Illicit Relationship Chapter 4

1 New Life

Beijing, China

" father, drive more slowly. You're driving too fast, I don't want to die because I still have a date at 8 P.M with Mei Xing " said Huang Chen worriedly.

" what? Mei Xing? " shouted Hung Feng " that cold beauty? Way to go my son. If her husband knows about it, he'll splash out the blood of his mouth, he can marry her because of his family, and until now that cold beauty is still virgin because he still can't bedding her. "

Hearing his son will have a date with the famous cold beauty, Huang Feng was happy and drove the car faster.

Seeing his father driving the car faster, Huang Chen immediately cursed venomously in his heart.

Holy hell!

This stupid old man, I'm still twenty years old. I don't want to die this young.

" son, let me tell you something. Your awesome father also has a date with Long Yi's wife tonight " said Huang Feng as he looked at his son with a smug face.

" I don't care. Father, drive more slowly and stop looking at me, look towards the road " said Huang Chen worriedly

" don't worry son. " said Huang Feng as he laughed

" fatherin front. there is a car coming toward our car. " said Huang Chen, pointing his index finger at the blue BMW car that was speeding toward their car but when Huang Feng tried to avoid the crash, it was already too late.


Their car crashed and rolled on asphalt. Huang Chen immediately looked at his father inside the car, his father body was full of blood and wound. His father didn't move anymore and Huang Chen thought, his father already passed away.

Huang Chen tried to get out of the car but because of his severe injuries, he couldn't move his body. He sighed and can only accept his fate at that moment.

This stupid old man of mine.

I already told you to drive more slowly, now I can't have a date with Mei Xing anymore.

Huft, my hard work is in vain.

Ah forget it, at least I can be with this stupid old man again, even though he always doing anything he wants, but he cared about me and I have a great time with him. he thought to himself

Suddenly Huang Chen's heart twitched, blood splashed out of his mouth and his sight had become blurry from his heavy wound " ah.. mother.. your son is finally going to see you I really miss you mother, father miss you too. now we all can reunite again "

With that, Huang Chen passed away.


Shanghai, China

" no please, let me go " said the woman while walking backward. Her legs were shivering and there were tears in her eyes.

" hehe.. don't worry beauty, we only want to give you pleasure. " said the red-haired thug while walking toward the woman.

" that's right beauty, we'll make you in clouds nine. I'm sure you'll ask us again after you feel this pleasure " said blue-haired thug with lustful eyes

" hahahaha " the thugs laughed

Not far from the thugs, a young man was lying down with blood on his head but suddenly he opened his eyes and immediately saw the thugs who were trying to ra-pe the woman.

seeing that, he tried to stand up but suddenly he felt a little dizzy.

Shit, what's happened to me?

forget it, someone is trying to ra-pe woman in front of me. I hate ra-pe, he thought to himself

Without thinking any longer, the young man immediately walked toward the blue-haired thug and kicked his head.


The blue-haired thug coughed up blood and his face went pale as he crashed to the ground. Red-haired thug turned his head and said " you still haven't died? "

" not before you die first " said the young man

But the young man still felt a little dizzy because of lost blood on his head. The woman who saw him become worried and said " no, Xiao Tian, run "

" die "said red-haired thug as he threw out his fist

" Xiao Tian, be careful " shouted the woman

But Xiao Tian avoided that thug's fist easily and kicked the thug's chin, the red-haired thug immediately flew in the mid-air but Xiao Tian didn't stop, he kicked that red-haired thug again when that thug almost landed on the ground.


The red-haired thug's heart twitched, blood splashed out of his mouth. Xiao Tian punched red-haired face repeatedly until red-haired thug fainted but he still didn't stop punching that thug.

Blue-haired thug who saw how cruel Xiao Tian was shivering, Xiao Tian was repeatedly punched red-haired thug until red-haired thug fainted but he still punched a few times even though the red-haired thug was already unconscious.

After he was satisfying himself from punching the red-haired thug, Xiao Tian walked toward a blue-haired thug.

seeing Xiao Tian was walking toward him, blue-haired thug felt his blood freeze. He knew that Xiao Tian is master of martial art the moment he was kicked by Xiao Tian because he still felt his head hurt a lot after taking one kick from Xiao Tian.

" whawhat do you want to do? " said the blue-haired thug with terror in his eyes

" nothing " said Xiao Tian as he raised his left hand and punched blue-haired thug once again


After got punched by Xiao Tian, blue-haired thug couldn't move his body anymore because he felt his face was hurting so much and his body immediately felt it too.

" You deserve it " said Xiao Tian as he looked at the thugs

" Xiao Tian, your head. Let's go to my house, let's me bandage it " said the woman worriedly

" don't worry, it's nothing " said Xiao Tian as he smiled beautifully

" but. " the woman still wanted to treat his wound. the reason he got hurt was because he wanted to help her from the thugs earlier.

Looking at her worried face, Xiao Tian could only sigh " alright "Then they were heading toward her house.

Now that he thinks more clearly, she always calls him Xiao Tian, he remembered that his name is not Xiao Tian but Huang Chen. Suddenly a flash of memory appeared in his mind, then he learned about the name of the owner of the original body, family and everything about him.

He also knew that the owner of the original body was trying to help this woman when the thugs tried to ra-pe her and die because of that. He also knew that this woman name is Lin Xing Xue, she is the neighbour of the original body owner.

She is single mother with a daughter but her ex-husband took her daughter while saying that he could raise the daughter better because he is rich and because of that she was sad and tried very hard to make a lot of money so she could take her daughter back someday.

What's this? he thought to himself

He didn't want to admit that he was taking over someone's body but he had no choice but to accepted it because that's what happening right now.

Did I do something good in my previous life that made GOD give me a second chance to live again? but what was it? he thought to himself

After thinking for a few minutes he knew the answer. He immediately nodded his head and smiled.

Un un I'm sure about it, it must be because I help many lonely wives and help them with their needs when their husband couldn't satisfy them.

for visiting.

Look like I have to continue my good deed in this life to make the GOD happy.
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