Illicit Relationship Chapter 372

364 He Is Mr. Qing Feng Our Boss

Because Xiao Tian said that Liang Juan had seen his face before, all the branch managers didn't ask anymore.

"All right. let's get started." Because Xiao Tian didn't want to waste time, he wanted to start the meeting immediately.

All the branch managers then focused on Xiao Tian. None of them made a sound as if they were statues.

"First of all, let me introduce myself. I know you all already know about me from Liang Jun, but I will introduce myself officially." Xiao Tian was sure that they had known about him but he had to do that. "My name is Qing Feng, and I'm from Beijing."

All the branch managers were surprised when they knew that Xiao Tian was from Beijing because Liang Jun only told them the name of their boss.

"Secondly, I want to change the name of this company into Eternal Beauty company. And all branches will be named Eternal Beauty Clinic." The reason why Xiao Tian wanted to change it was that he was the owner of the company, not Hong family.

All the branch managers said nothing after hearing Xiao Tian's words because they had guessed that Xiao Tian would change the name of the company.

It was impossible not to change the name of the company because if he didn't change it, other people would still think that Hong Family was the owner of the company.

"Third." Xiao Tian looked at Ha Wang. "I don't want anyone to get a job at my company because they use connections, or give special treatment to one of the employees."

When Xiao Tian looked at him, Ha Wang felt his blood freeze. Now that Xiao Tian had said it in front of other branch managers, his reputation was already tarnished. However, because Xiao Tian was his boss, he could not do anything to Xiao Tian.

"Do you all understand?" Xiao Tian looked at all branch managers with coldness in his eyes.

All the branch managers shivered for a second when they saw Xiao Tian's eyes. "We understood, sir."

After hearing Xiao Tian's words, many of them began to think about how to stop having a secret relationship with their mistress in the company branch.

Xiao Tian then returned his attention to Ha Wang and said, "Manager Ha, this time, I will forgive you. But next time you do the same mistake, I will fire you immediately. Do you understand?"

"Understood, sir." Ha Wang was relieved when Xiao Tian still gave him a chance to work under him.

He then promised himself that he would never have a mistress in the company branch again. If he wanted a mistress, he would look for a woman who didn't work at Eternal Beauty Clinic.

"Last, don't you dare to betray me or else you will regret it." Xiao Tian had chosen to become a ruthless boss, so he decided to give them a threat. "But if you all work hard and loyal to me, I will not treat you all unfairly."

"We will remember it, sir." All the branch managers said in unison.

Then they talked for about an hour before finally, Xiao Tian ended the meeting. Because they still didn't have a laboratory and the company headquarters, Xiao Tian and Liang Jun left to find a place for laboratory and the company headquarters.

With Liang Jun's connection, they immediately found a good place for the laboratory and the company headquarters. Even though the building was not big, but Xiao Tian was satisfied. That was why he decided to rent it for a year.

After that, Liang Jun and Xiao Tian went to Bamboo Restaurant. Then Xiao Tian told Liang Jun to call the head of the cosmetic chemists.

Not long after that, a mature lady wearing glasses appeared in front of them. Anyone who saw her could tell that she was a clever lady.

"Please sit." Liang Jun said to the mature lady.

After the lady sat on the chair, she looked at Xiao Tian. She was curious about the person next to Liang Jun.

As if Liang Jun could read her mind, he immediately said, "He is Mr. Qing Feng, our boss."

Upon hearing Liang Jun's words, the mature lady immediately said, "Hello sir, my name is Mu Jia. It's my pleasure to meet you."

"I'm Qing Feng." Xiao Tian replied.

'That's all?'

Mu Jia said in her head after hearing his words.

Because Mu Jia was not invited to the meeting earlier, Liang Jun explained what they discussed in the previous meeting.

After Liang Jun finished explaining everything, Xiao Tian immediately said, "So how long does it take to make new skincare products?"

"We can launch it whenever you want, sir. Before all of us resigned from Hong Guan Ji's company, we had made new skincare products and were ready to launch it. But because Hong Guan Ji's company had a big problem, we could not do that." the reason Mu Jia dared to use their previous new product was that she believed that no cosmetic chemists were working under Hong Guan Ji's company anymore. "We have made several new skincare products like, facial cleansers, facial moisturizers, mask, and other things. we only need the ingredients."

"Good! You can buy it with Liang Jun later." Xiao Tian was pleased by this. Earlier, he thought he had to wait three to six months if his company wanted to launch a new skincare product. He didn't expect the goddess of luck was on his side. "Let's not launch all of them at once. Launch half of them. After the new skincare products have received a good response from the public, we will launch the other half of the products."

"Understand, sir." Even though Mu Jia had no idea as to why Xiao Tian didn't want to launch all the products at once, but she didn't ask about it because he was the boss. Her job was to do what she was told.

"We will announce the new name of the company and at the same time, we will launch our skincare products to the public." Xiao Tian though it was the perfect time to launch the new product because they would get public attention.

"Brilliant idea, sir." Liang Jun and Mu Jia said in unison.

Then they talked for several minutes before finally, Xiao Tian returned to his Stars Clothes company.


Wanhui District, Hong family house

Three people were sitting on the couch, two males and one woman. From the expression on their faces, anyone could tell that they were angry over something. Those people were none other than Hong Guan Ji, Hong Duan, and Yi Yi

"I don't care. I want my son to be released from prison tomorrow and I also Xiao Tian die as soon as possible." Yi Yi hated Xiao Tian to the bone because he had destroyed their family.

Her son was put in jail because Xiao Tian and her husband had also lost half of his company. Not only that, but all the important employees had also resigned. It would be difficult for their family to raise again.

"Yes, father. I want to teach Xiao Tian a lesson too." like his mother, Hong Duan also hated Xiao Tian very much.

Xiao Tian was only from a middle-class family and he dared to cause trouble to their family. And what he found hard to believe was that Xiao Tian succeeded in destroying his family.

Because Xiao Tian, they lost their status as an upper-class family and now they were only high middle-class family.

"I also want to beat him to death." Hong Guan Ji said with terrifying eyes. "But what should we do?"

"Easy." Hong Duan then whispered his plan to his parents.

"Let's do it like your plan." Hong Guan Ji and Yi Yi said in unison.

"Let's wait for the right time." Hong Duan said.

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