Illicit Relationship Chapter 385

377 Eternal Beauty Company

When Xiao Tian and Liang Jun stepped into the conference hall, everyone immediately looked at them. The conference hall was quite big and luxurious with about three hundred chairs arranged neatly.

Then Xiao Tian and Liang Jun sat on the chair. In front of them, there was a long table with mineral water on it.

The reporters and audiences, who were sitting on the opposite side of Xiao Tian, looked at Xiao Tian in confusion.

Liang Jun had informed them that the owner of the company was no longer Hong Guan Ji, but Qing Feng. Because Xiao Tian came with Liang Jun, they understood that Xiao Tian was the owner of the company.

However, they didn't expect that Xiao Tian would be wearing a mask in the conference meeting. This made them want to know why Xiao Tian decided to wear a mask.

Of course, Xiao Tian also understood that they wanted to know why he wore a mask. Because Xiao Tian didn't want to waste time, he immediately looked at Liang Jun.

Even though Xiao Tian didn't say a word, Ling Jun knew that Xiao Tian wanted him to immediately start the conference meeting. "Everyone, thank you for coming. My name is Liang Jun. the person on my right side is Mr. Qing Feng, the owner of the company. In this conference meeting, we want to announce two things, and Mr. Qing will be the one who announces it."

Upon hearing Liang Jun's words, Xiao Tian immediately spoke, "Hello, everyone. I'm Qing Feng. Thank you for coming. I understand that all of you want to know why I'm wearing a mask, but I'm sorry, I can't tell you the reason because it's a personal reason. I hope, all of you understand it."

Everyone in the conference hall was disappointed when Xiao Tian said that he would not tell them the reason why he wore a mask, but none of them asked about it because they knew Xiao Tian would not answer it.

Of course, Xiao Tian knew what they felt, but he didn't care about it. "There are two reasons why we are holding a conference meeting. First, I want to announce that I will change the company name to Eternal Beauty company. As for the second, I'm sure everyone already knows about it. Today, we will launch new skincare products and we will also let fifty people try our skincare products for free."

After hearing Xiao Tian's words, one of the reporters asked, "Mr. Qing, why did you choose to name your company Eternal Beauty?"

"The reason why I decided to name my company Eternal Beauty is that I want everyone who uses our products to have eternal beauty. Not only to maintain your beauty, but also to increase your beauty." Actually, the reason Xiao Tian named his company Eternal Beauty was that his past life father's beauty company was Eternal Beauty.

Xiao Tian was too lazy to find a new name. That was why he decided to name his company Eternal Beauty. With this, Xiao Tian could remember his past life father every time he heard the name of his company.

"Mr, Qing, we got information that you have bought twenty branches of Hong family company. Can you tell us why did you buy their company?" one of the reporters inquired.

Xiao Tian had guessed that someone would ask it. That was why he had prepared the answer. "One of the important members of the Hong family was sick and they also had debts with other people. That was why they sold twenty of their company branches to me."

Even though Xiao Tian knew that he was telling nonsense, he didn't care about it. He was sure that they would not dare to investigate it because the Hong family would not allow it.

Because Xiao Tian didn't want other people to ask another question, he looked at Liang Jun, giving Liang Jun a sign to start launching the new products immediately.

When Liang Jun noticed it, he immediately said, "Alright everyone, let me start promoting our new skincare products."

All the reporters were disappointed after hearing Liang Jun's words. They still had a lot of questions, but because Liang Jun wanted to promote the new skincare products immediately, they understood that they could not do it anymore.

Not long after that, three gorgeous ladies stepped into the conference hall. Each of them entered the room while pushing a wheeled wooden table. On top of the wooden table, there were many kinds of skincare products. After that, the ladies stood next to the wooden table.

Xiao Tian and Liang Jun immediately rose from their chairs and walked forward. Then Liang Jun began promoting the skincare products. "In front of you all, there are several skincare products from our company. For facial cleansers, there are Makeup Remover, Facial Toner, and Foaming Cleansers. As for facial moisturizers, there are BB \u0026 CC creams, Daily Moisturizers, Serums, and SPF Protection Moisturizers."

As Liang Jun was promoting the products, the ladies showed the skincare product to everyone. "For facial \u0026 eye treatments, there are Eye Treatments, Facial Oils, Masks, Pore Treatments, Acne Treatments, Skin Tone Treatments. And the last, for body care, there are Body Lotions and Body Washes."

Liang Jun then took a moisturizing cream and explained the benefits of the cream, "This cream contains vitamin A. This Vitamin A formulation delivers the noticeable results without the irritation, redness, dryness, or greasy residue. The scent is derived from Aloe Vera, cherry blossoms and Green Tea."

Liang Jun then took another skincare product and began to explain the benefits again. "This lightweight lotion provides hydration without a greasy film and helps restore the skin's own protective barrier with three essential ceramides. It's oil- and fragrance-free, as well as hypoallergenic, non-comedogenic, and non-irritating. It helps prevent and protect dry skin for a full 24 hours"

Upon hearing Liang Jun's words, everyone suddenly wanted to try it. They were really curious about the skincare products and wanted to know whether Eternal Beauty skincare products were better than Hong company skincare products or not.

When Liang Jun saw the expression on their faces, he was pleased because he knew that all of them were curious about the skincare products. "Alright, now is the time that everyone has been waiting for. We will let fifty people try our skincare products. However, one person can only try one product."

At this moment, almost all of them hoped they would get selected as a person who could try the skincare products for free.

Even though they could only try one product, but it was more than enough because they could ask other people to try a different product so that they could know the effect of the product.

Because there were about three hundred people in the conference hall, Liang Jun had no idea how to choose them.

He was afraid if he chose who would try the skincare products, they would think that he was unfair. For this reason, Liang Jun gave them a simple question and whoever could answer it right and fast, they would be selected as people who would try the skincare products for free.

After several minutes, fifty people were chosen to try the products. From the expression on their faces, anyone could tell that they were excited.

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