Illicit Relationship Chapter 371

363 You Will Regret Your Action Later

All of them immediately turned their heads toward the source of the sound. When Li Ke saw Ha Wang, she started to smirk because with him around, she could do whatever she wanted. "Manager Ha, kick them out of this company branch."

"Who dares to cause troub-" Ha Wang immediately stopped his words when he saw Liang Jun. "Mr, Liang, you have arrived?"

"Manager Ha, what are you doing? Hurry up and kick them out of here. They shou-" before Li Ke had finished her words,Ha Wang slapped her face.


The sound of slapping could be heard in their ears.

Li Ke was dumbfounded by this. Until now, Ha Wang had never behaved like that when she was with him. He always treated her nicely and never said no to her words.

This was the first time Ha Wang did something like that. Not only did he ignore her words, but he even slapped her face in front of other people.

With her left hand on her cheeks, she shot a glance at Ha Wang. "What are you doing? Why did you slap my face?"


Instead of immediately giving her an answer, Ha Wang slapped her in the face again.

This made Li Ke furious and said angrily. "Ha Wang, what the hell are you doing? What did I do wrong?"

"Do you know who they are?" Ha Wang shouted. "He is director Liang Jun. Do you want me to get fired?"

At this moment, Li Ke realized that she was doomed. She didn't expect what Liang Juan had said to her was the truth.

Not only did she not believe their words, but she even wanted to kick Xiao Tian and Liang Jun out of the company branch.

Not only Li Ke, but the security guards were also shocked. Earlier Xiao Tian had said that he was the owner of the company branch, but they didn't believe his words.

This made the security guards look at Xiao Tian in fear. They were afraid they would lose their job because they had offended the big boss.

Ha Wang then looked at Liang Jun and said, "Sir, who is the person next to you?"

"He is Mr. Qing Feng, the owner of this company branch." Liang Jun then pointed his index finger toward Li Ke. "Manager Ha, who is this woman?"

"She is" Ha Wang didn't know what to say. He was afraid if he told Liang Jun the truth, his position as branch manager would be threatened. For this reason, he decided to lie. "She is only an employee with low status."

"Ha Wang, you bastard!" Li Ke was furious when Ha Wang said that she was only an employee with low status. They had a secret relationship for several months and he always said that he would do whatever she wanted.

Last night when they slept together, he also said that he would teach anyone a lesson if they dared to cause trouble for her.

"Shut up, bitch!" Ha Wang shouted at Li Ke. He had to do that because he didn't want to lose his job. Even though he was only a branch manager, but because it was from a famous company, he got a high salary.


Li Ke slapped Ha Wang in the face very hard.

Usually, Ha Wang always said that she was pretty and had a nice body. Now when she was in trouble, not only did he not help her, but he even called her bitch.

This made Li Ke could not hold back her anger anymore. "Asshole, what did you say?"

At this moment, Xiao Tian, Liang Jun, and the security guards only looked at them. Xiao Tian and Liang Jun wanted to know what Ha Wang would do to Li Ke.

She was an employee with low status but she dared to behave mightily as if she had a high status in the company branch.

Ha Wang found it hard to believe that Li Ke dared to slap him in the face. She even did it in front of their boss.

All this time, he always treated her nicely and gave her whatever she wanted. He had bought her a nice bag, clothes, and many other things. He just didn't expect that she would embarrass him in front of his boss.

For this reason, Ha Wang slapped Li Ke's face again, causing her to fall to the floor. "Leave!"

Li Ke looked at Ha Wang as she gritted her teeth. She was furious. However, because she could not do anything at that moment, she only stood up and left. "You will regret your action later!"

Ha Wang didn't care about her threat and immediately looked at Xiao Tian, "Sir, let's head to the meeting room."

Xiao Tian looked at the security guards and said coldly, "Next time, use your head before doing something. This time, I forgive your mistakes, but next time, you two will regret it. Remember this!"

"Yes." the security guards answered in unison. They were relieved when Xiao Tian didn't fire them for their mistakes.

Then they headed to the meeting room.

When Xiao Tian stepped into the meeting room, he saw nineteen people sitting on the chair. They were around twenty-seven to thirty-five years old.

The meeting room was quite big with a long table in the middle of it. When the branch managers saw Xiao Tian, the expression of deep shock emerged in their faces.

They knew that he was their boss, but they didn't expect that Xiao Tian would be wearing a mask. Of course, they knew Xiao Tian wanted to hide his identity.

However, what they didn't understand was why Xiao Tian wanted to hide his identity. He was the owner of twenty branches.

It was something that should have made him proud. And here Xiao Tian decided to hide his identity. But none of them dared to complain because they were afraid of the consequences.

Then Xiao Tian and Liang Jun sat on the chair which had been prepared for both of them.

After sitting on the chair, Xiao Tian immediately said, "I know all of you are curious why I'm wearing a mask, but I have a reason for this. You only need to know that I'm your boss."

This time, Xiao Tian didn't want to become a kind leader like before, but he chose to be a ruthless leader because he wanted to make them afraid of him so that they would think twice if they wanted to betray him later.

One of the managers immediately said, "Sir, what should we do when someone wearing a mask tells us to do something in the future? We don't know your identity or face, so as long as they wear masks, they can pretend to be you. It's not that we want to force you to show your face to us, but we just want to know who our boss is."

"Good question." Xiao Tian also had the same thought. "Remember this. Every time I want you all to do something, I will tell Liang Jun because he is the one who will tell you all about it. If I want to meet you all, I will bring Liang Jun with me, so if someone wearing a mask telling all of you to do something, don't believe it."

"I'm sorry for saying this but does the director know your face, sir?" one of the branch managers said.

"He has seen my face." Xiao Tian answered immediately.

"Mr. Qing is the one who saved my family, so I know him." Liang Jun added.

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