Illicit Relationship Chapter 386

378 He Is The New Owner Of The Company

Because Xiao Tian and Liang Jun didn't want other people to think that the people who got chosen were his people, Liang Jun asked them to take an oath.

"For the sun, which illuminates the earth during the day and the moon, which illuminates the earth at night, we swear that we do not know anyone from Eternal Beauty company. If we lie, we will get bad karma for the rest of our lives" after saying that, those fifty people began to try the new skincare products.

"Wow! This skincare is amazing."

"Yes. You are right."

"My facial skin becomes brighter and softer."

"This product is also not sticky to the skin."

"This skincare is better than what I use."

"Wow! I feel lucky to be able to try it."

One by one the people, who tried the skincare product for free, praised the products, saying that it was one of the best skincare products.

This made people, who were not chosen to try the skincare products for free, want to try it too. After hearing the taster's words, they were sure the skincare products were good.

Xiao Tian and Liang Jun could not help but happy. From their words, Xiao Tian and Liang Jun knew that the promotion was a success.

"Everyone, you all heard it, right?" Liang Jung spoke and paused for a second before he continued, "If you want to buy our skincare products now, we will give you all a discount of 30%. If you buy our products in a full set, we will give a discount of 50%. If you all are not totally satisfied with our products, we will give you a full refund with no questions asked."

Upon hearing Liang Jun's words, everyone suddenly wanted to buy skincare products. Not only would they get a high discount, but Liang Jun also promised if they were not satisfied with their skincare products, Liang Jun would give a full refund with no questions asked.

Because Liang Jun knew that they needed several people to help them, he had prepared fifteen gorgeous ladies to help them.

Soon, those fifteen ladies entered the conference hall and helped people who wanted to buy the skincare products.

One by one, people who bought the skincare products, tried it on their skin. And like the tester earlier, they were satisfied with the result. That was why none of them complained and ask for a refund.

After that, the conference meeting continued for another hour before it ended. Because Xiao Tian wanted all of them to keep buying his skincare products, he gave the people, who bought his skincare products, a membership card which would give them a 10% discount on purchasing all skincare products for a month.

This made the people, who bought the skincare products, happy and intend to visit Eternal Beauty Clinic for treatment so that they look more charming in front of others.

As one by one the audiences walked out of the conference hall, they talked about the skincare products and praised it.

Because the promotion was successful, Xiao Tian invited his employees to eat at Bamboo Restaurant. After that, they returned to the company and began to work again.

Xiao Tian worked for about an hour before he finally remembered something important. For this reason, he called Liang Jun to come to his office.

"Do you need anything, sir?" Liang Jun asked when he was in front of Xiao Tian.

"Let's go to my other company. I want to see it." Xiao Tian went straight to the point.

"All right." Liang Jun replied instantly.

Then they went to Donghai Clothing company. However, when they were on the way to Donghai Clothing company, Xiao Tian thought it would be better to bring Shi Fei too.

For this reason, Xiao Tian went to Stars Clothes company. When they arrived at the company, Xiao Tian didn't come out of the car; instead, he only called Shi Fei to meet him in front of the company.

With a smile on her face, Shi Fei dashed to meet him. because Xiao Tian was using his new car, she had no idea where Xiao Tian was. Shi Fei turned her head to the left and right, but still, she didn't find his car.


The sound of the horn could be heard in her ears. Upon hearing it, Shi Fei rushed toward the source of the sound.

Shi Fei didn't immediately get into the car; instead, she walked toward the driver's door and said, "Little brother, why did you call me?"

"Get in." because Xiao Tian didn't want Lin Xing Xue to see him at his company, he wanted to leave immediately.

Without waiting for another second, Shi Fei got into the car.

'Little brother?'

The expression of deep shock emerged on Liang Jun's face. He knew Shi Fei was an employee at Xiao Tian's company. What he didn't understand was how could she call her boss little brother.

Not only was Xiao Tian not angry, but Xiao Tian behaved normally. This made Liang Jun understand that she had a special relationship with Xiao Tian.

Even though Liang Jun had no idea what kind of relationship they had, he knew that he should treat Shi Fei nicely. Otherwise, he was afraid that Xiao Tian would get angry with him later.

"He is" because it was the first time Shi Fei saw Liang Jun, she had no idea who he was.

Before Xiao Tian could introduce Liang Jun, he immediately said, "Hello, Miss. My name is Liang Jun."

"Ah! So, you are Liang Jun?" because Xiao Tian had told her everything, she knew who Liang Jun was. She just never saw him. That was why she didn't know that he was Liang Jun earlier. "I'm Shi Fei."

"Did you know me, Miss?" Liang Jun was surprised after hearing her words because it was as if she knew him.

"No." Shi Fei shook her head. "But little brother had told me that you were the one who gave Zong Chaihe's company to little brother."

"AAh! Is that so? So, sir Xiao told you about it." with this, Liang Jun knew that Xiao Tian and Shi Fei had a special relationship.

It was impossible to tell her if Xiao Tian and Shi Fei had no special relationship because it was a big secret for them.

Then they went to Donghai Clothing company. Because it was located at Nanli district, it took them several minutes to reach Donghai Clothing company.

And like Xiao Tian had guessed, there were only a few employees who still worked at the company.

When all the employees saw Liang Jun, one of them immediately walked toward him. "Good morning, general manager Liang."

"Good morning." Liang Jun replied as he smiled.

'Is not he'

All employees were shocked when they saw Xiao Tian. Of course, they knew who Xiao Tian was. Due to how famous he was, some of them even wanted to meet him in the past.

They just didn't expect that Xiao Tian would appear in front of them. This made them curious why Xiao Tian suddenly came to Donghai Clothing company.

"I'm sure all of you already know who he is." Liang Jun was sure all of them knew who Xiao Tian was because Xiao Tian was famous. "He is the new owner of the company.

"What?" the employees said in surprise

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