Illicit Relationship Chapter 366

358 Stop It You Are Hurting Xin Er

From the voice, everyone knew it was Yun Xin Er. When she found out that her parents went to Xiao Tian's company, she immediately traveled to his company too.

Yun Xin Er knew that her mother would cause trouble to Xiao Tian because her mother didn't like Xiao Tian.

When she saw his expression, Yun Xin Er understood that her mother had caused trouble to Xiao Tian. but she was pleased because it seemed like Xiao Tian was able to hold back his anger.

This made Yun Xin Er love him even more. "Mother, stop it! Can you stop judging people based on their family status?"

"Xin Er, this is for you, not for us." Nalan Jiangge replied. "I don't want you to suffer after marriage later. That is why I always introduce you to young masters from upper-class families because I'm sure they can make you happy."

"No." Yun Xin Er shook her head. "A marriage without love is meaningless. It's more painful than a marriage without money."

Yun Xin Er dared to say something like that because she knew some people who got married for money and almost all of them divorced after being married for a few months or their lives were unhappy. That was why Yun Xin Er didn't want to get married if not with the person she loved.

"Shut up!" Nalan Jiangge was unhappy after hearing her daughter's words. "I did all of this for you, not us."

"No." Yun Xin Er replied. "The reason you want me to get married to a young master from upper-class families is that you want to raise our family status."

"You, unfilial daughter! How dare you accuse your mother like this." Nalan Jiangge pointed her index finger at Yun Xin Er.

"Hey, stop it! Don't fight here! This is not our place. Are you two not ashamed?" Yun Wuji didn't expect that his wife and daughter would still fight in front of other people.

Because Xiao Tian didn't want Yun Xin Er to fight with her mother, he rose from the couch and walked toward her. "Big sister Yun, don't fight with your mother. She is still your mother."

"But" Yun Xin Er also didn't want to fight with her mother but her mother always kept making her angry. "But"

"It's fine." Xiao Tian said.

At this moment, Yun Wuya liked Xiao Tian even more after knowing his behavior. Yun Wuya was sure if it was another people, they would have been angry with Nalan Jiangge because she had been humiliating Xiao Tian since they met.

Yun Wuya knew that Xiao Tian was furious but still, he tried his best to hold back his anger. It was rare for young people to be able to control their anger like Xiao Tian.

Usually, young people tended not to be able to control their emotions. However, Xiao Tian was different. This made Yun Wuya surprised and amazed at the same time.

'No wonder he can be a successful person at a young age.'

Yun Wuya believed one of the reasons Xiao Tian could be a successful person at a young age was that he could control his emotions.

A businessman who could not control his emotions would always complain if his company was having problems. That was why most people who could not control their emotions, would not succeed in their careers

"It's fine." Xiao Tian said. "One day, I will prove to your mother that I can raise my family status into an upper-class family."

Upon hearing his words and seeing the expression on his face, Yun Xin Er immediately said, "All right."

In China, if anyone wanted to become an upper-class family, they had to have a net worth of at least three hundred million Yuan.

The standard of the rich people in this world was far higher than in his previous life. Someone with a net worth of 600,000-100,000,000 Yuan would only be categorized as a middle-class family, and someone who had a net worth of less than 500,000 Yuan would be categorized as a lower-class family.

Each family class was also divided into three sub classes. For example, someone who had a net worth of less than 100,000 Yuan, that person would be categorized as a low lower-class family.

Someone with a net worth of 150,000-300,000 Yuan would be categorized as mid low-class family. They needed to have a net worth of 350,000-500,000 Yuan if they wanted to be categorized as high lower-class family.

Someone with a net worth of 600,000 -5.000,000 Yuan would be categorized as a low middle-class family and someone with a net worth of 6,000,000 50,000,000 Yuan, would be categorized as mid middle-class family.

For people who wanted to be categorized as a high middle-class family, they needed to have a net worth of 60,000,000-100,000,000 Yuan

It was the same with an upper-class family. Someone with a net worth of 150,000,000500,000,000 Yuan would be categorized as a low upper-class family.

Someone with a net worth of 500,000,000 I,000,000,000 Yuan would only be categorized as mid upper-class family. They needed to have a net worth of more than 1 billion Yuan if they want to be categorized as high upper-class family.

In Shanghai, there were 27 million population with about seven million families from middle-class families and countless families from lower-class families.

There were twenty-five upper-class families in Shanghai, but more than half of them were from low upper-class families.

Previously there were twenty-four upper-class families in shanghai, but since Yun Xin Er became one of the most famous singers in the whole of China and had a close relationship with the successor of Li family, Yun family business grew rapidly. For this reason, Yun family became an upper-class family, or more precisely, low upper-class family.

Because Xiao Tian got money from Hong Guan Ji, now he was categorized as a high middle-class family. Xiao Tian needed to have another 70,000,000 Yuan if he wanted to be categorized as a low upper-class family.

Actually, the twenty branches that he got from the company owned by Hong Guan Ji were worth more than 100,000,000 Yuan.

That could make him instantly become an upper-class family, but Xiao Tian didn't want to tell them about it because he was sure they would know the reason he got the company owned by Hong Guan Ji.

Xiao Tian believed they would not believe him if he said he bought those twenty branches. There were several reasons for it.

First, Xiao Tian's company was in a crisis a few days ago, so it was not possible to tell the public that he bought twenty branches of Hong Guan Ji's company because everyone would be suspicious of him later.

Second, Xiao Tian and the Hong family were enemies. Those were two of several reasons why Xiao Tian could not tell anyone about it and decided to hide his identity.

"You have said it yourself!" upon hearing Xiao Tian's words, Nalan Jiangge found a way to keep Xian away from her daughter, so she didn't want to let the opportunity to slip away because she wanted Yun Xin Er's future husband at least from mid upper-class families. "From today onwards, don't you dare to meet my daughter if your family is not an upper-class family. Your family status has to be at lease mid upper-class family if you want to meet my daughter. After that, we can talk again. Dear, Xin Er, let's go"

"No." when Nalan Jiangge grabbed her hands and wanted to drag her out of Xiao Tian's office, Yun Xin Er freed her hands from her mother's grasp. "I will keep meeting him even though he is from a middle-class family. I don't want to separate from him."

Nalan Jiangge grabbed her daughter's hands again and said, "You should remember our family status. He is not worthy of you. There are many people who are better than him. Just forget him already!"

Nalan Jiangge believed Xiao Tian would not be able to raise his family status to an upper-class family. That was why she wanted her daughter to forget him.

Xiao Tian gritted his teeth. He was really furious with Nalan Jiangge's behavior. He didn't expect that she would treat her daughter like that.

And from their behavior, Xiao Tian guessed that Yun Xin Er and Nalan Jiangge were not close. But because Nalan Jiangge was Yun Xin Er's mother, he still tried to hold back his anger.

However, when Xiao Tian saw Nalan Jiangge kept hurting Yun Xin Er by grasping her hands hard and dragging her, Xiao tian shouted, "Stop it! You are hurting Xin Er!"

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