Illicit Relationship Chapter 399

394 If You Can Give Me A Better Plan We Will Use Your Plan

Nanli District, Hawk gang headquarters.

Inside the room, three people were sitting on the sofa. One of them had an 'X' tattoo on his forehead. Those people were none other than Jin Yimu, Ma Gen, and Ma Shuhe.

"So boss, what should we do to this Xiao Tian?" Ma Gen inquired.

Instead of answering, Jin Yimu asked Ma Gen, "What do you think?"

Ma Gen raised his right arm as high as his shoulders and clenched his fist. "We will go to his company, destroy it, beat him half to dead, and bring him to Hong Jun. After that, we will have a party. Haha."

Ma Gen was a person who fought with strength, not tactics because, in his view, people who fought with tactics were weak and coward. That was why he said something like that.

Ma Shuhe immediately hit Ma Gen's head and spoke, "You fool! We will be in trouble if we do like what you say."

Ma Gen rubbed his head and looked at Ma Shuhe, "Big brother, stop hitting my head, or else I will be a dumb person later."

'You are already a dump person!'

Ma Shuhe answered in his head.

Even though he knew that his younger brother's strength was amazing, but his younger brother always fought his opponent head-on. Sometimes, this made him worry about his younger brother.

Jin Yimu only gazed at Ma Gen without saying a word. When he asked Ma Gen a question earlier, he knew that Ma Gen would answer like that.

Jin Yimu had tried to make Ma Gen fight using tactics, but Ma Gen always stated that he would not use a cowardly method like that because, from his point of view, men should fight with strength.

Jin Yimu glanced at Ma Shuhe and inquired, "What about you? Do you have any idea?"

It wasn't like Jin Yimu had no way of dealing with Xiao Tian, but he wanted his underlings to not always depend on him.

"How about we kidnap his family to be taken as hostage, so we will have the upper hand in the war later." Ma Shuhe spoke and paused for a moment before continuing, "However, since Xiao Tian is the leader of Blue Ice Lotus gang, we should investigate them first. I'm sure some of his underlings are protecting his family. Once we know how many underlings are protecting his family, we can attack his underlings with more people and kidnap his family to be taken as hostage. "

"Not bad." even though there was nothing special with Ma Shuhe's plan, but Jin Yimu was satisfied with Ma Shuhe's answer.

"So, we will use my big brother's plan?" Ma Gen inquired.

Jin Yimu returned his attention to Ma Gen and replied, "If you can give me a better plan, we will use your plan."

Like before, Ma Gen raised his right arm and clenched his fist. "We will attack him openl-"

Before Ma Gen had finished his words, Ma Shuhe hit his head again.

This made Ma Gen look at his big brother. "Big brother, stop hitting my head! Why did you always hit my head?"

"It's because you never use your head." Ma Shuhe answered instantly.

"I did use my head." Ma Gen replied. "I use my head to attack my enemy."

Jin Yimu and Ma Shuhe could only sigh after hearing Ma Gen's words.


Nanli District, Xiao Tian's apartment.

"Tian'er" Liu Ning, who was watching TV with Shi Fei, rose to her feet and dashed toward him when she saw Xiao Tian.

When Shi Fei noticed Xiao Tian, she rose from the couch and marched towards him. "Little brother, you have returned home?"

Xiao Tian kissed their foreheads and smiled softly, "What movies are you two watching?"

"Happy Ending movie." Shi Fei replied instantly. "Let's watch it together."

"All right." Xiao Tian nodded his head. Then they watched TV together. Of course, Xiao Tian sat between Liu Ning and Shi Fei.

As they were watching TV, Liu Ning embraced his right arm and spoke, "Tian'er, how about letting the police handle everything?"

Xiao Tian turned his head toward Liu Ning. He didn't expect that she would suddenly say something like that.

Of course, Xiao Tian understood that she was concerned about him. However, Xiao Tian believed that it was useless to ask the police for help.

He was even afraid that the police would defend the Hong family or help them destroy his companies. That was why Xiao Tian thought it would be better to solve it without involving the police.

"Ning'er, I know that you are worried about me, but believe me, nothing will happen to me." of course, Xiao Tian would say something like that because he didn't want to worry her. He was not God, so he had no idea what would happen to him later.

"But.." even though Xiao Tian kept telling her that he would be fine, but Liu Ning was still worried.

His gang would have a war with Hawk gang, and in a war, anything could happen. There was even a possibility that he would die in the war later.

At this moment, Shi Fei only glanced at them. Even though she was also worried about Xiao Tian's safety, but she was not as worried as Liu Ning.

Bi Yu and Fu Jiyi were almost as strong as her, so she was sure that they could protect Xiao Tian in the war later.

Shi Fei had investigated the strength of the Hawk gang. With the help of Bi Yu and Fu Jiyi, she was even sure that Blue Ice Lotus gang would win the war.

Even though Hawk gang was stronger than Blue Ice Lotus gang, but the difference of their strength was not big and Bi Yu and Fu Jiyi were able to cover up the difference in strength.

"Stop talking about it." Xiao Tian replied. "Let's watch TV again."

In his past life, Xiao Tian often got into fights between his father and his father's business rivals, so something like a war between gangs was only a small thing for him.

Liu Ning stared at Xiao Tian intently. From the expression on her face, anyone could tell that she was concerned about Xiao Tian's safety.

At this moment, Liu Ning wondered how could Xiao Tian behave normally. He could lose his life in the upcoming war, but it looked like he didn't care about it, as if he knew that nothing would happen to him later.

Many people were scared of the war between gangs. Some of them didn't even dare to fight with other people.

And here, Xiao Tian behaved like he desired to have war with Hawk gang. It looked like Xiao Tian was a person who loved the fight.

Liu Ning was not the only one who thought like that because Shi Fei also had the same thought. However, she said nothing and only stared at Xiao Tian.

Then they watched TV until 11:30 pm before finally, they slept in his room.


The following morning, Xiao Tian traveled to Eternal Beauty company. Since he had evidence that someone wanted to destroy his company and also had a skin disease antidote for his customers, Xiao Tian wanted to clear up his company's bad reputation.

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