Illicit Relationship Chapter 381

373 I Hope Our Paths Cross Again

"It's beautiful." Feng Yu mused.

Currently, Xiao Tian, Feng Yu, and Lin Xing Xue were riding a giant wheel. And because the operator said that he would help Xiao Tian to win Lin Xing Xue's heart, the operator stopped the giant wheel when they were at the top so that they could enjoy the beautiful sunset from above.

As they were enjoying the beautiful view in front of them, a dazzling smile appeared on their faces.

At this moment, Xiao Tian really wanted to hold Lin Xing Xue's hands and embrace her, but he knew it was impossible for now.

Several days without hugging or holding her hands made Xiao Tian sad.

'Little Xue, if you know Qing Feng is me, do you still want to spend time with me?'

Xiao Tian could only sigh in sadness when he saw her smiling face.

"What is it?" Lin Xing Xue asked when she noticed Xiao Tian sighing.

"I suddenly remember my ex-girlfriend." Xiao Tian gave her an honest answer

"Ex-girlfriend? You seem to like your ex very much. Why did you two break up?" Lin Xing Xue asked curiously

"I made a grave mistake." The expression on his face turned sad after saying that. "I love her very much and plan to live with her until I die, but because of my mistake, we broke up. Not only that, but now she always ignores me and doesn't want to talk to me anymore."

"Don't give up. Show her that you love her very much. I'm sure she will understand and forgive you later." At this moment, Lin Xing Xue had no idea that Xiao Tian was talking about her.

'That person is you, little Xue. Will you really forgive me if I do that? But you always ignore me until now, so how can I show it to you?'

Xiao Tian wanted to ask that, but now he was Qing Feng, not Xiao Tian. That was why he only looked at Lin Xing Xue.

When Lin Xing Xue noticed Xiao Tian said nothing, she immediately said, "Don't worry, if you two are destined to be together, she will be yours again."

"Thank you. Xiao Tian could not say any other word except 'thank you.'

"Don't give up." Lin Xing Xue said as she smiled.

Xiao Tian suddenly realized that he should not say something like that, because it could destroy the beautiful atmosphere. "Sorry for saying this. Let's enjoy the view again."

"It's fine." Lin Xing Xue replied.

Not long after that, the giant wheel moved again. Because they had played many games before, Xiao Tian invited them to eat at a restaurant.

Then they ate at a restaurant near the amusement park. After eating, Xiao Tian wanted to send them home, but he suddenly remembered that Lin Xing Xue knew his car.

If he drove them home using his car, Lin Xing Xue would be suspicious of him. This made Xiao Tian sigh in sadness because he knew that he could not send them home.

'Should I buy a new car and an apartment?'

Because Xiao Tian decided to pretend to be Qing Feng, he suddenly thought that he had to buy a new car and apartment so that other people wouldn't be suspicious that he was Qing Feng.

"lady Lin, little Yu, I have to return home now. Today is a wonderful day for me. Next time, let's visit another place together." even though he still wanted to spend time with Lin Xing Xue, but Xiao Tian had to practice martial arts.

He wanted to be strong as quickly as possible. That was why he decided to practice martial arts every day.

"Thank you for spending time with us." Lin Xing Xue replied. "And be careful on the road."

"Be careful on the road, uncle Qing." Feng Yu waved goodbye.

"Un." Xiao Tian said as he smiled. "I hope our paths cross again."

When Xiao Tian was sure that no one saw him, he got into the car and drove to his home. And like what he had planned, as soon as Xiao Tian arrived home, he immediately practiced martial arts.

He practiced martial arts until 10:00 pm before finally, he took a bath and slept.


The following morning, Xiao Tian told Lin Xing Xue, Shi Fei, and the others to pack their belongings because he wanted them to move to the company headquarters.

The tailors were sad when they knew that Xiao Tian and the others would move to the company headquarters.

They would not be able to see their boss every day anymore and they would miss their time like when they spent time together in the yard and ate together.

However, the tailors knew that they could not stop Xiao Tian from moving to company headquarters. That was why they told Xiao Tian to often visit them later.

"Young boss, we will miss you."

"Boss, you will often visit us, right?"

"Boss, will you eat with us again in the future?"

"Boss, I will miss the time when we all ate together in the yard."

"Yes. boss."

"That's right."

"Boss, why is the company headquarters located far from here? It will be difficult for us to see you."

"Yes, boss. We are used to seeing you and spending time with you every day."

One by one the employees expressed their feeling when they knew Xiao Tian would move to the company headquarters.

They were many beautiful memories with Xiao Tian in that place and it would make them sad if they remembered it later.

For them, Xiao Tian was a good boss. That was why they didn't want to be separated from him. Some of them even behaved as if they would not be able to see him anymore.

Xiao Tian felt warm in his heart after hearing their words, but he still had to move to the company headquarters. "Don't worry. we will eat together again in the future."

"Really?" the employees said in unison.

They were pleased when Xiao Tian said that they would eat together again in the future.

"Yes." Xiao Tian replied as he nodded his head. "You all should work hard even without me here."

"We will, boss." the employees said in unison.

"Don't betray me, do you all understand?" Xiao Tian added

"Yes, sir." Once again, the employees said in unison.

After that, Xiao Tian and the others went to the company headquarters.

After everything was done, Xiao Tian immediately left because he wanted to buy an apartment and car. Of course, Xiao Tian bought it alone because he didn't want anyone to know about it.

After Xiao Tian parked his new car in the parking lot, he changed the car and went straight home. And like usual, Xiao Tian practiced martial arts again before finally, he took a shower and slept.


The following morning, Xiao Tian went to Eternal Beauty company because he wanted to know about the result of the new product.

"So, when are new products ready to be launched?" Xiao Tian inquired.

Currently, Xiao Tian was in his office. In front of him, there were Liang Jun and Mu Jia.

"The new products are almost ready, sir. We can launch it in three days." Mu Jia, the head of the cosmetic chemists, said.

"Good!" Xiao Tian was pleased by that. "Make sure there aren't any mistakes later."

They would announce to the public that he was the owner of the company and launch new products at the same time, so if there were any mistakes, it would affect the company's reputation and development later.

"Understood, sir." Mu Jia and Liang Jun answered in unison.

"You two can leave now." Xiao Tian said

Then Mu Jia and Liang Jun left

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