Illicit Relationship Chapter 384

376 Little Brother This Skincare Product Is Amazing

After working for about three hours, Xiao Tian went back to Stars Clothes company headquarters. Of course, he didn't forget to bring skincare products for his women.

Because Xiao Tian had to pretend to be Qing Feng if he wanted to give the skincare products to Lin Xing Xue, he only brought skincare products for Liu Ning and Shi Fei.

And like usual, when work time was over, Xiao Tian drove Liu Ning and Shi Fei home. When they were sitting on the couch in the living room, Xiao Tian gave the skincare products to them. "These are the skincare products that will be launched in two days."

"Thank you, little brother." Shi Fei gave a peck on his cheeks before finally, checking the skincare products. While Liu Ning, on the other hand, was confused.

Because Xiao Tian didn't want to hide anything from Liu Ning, he told everything to Liu Ning too. Of course, Xiao Tian told her to hide his identity too.

Liu Ning was pleased after hearing his words because now Xiao Tian had never hidden anything to her. she promised not to tell anyone about his identity.

They talked for several minutes before finally, they took a bath together. In the bathroom, they had quick sex before they ended it.

After bathing, they immediately headed to Shi Fei's room. Of course, Shi Fei brought the skincare products to her room because she wanted to try it.

"Little brother, this skincare product is amazing." After wearing facial skincare, Shi Fei was pleasantly surprised by the results. She felt that her facial skin became softer and brighter. Not only that, but her facial skin wasn't dry either. "Ning, try it."

Upon hearing Shi Fei's words, Liu Ning suddenly wanted to try it too. For this reason, she got out of the bed and tried the facial skincare.

And like Shi Fei, she was pleasantly surprised after applying the skincare on her face. She could already feel and see the results on her face.

This made Xiao Tian happy. From the expression on their faces, Xiao Tian was sure the skincare products were good. He suddenly wanted to know what the public opinion was after they launched new skincare products.

Shi Fei then jumped into the bed and kissed Xiao Tian's cheeks. "Thank you, little brother. I like these skincare products very much."

"Un." Xiao Tian was also delighted when he saw her smile. "Just tell me if your skincare products run out, I will immediately give you again."

"Really?" Shi Fei inquired.

"Yes." Xiao Tian owned a beauty company, so giving a few skincare products to his women was a small thing for him.

"You are indeed the best." Shi Fei said happily.

Then Liu Ning also laid down next to Xiao Tian. They talked for more than two hours before finally, they fell asleep.


The following morning, Xiao Tian went straight to Eternal Beauty company to meet Liang Jun. Then they went to see the place where they would launch new products.

That day, Xiao Tian was busy preparing for the launch of new skincare products. And like yesterday, Xiao Tian didn't return home; instead; he went to Liu Ning's home.

Because Xiao Tian didn't want to feel lonely at night, he decided to stay over at her house. It had been three days since he last returned home, but Xiao Tian didn't care about it because he knew his mother and aunt would not care about it.

That was why, rather than spending time alone at home, Xiao Tian preferred to stay over at Liu Nin's house. Not only would he be able to spend time with Shi Fei and Liu Ning, but they could have sex whenever they wanted too.

That was why Xiao Tian kept staying over at their house. Of course, Shi Fei and Liu Ning were fine by it. They were even thrilled by it because they could spend more time with Xiao Tian.


The following morning, Xiao Tian immediately took a bath after waking up because today was the day where his other company would launch new skincare products. When he arrived at Eternal Beauty company, Xiao Tian wanted to head to his office.

As soon as Xiao Tian stepped into the company building, Liang Jun, who saw him, walked toward him. when he was in front of Xiao Tian, he immediately spoke, "Good morning, Sir."

"How are the preparations?" Xiao Tian inquired

"Everything is ready, sir." because Xiao Tian always said that he didn't want a single mistake, Liang Jun always checked everything more than once and he also did it carefully.

It was his first month working as a director at Xiao Tian's company. That was why he didn't want to disappoint Xiao Tian.

"Let's go." Because the reason Xiao Tian went to his company was to meet Liang Jun and ask about the preparations, he immediately wanted to go to Stone Villa with Liang Jun.

Stone Villa was a place where they would promote their new skincare products and new company name. Stone Villa was located in the Wahui district, so it took them several minutes to reach there.

When they arrived at Stone Villa, Xiao Tian was surprised when he saw a police car and an ambulance. he didn't expect that Liang Jun would do something like that.

Even though Liang Jun's preparations were too excessive, Xiao Tian didn't say anything about it because it was not a bad idea too.

When Xiao Tian stepped into the Stone Villa, he saw many reporters and audiences. Some of the audiences came to Stone Villa because they knew that Eternal Beauty company would let them try the new skincare products for free.

Of course, they wanted to try it because if something happened to them, Eternal Beauty company would take responsibility. It was a great opportunity for them. That was why they didn't want to let such a big opportunity slip away.

After everything was ready, Xiao Tian said, "Let's start promoting our new skincare products and announcing our new company name."

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