Illicit Relationship Chapter 380

372 Spending Time With Lin Xing Xue And Feng Yu At Amusement Park

Feng Yu was curious why Xiao Tian was wearing a mask. When he saved her mother from a robber, he also wore a mask. Now when they met again at the amusement park, he was also wearing a mask.

"Yu'er, you should not ask that." even though she was also curious why Xiao Tian wore a mask, she didn't dare to ask that because she didn't want to be rude.

They were not close, so he was afraid Xiao Tian would be annoyed by her daughter's question because Lin Xing Xue knew that he had a reason for doing that.

Feng Yu's words greatly surprised Xiao Tian. At that moment, Xiao Tian had no idea what he should say to them.

The reason Xiao Tian wore a mask was that he wanted to hide his identity in public. He didn't want the public to know that he owned twenty branches of Hong family company.

But if he didn't give a good excuse, he was afraid that they wanted to see his face even more. Xiao Tian was sure if they knew that Qing Feng was him, they would not want to talk to him anymore.

This made Xiao Tian think hard to find a good excuse. But when Xiao Tian saw an ad about-face, he suddenly found a good excuse. "Several years ago, my house caught fire and my face was injured because of it. For this reason, I always wear a mask."

"Really?" Feng Yu inquired. "Can I see your face? Don't worry, I won't make fun of you later."


Xiao Tian cursed venomously in his head after hearing Feng Yu's words.

If he took off his mask, they would know that he was Xiao Tian, not Qing Feng. Xiao Tian believed they would hate him even more because they would think that Xiao Tian wanted to fool them.

Even though she could only see his eyes, lips, and chin, Lin Xing Xue knew that Xiao Tian had a complicated feeling after hearing her daughter's words.

For this reason, Lin Xing Xue immediately said, "Yu'er, you can't ask something like that."

"Why?" Feng Yu inquired.

"Because you made Uncle Qing remember about that incident again." Lin Xing Xue then looked at Xiao Tian. "Mr. Qing, you don't need to take off your mask. Just ignore my daughter's words."

Xiao Tian rubbed Feng Yu's hair and said, "Next time, you can see my face, but not today. There are many people here."

With this, Xiao Tian knew that he had to buy a silicone head mask so that he could hide his identity better. Actually, he could use makeup to change his face, but he was not skilled at that and it would take time to change his face with make-up.

That was why the silicone head mask was the best choice for him. He only needed to buy it at an online shop so no one knew he bought it.

"All right." because Feng Yu didn't want Xiao Tian to be sad, she didn't ask Xiao Tian to take off his mask anymore.

Xiao Tian was relieved when Feng Yu didn't ask him to take off his mask anymore. Then they talked for about thirty minutes before finally, Xiao Tian said, "Little Yu, do you want to play a game with this uncle?"

Even though Xiao Tian was pleased because he could talk to Lin Xing Xue, but he also had to win Feng Yu's heart or he would repeat the same mistake.

Feng Yu did not immediately answer and turned her head towards her mother as if she wanted to ask her mother for permission.

Lin Xing Xue rubbed her daughter's hair and smiled softly, "Do you want to play with Mr. Qing?"

"Un." Feng Yu nodded her head.

Xiao Tian was thrilled when Feng Yu wanted to play with him because it was a sign that their relationship was getting closer.

All he needed to do was make her happy and it would be easier to date her mother. "Let's go."

Then Xiao Tian, Feng Yu, and Lin Xing Xue played games at the amusement park. They played several games such as toss ring, milk Bottle, balloon and dart, dime pitch, and many other games.

Of course, Xiao Tian won several times. He even won a huge Pikachu doll.

'Damn! I lost a lot of money'

Because Xiao Tian was not skilled at the game, he lost a lot of money to win several games. Of course, he didn't mind it because as long as he could make Feng Yu happy and like him more, he would not mind losing several Yuan.

Xiao Tian had a lot of money, so a few Yuan was nothing to him. What he had in mind was how to make Feng Yu happy.

As long as she was happy, Lin Xing Xue would like him too. When he saw Feng Yu's smile, a memory from his past life appeared in his mind.

"Son, if you want to seduce a woman who is married and has children, you must win the hearts of their children too because, for them, their children are their soul mates." Huang Feng taught his son a lesson to seduce a married woman. "It can be said that their children are the key to their hearts. Even if they fall in love with you, but if their children don't like you, there is a high possibility that they will stop seeing you. Of course, if they do not have children does not mean they will be easier to be seduced. "

Due to how happy they were, they didn't realize that it was already 05:30 pm.

Xiao Tian suddenly found a good way to enjoy the city with Feng Yu and Lin Xing Xue.

"Lady Lin, how about we take a ride on the giant wheel. The sun is setting now so it's a good moment to enjoy the beauty of Shanghai from above." Xiao Tian then looked at Feng Yu. "Is not that right, little Yu?"

"Yes." Feng Yu also had the same thought as Xiao Tian. In her view, it would be exciting to enjoy the beautiful sunset from above with her mother and Xiao Tian.

"All right." because her daughter wanted to see the sunset from the giant wheel too, Lin Xing Xue immediately agreed.

Then Xiao Tian, Feng Yu, and Lin Xing Xue walked to the giant wheel. After queuing for about fifteen minutes, their turn to ride the giant wheel had finally arrived.

Because Xiao Tian wanted to make sure that they would stop when they were at the top, he walked toward the operator and gave him a tip.

At first, the operator only looked at Xiao Tian. Xiao Tian knew why the operator stared at him intently.

Then Xiao Tian explained to him why he wore a mask. He told the operator that he had an incident and injured his face. Now he was on a date with a girl he loved the most and hoped he could win her heart.

This made the operator refuse his money. But the reason he refused his money was that he felt sorry for Xiao Tian. He also told Xiao Tian to do his best and he would support Xiao Tian.

The corner of Xiao Tian's lips twitched after seeing the operator's behavior, but he said nothing about it. Then Xiao Tian, Feng Yu, and Lin Xing Xue rode the giant wheel.

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