Illicit Relationship Chapter 398

393 Training Martial Arts Again

Lan Ruoxi didn't get his train of thought. Xiao Tian could easily destroy Hawk gang with Zhao Sheng's help, but he decided not to ask Zhao Sheng for help.

Lan Ruoxi was sure, if it was other people, they would immediately ask Zhao Shen for help. However, because Xiao Tian didn't want to ask Zhao Sheng for help, she didn't force him to do so.

Xiao Tian and Lan Ruoxi talked for about two hours before finally, he left. Because his gang would have a war with Hawk gang, Xiao Tian traveled to Shi Fei's house to practice martial arts.

While Chun Hua, on the other hand, called all her underlings to meet her at Blue Ice Lotus gang headquarters because they had to prepare themselves.


Jiazu District, Xiao Tian's house

It was already 06:00 pm, so Ye Qingyu and Ye Xueyin were already at home. Currently, they were on Xiao Tian's room, sitting on the bed.

"Tian.." it had been two weeks since Xiao Tian left home. Even though she was still angry with him, but Ye Xueyin missed her son very much.

Although she had a fight with him, she thought she would be able to see her son every day. She just didn't expect her son to leave home and not come back.

At first, she thought he would only leave for one or two days, but she was wrong because he still hadn't returned home even though it had been two weeks since he left home.

This made Ye Xueyin sad and wish to see her son quickly. She was used to seeing her son every day, so when she could not see him, she felt like something was missing within her.

"Big sister, don't be sad." Ye Qingyu could only sigh after seeing her big sister. She also didn't expect that her nephew would leave home and not return like that.

Because her big sister was sad every day, Ye Qingyu wanted to drag her nephew home, but she had no idea where he was. For this reason, she could only try to comfort her big sister, hoping that big sister would not be sad anymore.

However, her efforts were in vain because her big sister was still sad. Of course, Ye Qingyu was also sad when she could not see her nephew.

She realized that they should behave maturely, but when she recalled what he had done to them, the anger within her exploded out of nowhere.

Xiao Tian had tried to solve the problem many times, but they always ignored him. This made Ye Qingyu understand why he left home and not return any more.

'Tian, where are you? Please come back because big sister and I miss you very much.'

For the first time since she had a fight with Xiao Tian, Ye Qingyu voiced out her true feeling.


Jiazu District, Lin Xing Xue's house.

Currently, Lin Xing Xue was sitting on the bed in her room. She was looking at the picture of her and Xiao Tian when they were on a date.

In the picture, they were smiling happily as if they were the happiest people in the world. At this time, she had complicated feelings.

She missed him but she was also still angry with him. She loved him but she also hated him. She had no idea what she should do with her feelings.

And when she recalled that Xiao Tian never tried to make up with her anymore, her feeling hurt even more.

'Did I make a mistake? Why doesn't he try to make up with me anymore?'

Of course, Lin Xing Xue knew that she had been behaving childishly all this time. She even never spoke to him if it had nothing to do with work.

As she was looking at their pictures, tears fell down her soft cheeks. She missed his soft smile. She missed his caring attitude, and she missed his warm embrace very much.

'But he is cheating on me and lying to me too. Why did you do that, Tian?'

Lin Xing Xue wiped her tears off with her sleeve.


Jiazu District, Shi Fei's house.

Currently, Xiao Tian was training martial arts in the backyard. He had swung his wooden sword vertically four hundred times.

His body was covered in sweat, but he showed no sign of stopping. He kept swinging his wooden sword as if he was fighting someone.

"401, 402, 403, 404, 405." as Xiao Tian was swinging his wooden sword, he also counted it.

His gang would have a war with Hawk gang so he wanted to get stronger as quickly as possible. After he had swung his wooden sword a thousand times, Xiao Tian laid down on the grass.

His arms ache, and he was breathing heavily. "Huft.Huft.Huft."

Because Xiao Tian wanted to get strong as quickly as possible, he only rested for ten minutes before finally, training martial arts again.

This time, he didn't swing his wooden sword again; instead, he tried the secret move. Xiao Tian then moved zig-zag five times, before finally, he changed his movement to an 'X' pattern and finish it with an 'O' pattern.

Xiao Tian was trying the second secret move because he had mastered the first secret move. And like usual, Xiao Tian was not satisfied with the result because his movements were not as fast and deadly as it should be.

Xiao Tian was sure that if his opponent was a martial arts expert, he or she would be able to avoid his attacks, or he would only get minor injuries from it.

This made Xiao Tian sigh and try it again.

'I have to move faster or else, I will not be able to defeat my opponent with this secret move later.'

As Xiao Tian was about to do the secret move again, a memory from his past life emerged in his head.

"Chen, the keys for the secret moves are breath, speed, posture, concentration, and strength." His past life master said seriously. "If your movements are fast but your attacks are not powerful, it will be useless because it will be like hitting a big stone with a stick. And vice versa, if your attacks are powerful but your movements are slow, they will be able to easily dodge your attacks. The main keys to this are your breathing and posture. Remember it or else, you will not be able to master the secret mover ever."

"Huff" Xiao Tian exhaled and shut his eyes.

As he was concentrating, he tried to feel the energy within his body. Then he tried the second secret move again.

"Again." because he was still not satisfied with the result, Xiao Tian did the second secret move again.

"Again." Xiao Tian said.

"Again." Xiao Tian did the second secret move again.

"Again." Xiao Tian spoke

"Again." Xiao Tian tried to do that again.

But when he tried to do the second secret move again, he suddenly fell to the ground because he didn't have the strength to stand up anymore.

"Huft...HuftHuft...Huft.." Xiao Tian was breathing heavily.

'Even though I still haven't mastered the second secret move, but the results are getting better.'

Xiao Tian knew that he would not be able to master the second secret move easily. That was why he decided to take a rest.

"I think it's enough for today." Xiao Tian mused.

After he laid down for about fifteen minutes, Xiao Tian took a shower and traveled to his apartment to meet Liu Ning and Shi Fei.

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