Illicit Relationship Chapter 40

37 Morning Exercise

Hearing that, she immediately said " Just do it with your hand, think of it as an exercise for your hand "

" How could you say that, aunt? " he said as he moved his chair closer to her chair. He was now at her left side.

When he was looking at his aunt's nightgown, he had a smug face. She was wearing a sleeveless purple nightgown. Her nightgown was super short, it was only covering until her private place so as she was sitting on the chair, he could see her blue thong clearly.

Looking at him, she asked curiously " what is it? "

Looking at how sexy his aunt was, he used his right to rubbing her pussy through her blue thong.

" ahhh " she moans when she felt his hand was rubbing her pussy through her blue thong.

" aunt, did you wear this sexy purple sleeveless nightgown to seduce me ? " he teased her.

"ahh.. no " She was trying her best not to moan loudly because she didn't want to wake up her big sister with her moans.

" is that so? so why did you wear this kind of nightgown around the house? " he asked before he continued " you even let me see your sexy blue thong. You did it on purpose, right? "

" ah I'm not trying to seduce you..ah.. " she said as she moans

Because she was in her own home, she didn't bother to change her short sleeveless nightgown after she woke up, plus the people on the house were only her nephew and her big sister, making her didn't care even more and immediately walking to the dining room to drink water while still wearing a short nightgown.

" you're lying. admit it, you're trying to seduce your nephew, don't you? " he teased her again

At this moment he could feel her blue thong was already wet with her love juice.

She covered her face with her hands and shook her head " noah.. I'm not seducing youah "

" It seems you don't want to admit it huh, aunt? " he said

At that time her nipple was already erect because he was rubbing her pussy repeatedly. Looking at her erect nipple, he smiled evilly

" ahhh..it's hurt " she said when he was bitting her erect nipple hard

" Tian... Ahh...don't bit aunt's nipple too hard, do it gentlyah " she said as she moans

hearing that, he stopped biting her nipple and brought his face closer to her left ear " ho. So aunt didn't ask me to stop and only ask me to bit her erect nipple gently "

Hearing that, she didn't answer and only moans.

Using his left hand, he grabbed her left hand and forced her hand to rub his dick through his short pants

" ahh..it already hard " She said when she felt his hard dick through his short pants.

" of course, it's because my aunt is so sexy, making my little brother woke up from its sleep. so shouldn't aunt have to take responsibility for waking my little brother? " he said before he licked her left ear

" ahh. but aunt didn't wake your little brother " her body was shivering for a second when he licked her left ear.

" so what aunt mean it's my fault," he said as he thrust his index finger into her vaginal hole, making her blue thong coming inside her vaginal hole together with his index finger.

"ahhhhhhh" she moans louder

at that time, she began rubbing his dick through his pants on her own.

Looking at how she was rubbing his dick on her own, he smiled and said " what is it, aunt? already can't hold back anymore? "

Hearing what he said, she immediately denied "...ahh aunt don't understand what are you talking about? "even though she said that, she didn't stop rubbing his dick.

He didn't want to lose to her so he grabbed her blue thong and pulled it up, making her blue thong slip between her pussy and clitoris.

" ahhh " she let out a soft moan when she felt her blue thong was rubbing her pussy and clitoris.

Lost in lust, she didn't care anymore and began to moan louder and louder.

Her hand that rubbing his dick through his short pants until now suddenly stopped moving. Xiao Tian who was pulling up her blue thong repeatedly stopped moving his hand when he felt she stopped rubbing his dick but what he didn't expect was, her hand suddenly moved under his short pants and rubbing his dick directly.

" ohh " he groans when he felt she was rubbing his sensitive dick area and playing with it using her index finger.

" Tian... " she said lustfully.

looking at her that already breathe heavily, he knew what she means, he then grabbed her waist and put her on the table.

" kya " she let out a cute voice when he suddenly put her on the table.

He placed the glasses on the chair so it won't fall when the table was moving later, after that he looked at her eyes.

At that time, they looked at each others for a few seconds, it's like they were communicate using their eyes.

He took off his short pants and spread her legs, after that, he placed his hard dick on he blue thong and rubbing it.

" ahhTian. Hurry up and put it inside aunt's pussy " she said as she looked at him with lustful eyes

Hearing that, he slid her blue thong to the other side and thrust his dick inside her pink pussy slowly.

" ahhh.my nephew big and hard dick is inside my pussy again. " she said when she felt his dick was slowly coming inside her pussy.

" do you like it aunt ? " he asked

At this time, he still hasn't moved his waist. He only put his huge dick inside her pussy

" yes. " she said " your dick feels warm and good inside aunt's pussy. aunt like it "

" so you only like my dick huh aunt ? " he said as he teased her

" no. it's because your dick aunt like it " she said as she shook her head.

She held his shoulder and said " Tianhurry up and move your waist "

" Why don't you move yourself aunt ? " he said with a smug face

" Tian. Hurry up and move or aunt.. aunt will go crazy " she said desperately as she moved her hip to the left and the right repeatedly.

Actually, he already wanted to move his hip but decided against it, he still wanted to tease her because she was really cute at that time.

seeing he didn't want to move, she decided to move her hip while calling his name cutely " TianTian...Tian...Tian... "

Hearing her calling his name while moving her hips, added the feeling when her pussy squeezed his dick, it's making him wanted to thrust his dick.

" ahhhhfinally ahmy nephew's dick is so good ahh " she let out multiple moans when he began thrusting his dick.

" ah Tian. It feels good, aunt is going to die from this pleasureahTian..... " she shook her head as she moans
for visiting.

As he was moving his hip, he used his right hand to play with her clitoris. He rubbed her clitoris and sometimes pinched her clitoris gently too.

"ahhhh...Tian, not aunt's clitoris too.ah.my nephew is playing with my clitoris while he Is fucking meah. " she moans loudly

Feeling how good it feel when his dick was hitting her womb and added how he skilfully playing with her clitoris too, making her body became very weak.

She can't sit on the table anymore and fell on the table while moaning louder and louder every time he thrust his dick.

At this time, Ye Xueyin already woke up because how loud her sister moans were.

Ye Xueyin shook her head and said " those two. Having sex this early in the morning, and that little sister of mine, she even moans loudly. "

At this time Ye Qingyu already didn't care whatever her moans will wake up her big sister or not. She only wanted to continue feeling this pleasure and wanted to let out her moans.

" ah..ah...ahh....ah....ah... " she let out multiple moans as he thrust his dick deep inside her pussy

After a few minutes, she felt like she was about to come " ahh.. Tian, it's feel good. Ahhh.. aunt, aunt is cummingggg "

" cummmingggggg " She was shivering for a few seconds when she had an orgasm. After she had an orgasm, a few minutes later finally he had an orgasm too.

" aunt, i'm cummingggg " he groans

" Tian..not in---- ahhhhh " she wanted to say not to cum inside her because today was not a safe day for her

after he finished his cum, he take out his dick and immediately, some of his sperm was coming out from her pussy

" Tian... today is not a safe day for aunt and the birth control is already used up. hmf, now aunt need to go buy it quickly " she said with a scowl

" don't be angry aunt. I'll accompany you to buy it " he said as he smiled

" no need " she said

" really ? " he asked her

"un. I'll buy it myself " she said

" no let's buy it together. " he said as he insisted

" no " she said

" yes " he said

" no " she said

" yes " he said

and then they said it for a few seconds before she finally gives in.
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