Illicit Relationship Chapter 38

35 Dinner

Not long after that, she was coming out from her bedroom and when he saw her, he was stunned, he felt the world lost its color at that time.

She was wearing a black sleeveless cheongsam, black clothes were draped her neck, extending down to her bosom, her plump breast was standing upright under the black flexible cloth, with two points sticking out on the summit.

Her smooth back and shoulder, as well as her soft willow-like arms, were exposed outside. An open fork extended till her waist at the side of the skirt, exposing her snow white and slender thigh.

Her perfect round and ample butt were sticking up at an unimaginable angle, and her fine waist took the shape of a tempting curve.

She stood up elegantly and said " am I pretty? "

" un. Pretty and elegant " he said as he smiled. " as expected of my lover "

" thank you " she smiled beautifully

They immediately went to the dinner place. Along the way to the dinner place, every time they passed a man, they were always stealing glances at her.

Seeing that, he held her hand gave them a smug face and after seeing his smug face, they immediately cursing him in their head.

Feeling that Xiao Tian was holding her hand, she looked at him for a second before looking at the road again.

She was already getting used at how he always holding her hand when they were walking together so she didn't do or say something to him and let him holding her hand.

Not long after that, they had arrived at the dinner place. The dinner place was on the edge of the lake. They immediately went to the cashier and after that, one of the employees takes them to the place that Xiao Tian already booked.

It was an outdoor dinner place that he booked. The dinner place was simple, there was one long bamboo chair about one and a half meter with a table in front of it.

But what made it romantic was, on the ground, there was a different color of electric candle making a heart shape with the dinner table in the middle of that heart shape candle.

The was also one small electric candle on the middle of the table to make the dinner atmosphere more romantic. They sat on the bamboo chair and looked at the lake.

" How is it? do you like this place ? " he asked abruptly

" un, it's beautiful " she said as she nodded

He held her hand and smiled " I am glad you like it. "

Feeling him holding her hand again, she giggled and said " you really like holding a hand, don't you? "

" it's because the one I hold is your hand so I will never get enough, " he said honestly

" I know you'll say it " she said as she smiled

" look like I need to give the different answer next time. " he said as he smiled

" like what ? " she asked curiously

" secret " he winked

" hehe. What's this? Now you want to act mysterious? " she said as she giggled

" what are you talking about? I don't act mysterious. I already mysterious the moment I was born because mysterious is my middle name. my name is Xiao Mysterious Tian " he said jokingly

" hahaha. You're funny too sometime " she said as she laughed.

Not long after that, the employee was coming with the food and drink. the employee immediately left after placing the food and the drink on the table.

" You always know how to make a woman happy. " she said.

She suddenly leans her head on his shoulder and said " Xiao Tian "
for visiting.

He turned his head and said " hmm. what is it, little Xue? "

She opened her mouth but suddenly closed it again. it looked like she wanted to say something but decided to against it.

Looking at her like that, he held her hand and said lovingly " if you can't say it, I will wait until you can say it "

Hearing that with his loving voice, she decided to say it " why do you love me? "

He was stunned by that. he didn't know she suddenly wants to know about his feeling.

He smiled and said " I love you because I feel comfortable with you by my side. I love you because every cell of my body responds to your touch, to your look, to the way you move and the way you sound. I love you because something, inside me, directed me to you.... it's my soul and you are its mate. "

Hearing his answer, she was stunned. She looked at him seriously like she wants to know, was his words a lie or not. But looking at his eyes, she can feel his sincerity, honesty, and seriousness.

" but.." she was wavering at that time, she could feel that she already falling in love with him too but there was a lot of reason that makes her can't say the word ' I love you too '.

" there's no but. I know little Xue is still doubting me and I can understand it. I also know the age difference between us is huge but it can't stop me from loving you. If little Xue can't accept me today, I'll wait tomorrow, if tomorrow little Xue still can't accept me, I'll wait the day after tomorrow. Day, month, years, I can still wait until little Xue can fully accept me " he said with a loving voice.

" thank you Tian. " she said as she hugged his arm tightly. This was the first time she called him using only his birth name because she usually calling him with a full name.

Using his right hand, he took food with a spoon and fed her. She didn't reject it when he wanted to feed her. She only looked at him, smiled at him and ate the food.

They were eating the food using one spoon until a few minutes later they finished eating. She then sleeps on his lap while holding his hand.

She was happy that night and said " Tian, thank you for inviting me to have dinner with you "

" how about you reward me ? " he asked

" what do you want? " she asked curiously

" kiss " he said honestly

She smiled and said " alright "

He already kissed her many time so she one more time was no problem with her. Hearing she agreed, he brought his face closer and kissed her cherry lips.
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