Illicit Relationship Chapter 387

379 Going To Xiao Tians Apartmen

They knew that someone had bought Donghai company. They just didn't expect Xiao Tian was the one who bought the company.

Some of them thought the person who bought the company was an old man from a rich family, but they were wrong.

Of course, they were thrilled by this. Not only was Xiao Tian handsome and young, but he was known as a genius in business.

Because Xiao Tian could become a successful person in a short amount of time, they believed Xiao Tian could make the company grow bigger too.

They suddenly felt lucky that they decided not to resign when the company went bankrupt because the future of the company would be better in Xiao Tian's hand.

Because Xiao Tian wanted to find out how many employees that remained in the company, he decided to call all the employees.

After all the employees stood in front of Xiao Tian, he looked at Liang Jun, giving him a sign to tell him who they were.

When Xiao Tian learned that they were employees with low status, he could only sigh. Of course, Xiao Tian could not blame the employees who resigned. He just didn't expect all high-status employees to resign.

'Well, it can't be helped. they need money for their daily living expenses and looking for a new job is the best solution.'

Then Xiao Tian introduced Shi Fei and told them that she was their director.

Even though the employees were shocked when they knew Shi Fei was their director, but they didn't show it on their faces.

At first, they thought Shi Fei was their manager. Some of them even thought that she was Xiao Tian's woman. They just didn't expect that she was their director.

After that, Shi Fei, Liang Jun, and Xiao Tian talked in a private room.

After Xiao Tian sat on the couch, he looked at Liang Jun and spoke, "Liang Jun, you go and hire the employees who resigned from the company. Remember, only hire trusted ones."

"Understood, sir." After saying that, Liang Jun immediately left

Xiao Tian tilted his head back and sighed, "Sigh.."

Shi Fei, who was sitting on his right side, immediately said, "What is wrong, little brother? Why are you sighing?"

"Now that I think about it, where did Hong Jun get the video of Yun Xin Er and me? That video was recorded before I met him. Is the person who gave the video to Hong Jun the same person who sent the Blue Ice Lotus gang to wreak havoc in my company?" until now, the mastermind who sent Blue Ice Lotus gang to cause trouble at his company was still a mystery.

This made Xiao Tian think that the mastermind of everything that happened to him was the same person.

'But who is it?'

Xiao Tian never made enemies to anyone, except Feng Ao. But his underlings, who were spying Ming Sha, had informed him that Ming Sha never did anything suspicious.

"Maybe." Shi Fei also had tried to find out who was the mastermind of everything that happened to Xiao Tian but it was all in vail.

That was why Shi Fei made Fu Jiyi and Bi Yu work under him so that they could protect him and his companies.

Xiao Tian could only sigh. He knew that his enemy was clever because they could erase their tracks so neatly.

"How is the clothing production?" several days ago, Xiao Tian gave Shi Fei his clothing designs so that they could immediately launch it to the public.

"Almost done. In two days, we can promote it." Shi Fei answered instantly. "Little brother, aren't you tired of working in two companies and pretending to be two different people?"

Xiao Tian didn't answer her and only looked at her. Of course, Xiao Tian was tired of running two companies at the same time.

Not only that, he even had to pretend to be a different person. But, for the sake of making his predecessor's dream come true, Xiao Tian did not want to complain. "Fei, let's go to my apartment."

"Apartment?" because Xiao Tian bought apartment alone, Shi Fei had no idea about it. "Did you buy an apartment?"

"Yes." Xiao Tian nodded his head. "It's located in Nanli district, near Yonhan beach."

"Near Yonhan beach?" Shi Fei's eyes shone brightly after hearing his words. "Let's go to your apartment now. I want to see it."

Then Xiao Tian and Shi Fei traveled to his apartment. After they stepped into the living room, Shi Fei looked at him and spoke, "Wow! Your apartment is big and luxurious."

In the living room, there was a TV and a red couch. Because the living room and the kitchen were in the same place, there was a kitchen behind the sofa with no dividers between the two places.

The concept of the kitchen was Eat-in Kitchen. There was also an artificial tree on each corner of the room.

[Anyone interested to know about it can visit this link: https://id.pinteres*t.com/pin/420523683948758112/

What kind of concept is that kitchen? Spent an hour looking for concept names on the internet but to no avail. It was driving me crazy. Remove * between s and t.]

And because the concept of the apartment was a greenhouse and it was also on the tenth floor, they could see the beauty of Shanghai and the beach from almost on every side of the room.

Of course, there were window curtains that could block the view from outside into the apartment. And currently, Shi Fei was opening the window curtains on the right side of the living room because she wanted to see the beach through the window.

Xiao Tian then walked toward her and embraced her from behind, "Do you like this apartment?"

"Yes. I like it very much." Shi Fei was sure the scenery at night, in the afternoon or at dawn would be breathtaking too. "Your apartment is very nice and also located in a great location."

"If you like this apartment, you can come here whenever you want." Xiao Tian placed his head on her right shoulder and embraced her tighter. "The PIN number is 666777."

"I will bring Liu Ning next time I come here." Shi Fei put her hands in his. She loved it very much when Xiao Tian hugged her from behind like that.

"Yes. you can bring her too later." Xiao Tian replied instantly.

What a pity that it was still afternoon. Otherwise, the atmosphere would be more romantic because if it was in the morning, at dawn or night, the view would be more beautiful.

Shi Fei then turned around and said, "I want to see the bedroom."

"All right." without giving her a warning, Xiao Tian carried her in princess style and walked toward the bedroom.

Even though his actions greatly surprised her, but Shi Fei was not angry with him; instead, she smiled happily.

The bedroom was quite big with lots of luxurious furniture adorning the room. On the right side of the king-size bed, there was a window with purple curtains and in front of the bed, there was a TV.

The huge white cupboard was located on the left side of the bed with a small table and chair next to it.

After Xiao Tian put her down, Shi Fei dashed toward the window to see the view from the bedroom.

And like when she was in the living room, she could see the beach through the window. This made Shi Fei want to stay over at Xiao Tian's apartment.

Shi Fei then closed the curtains again and jumped into the bed. "Little brother, come here."

Xiao Tian did what he was told and laid down next to Shi Fei.

"Why did you buy an apartment?" Shi Fei was curious why Xiao Tian suddenly bought an apartment. Not only that, but he even also bought a new car.

"To hide my identity." Xiao Tian gave her an honest answer. "I have to pretend to be Qing Feng too, so this apartment will be my home when I pretend to be Qing Feng."

"I see. Little brother, Let's sleep here tonight." Shi Fei had a lot of plans when she knew his apartment was near the Yonhan beach.

She wanted to walk around the beach with him, she wanted to see the beautiful night city from his apartment and many other things. That was why she wanted to stay over at his apartment with him.

"All right." Xiao Tian answered.

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