Illicit Relationship Chapter 395

390 Hawk Gang

When Xiao Tian's underlings saw Shao Wencheng's true face, they were a little surprised. He was not Shao Wencheng, but Ding Zhipeng.

Earlier, they thought Ding Zhipeng was a police officer who worked for someone, but they were wrong because he was one of the Hong family's bodyguards.

This made Xiao Tian's underlings believe that the Hong family was the mastermind of everything that happened in Xiao Tian's company.

However, to make sure that the Hong family was the mastermind or involved in everything, they didn't immediately report to Xiao Tian and kept following Ding Zhipeng.

After Ding Zhipeng told Tan Fu to leave Shanghai, he immediately left. Xiao Tian's underlings also got into the car and followed Ding Zhiping.


Wanhui Disctric, Hong family house.

Five people were sitting on the sofa in the guest room; Hong Guan Ji, Yi Yi, Hong Duan, Hong Jun, and a young man who had an 'X' tattoo on his forehead.

Behind the person who had an 'X' tattoo on the forehead, two people were standing quietly. They didn't say anything or move their bodies as if they were a statue.

"1,000,000 Yuan." A young man who had an 'X' tattoo on his forehead, stated.

"Jin Yimu, isn't that too expensive?" Hong Guan Ji inquired. "He is only from a middle-class family. Why is it so expensive? He is nobody who got lucky with everything."

"Hey, how can you say that he is nobody? He is the leader of Blue Ice Lotus gang now, so it will be challenging to kill him. Maybe we will have a war with them later, so this price is reasonable." At this moment, Jin Yimu had no idea that Lan Ruoxi and Zhao Sheng were Xiao Tian's friends because Hong Guan Ji said nothing to him. "If you don't agree with this price, I won't accept this mission. If you ask the other gangs, they will ask for more than one million Yuan, you know. I have given you a cheap price because I understand the condition of your family."

Of course, Jin Yimu was lying to them. It was a perfect time to get a lot of money from them, so he would not let the golden opportunity slip away.

Hong Guan Ji gritted his teeth after hearing Jin Yimu's words. Even though he could afford it, but paying one million Yuan just to kill someone from a middle-class family was way too pricey.

However, he could not afford to pay the other gangs because what Jin Yimu said was reasonable. This made Hong Guan Ji waver and stare at his wife and two sons.

"Father, just pay it. It's only one million Yuan. We can still afford it. I want Xiao Tian to die as quickly as possible." Hong Jun detested Xiao Tian to the bone.

Due to Xiao Tian's actions, he had to live in prison for several days. Luckily, his father could free him yesterday. Otherwise, he would still live in prison.

His hatred toward Xiao Tian was as big as the universe and as deep as a black hole. He really wanted to make Xiao Tian pay for everything that Xiao Tian had done to him.

"Big brother, you have to think about it carefully. One million Yuan is not a small amount of money." Hong Duan understood that his big brother really hated Xiao Tian. That was why his big brother could not think straight whenever it was involved with Xiao Tian.

"But we still have money. We can still afford it." Hong Jun then looked at Jin Yimu. "But you have to kill him qui- no, you have to bring Xiao Tian to me alive because I want to torture him until he wishes he dies."

When Hong Jun said that, his expression was terrifying and his smile looked like it wasn't a smile from a human being, but a smile from a devil.

Jin Yimu started to smirk. He knew that Hong Jun would agree to it because Hong Jun detested Xiao Tian very much. That was why he raised the price earlier. "Don't worry. We will bring him to you alive so that you can torture him as you please."

"Good!" Hong Jun then glanced at his father. "Father, after Xiao Tian dies, we can take over his companies. Of course, we will make his companies bankrupt first. After that, we will announce to the public that we have bought his companies. We will use his method to deal with him. With this, not only will our family status return to an upper-class family, but we will be richer than before."

Upon hearing her son's words, Hong Guan Ji touched his chin and began to think about it.

'How about hiring a hitman or assassin? Is it better than hiring a gang or not?'

Hong Guan Ji suddenly thought of hiring a hitman or assassin. However, after thinking that they had to deal with Blue Ice Lotus gang too, he thought it would be better to hire Hawk gang than an assassin or a hitman.

Because her husband was still wavering, Yi Yi tapped his shoulders and spoke, "Husband, Jun is right. Just pay for it. later, we can take over Xiao Tian's companies like what he did to us."

Hong Guan Ji looked at his wife for several seconds before finally nodding his head, "All right. I will send the money to you tomorrow. But I will only send you half first. Once you are successful in your mission, I will give you the rest."

"Deal!" Jin Yimu was pleased after hearing Hong Guan Ji's words.

Hong Duan could only sigh when his father agreed to pay one million Yuan to Hawk gang. Because he could not do anything about it, he only gazed at his father before finally, he shifted his gaze to his older brother.

Because there was nothing to discuss anymore, Jin Yimu thought there was no point in staying at their home. For this reason, his two underlings and he walked out of the room. "Just sit at home and wait for good news. Haha."

At this moment, Hong Jun smiled evilly because Xiao Tian's life would be in his hand later.

*Outside the Hong family home.

Three of Xiao Tian's underlings, who were spying Hong family since several days ago, looked at Jin Yimu and gritted their teeth.

In the past, Blue Ice Lotus gang and Hawk gang had a war but Hawk gang won the battle. That was why Blue Ice Lotus gang was the weakest gang now.

And because Hawk gang decided to help Hong family, they knew that they would have a war with Hawk gang again later. Of course, they were not afraid of Hawk gang; instead, they really wanted to fight them immediately because they wanted to get their revenge.

As they were looking at Jin Yimu, the two members of Blue Ice Lotus gang, who were following Ding Zhipeng, walked toward them. One of them asked, "How is it?"

"It seems like the Hong family are hiring Hawk gang to deal with our boss." one of Blue Ice Lotus gang members, who were looking at Jin Yimu, answered.


Nanli District, Heart Hospital

Currently, Xiao Tian, Shi Fei, Liu Ning, and Chun Hua were in the patient room. As they were talking about Shao Wencheng's behavior, his smartphone suddenly rang.

When Xiao Tian saw it was his underling, he immediately picked the phone, "What's it?"

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