he be displeased by that? with ten people guarding Xiao Tian's family, it would be difficult to kidnap them.

Jin Yimu could not help but smile happily because he was sure if they could kidnap Xiao Tian's mother and aunt, he could win the war easily.

Because Ma Gen had no idea as to why Jin Yimu was thrilled, he looked at his big brother, hoping his big brother would explain it to him.

"Sigh!" Ma Shuhe sighed when he saw the expression on his younger brother's face. Even though Ma Gen didn't say a word, he knew that Ma Gen wanted him to explain why Jin Yimu was pleased. "It's because his family is very important to Xiao Tian. The more important his family is to him, the more worried he is about their safety. That's why Xiao Tian orders ten of his underlings to protect his family secretly."

"Ah! I see, I see." Ma Gen finally understood why Jin Yimu was pleased when Jin Yimu learned that ten people were guarding Xiao Tian's family secretly. "So, if we can kidnap them, it will be easier to destroy him and his gang."

"That's right." Jin Yimu answered instantly. "So, we have to make sure that we will succeed in kidnapping them later because if we fail, Xiao Tian will find out about it."

"So, when are we going to carry out this plan?" Ma Gen inquired

"Today." Jin Yimu didn't want to waste time anymore, so he decided to kidnap Xiao Tian's family later. "Send fifteen people and make sure that they are stronger than the people who are protecting Xiao Tian's family. If there is a chance to kidnap them, do it immediately. Remember, do it carefully."

"All right." Ma Gen replied before walking out of the room.


Nanli District, Eternal Beauty Company.

Currently, Xiao Tian was talking with Liang Jun. He told Liang Jun to keep producing the antidotes so that they didn't run out of the antidote later.

Xiao Tian knew that more people would come to the company and ask them to take responsibility later.

For this reason, Xiao Tian wanted to make sure that they would have the antidotes for everyone. He didn't want to have any more problems with customers because his efforts to regain the good name of his company could be in vain.

After they finished talking, Liang Jun immediately left to tell Mu Jia to make more antidotes.

And because he had promised to bring Cai Yazhu to Stars Clothes company, he went to her house. To his surprise, she was ready to go see Xiao Tian.

That was why Xiao Tian didn't need to wait for her to change clothes anymore. Because Cai Yazhu desired to meet Xiao Tian, she asked him to immediately bring her to Stars Clothes company.

The corner of his lips twitched upon seeing her behavior. Of course, Xiao Tian knew that she desired to meet him.

Xiao Tian just didn't expect that the rising star model was idolizing him so much. He had no idea what her reaction would be if she knew that he was Xiao Tian.

Of course, Xiao Tian would tell her his true identity. Because Xiao Tian didn't want to make a fuss in his company later, he sent a message to Shi Fei, saying that he would come to the company with Cai Yazhu and asking her to wait in the lobby.

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