Illicit Relationship Chapter 365

357 Can You Live Only With Love? That Is Bullshit

Xiao Tian was unhappy when two people suddenly entered his office as they pleased. "Who are you?"

Like Xiao Tian, Nalan Jiangge was unhappy when she saw Xiao Tian. "Are you Xiao Tian?"

Because Yun Wuya didn't want her wife to cause trouble in Xiao Tian's office, he immediately said, "Jiangge, this is not our place. You have to be polite to him.'

"Why do I have to do that?" Nalan Jiangge had no idea why her husband still behaved kindly toward Xiao Tian. "Because of him, our daughter's reputation was tarnished. Luckily director Li had cleaned up his mess."

Xiao Tian finally understood that they were Yun Xin Er's parents. Even though Xiao Tian was unhappy because they suddenly entered his office, but he tried his best to hold back his anger.

Xiao Tian didn't want to have problems with Yun Xin Er's parents. "As for information, I'm the one who posted the video on the internet, and I have solved the problem now."

"Liar!" Nalan Jiangge thought Li Wen was the one who posted the video of Hong Guan Ji on the internet. That was why she was furious. "It was director Li, not you."

"It's me. If you don't believe it, you can ask director Li yourself." if they were not Yun Xin Er's parents, Xiao Tian would have kicked them out of his company because he didn't like her behavior.

He was having a bad day and here, Nalan Jiangge wanted to make him lose his patience. But when he remembered Yun Xin Er, he kept telling himself to be patient.

"Young man, is that true?" Yun Wuya inquired. "Is that you who solved the problem? Not director Li?"

"It's me the one who solved the problem." Xiao Tian really liked Yun Wuya's behavior. For this reason, Xiao Tian rose from his seat and walked toward them. "Uncle, I'm sorry for causing trouble to your daughter."

Actually, Xiao Tian wanted to apologize to Nalan Jiangge too, but after remembering her attitude, he decided to only apologize to Yun Wuya.

In his view, he was already kind enough not to get angry at Nalan Jiangge and kick her out of his company. That was why he didn't apologize to her.

"It's fine." Yun Wuya was a little surprised when Xiao Tian suddenly apologized to him. Of course, he understood why Xiao Tian only apologized to him.

"You!" Nalan Jiangge was furious because Xiao Tian didn't apologize to her. "You should apologize to me too!"

Xiao Tian looked at Nalan Jiangge for about five seconds before he finally spoke in a monotonous tone. "I'm sorry."

Xiao Tian was not good at dealing with other people's parents. In his previous life, because his father was the wealthiest person in Beijing, everyone always smiled and treated him nicely.

Every time he went to his girlfriend's house, their parents always had a smile on their faces. Now because he was only from a middle-class family, he knew that Nalan Jiangge would not behave like that.

Xiao Tian even believed that she would forbid him from seeing Yun Xin Er again because, in her view, Xiao Tian didn't deserve Yun Xin Er.

"What is the meaning of your monotone voice?" Nalan Jiangge pointed her index finger toward Xiao Tian. "You are only from a middle-class family and you dare to behave like this to me? Do you know who I am?"

As I thought, she is a person who judges people based on family status. Xiao Tian thought to himself.

Xiao Tian ignored Nalan Jiangge and looked at Yun Wuya. "Uncle, please sit."

"You!" Nalan Jiangge found it hard to believe that Xiao Tian still dared to ignore her.

"Thank you." Yun Wuya dragged his wife and sat on the couch.

"Xiao Tian, stop seeing my daughter from today onwards." Nalan Jiangge told Xiao Tian her main purpose for coming to his company. "You should know your place. You are only from a middle-class family and my daughter is one of the most famous singers in the whole of China. And we are from an upper-class family too."

Because Xiao Tian didn't want to have a fight with Nalan Jiangge, he looked at Yun Wuya and said, "Uncle, I have never seen you before. Don't you live with big sister Yun?"

Even though Xiao Tian's behavior was rude because he ignored her wife, but Yun Wuya knew it was because Xiao Tian didn't want to fight with her wife. "We have live sepe-"

Before Yun Wuya had finished his words, Nalan Jiangge hit the table with her fist.


The sound of her hitting the table could be heard in their ears.

"Jiangge, what are you doing?" Yun Wuya was unhappy with his wife's behavior.

He knew that she didn't like Xiao Tian, but if she always behaved rudely, it would create another problem.

Yun Wuya thought it would be better to talk with a calm mind rather than using violence. Maybe with that, they would know that Xiao Tian was not as bad as they thought.

"Wuya, why aren't you saying anything? Don't tell me you agree with their relationship?" Nalan Jiangge had no idea why her husband never said anything to Xiao Tian. "He is from a middle-class family. He doesn't deserve our daughter."

"Aunt, yo-" before Xiao Tian had finished his words, he was interrupted by Nalan Jiangge.

"Don't call me aunt." Nalan Jiangge said angrily. "You don't deserve to call me aunt."

"It's true that I'm from a middle-class family now, but we don't know what will happen in the future." Because Nalan Jiangge always said middle-class families and upper-class families, Xiao Tian decided to defend himself.

At first, he wanted to keep ignoring her, but in his view, if he kept ignoring her, she would continue humiliating him.

"Future? Are you sure your family status will be an upper-class family in the future?" Nalan Jiangge thought it was impossible for Xiao Tian to improve his family status to an upper-class family. That was why she said something like that. "My daughter is pretty and famous. There are many young masters from upper-class families who want to become my daughter's boyfriend. And you don't deserve her."

"Jiangge! Can you stop judging people only based on their family status?" Yu Wuya didn't want Xiao Tian to think that they only cared about money. That was why he tried to stop his wife from saying family status.

"Why? Is it wrong? Money is important! Can you live only with love? That is bullshit! We need money to live, not love." Nalan Jiangge thought Xiao Tian was a naive person who thought that it was fine to have a relationship with Yun Xin Er as long as he loved her.

Yun Wuya knew what his wife had just said was also right but from what she said, money was everything. He disagreed with it. "Can you stop saying upper-class families and middle-class families? You are like a gold digger if you behave like this!"

"Why are you defending him?" Nalan Jiangge found it hard to believe that his husband still hadn't supported her. "You should tell him too! Tell him not to see our daughter anymore."

Xiao Tian really wanted to slap her with money but because he knew they had more money than him, he decided not to do that.

Nalan Jiangge returned her attention to Xiao Tian again. "You shoul-"

"Stop!" a voice suddenly rang out

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