Illicit Relationship Chapter 363

355 Hey I Want A Kiss Too

"Don't worry, if you can handle a high position job, I will promote you later. Or you can ask Shi Fei to teach you working as a manager." Actually, Xiao Tian didn't have the heart to give her a low position but because she only had experience working as low-status employees, he could not give her a high position in his company.

"I will teach her how to work as a manager later." Shi Fei, who just finished bathing, said.

"Good!" Xiao Tian agreed with it. Shi Fei had experience working as a manager and her work was good too, so it was the best choice to make Liu Ning learn from Shi Fei. "I will count on you."

"Thank you, big sister Fei." Liu Ning was pleased after hearing Shi Fei's words. "And you should wear clothes first."

"Why? Little brother had seen my body many times, and I'm not naked, you know." Currently, Shi Fei was only wearing a towel but because the towel was short, her pussy was almost visible to them.

"But still.." Liu Ning didn't know what to say to make Shi Fei immediately wear clothes.

Suddenly Shi Fei thought of something. With this on her mind, she giggled and stood in front of Xiao Tian.

Shi Fei then grabbed the towel which was covering her pussy and said, "Little brother, do you want to see my pussy?"

Xiao Tian didn't answer and only looked at her hands. He just didn't expect that Shi Fei would tease him like that.

Of course, Xiao Tian didn't mind to see her beautiful vagina if she really wanted to show it to him. But he would not say it to her.

"You want to see, right?" when Shi Fei saw the expression on Xiao Tian's face, she knew that Xiao Tian wanted to see her pussy.

But what disappointed her was that he said nothing. Usually, Xiao Tian would tease her and immediately take off her towel if she teased him like that, but now he did nothing.

Of course, Shi Fei was also delighted by this because she could tease him as she pleased. Then Shi Fei raised her towel slowly until a little part of her pussy was visible to Xiao Tian's eyes. "Now tell me, do you want to see my vagina?"

And like before, Xiao Tian didn't say anything, but he could not take his eyes off her pussy. Even though he had seen her pussy last night, but when Shi Fei teased him like that, Xiao Tian wanted to see it again.

When Liu Ning saw what Shi Fei was doing, she immediately grabbed Xiao Tian's head and pulled it into her chest, "Big sister Fei, stop it! and wear clothes quickly."

"Ning, you are not fun." Shi Fei then walked toward her room to wear clothes.

When Shi Fei left, Liu Ning stopped pulling Xiao Tian's head and said, "She really doesn't know the meaning of shy."

At this moment, Xiao Tian looked at Liu Ning in the eyes. However, he didn't say anything and only looked at her.

"Tian'er what is wron-" when Liu Ning saw the expression on Xiao Tian's face, she immediately stopped her words.

Liu Ning knew that Xiao Tian wanted to kiss her. For this reason, she closed her eyes to give him a sign that it was fine to kiss her.

Then Xiao Tian slowly brought his face closer towards hers before finally, their lips met. He didn't immediately kiss her passionately and only pressed his lips against hers.

However, when he saw her beautiful face, he suddenly desired to have a French kiss with her. That was why Xiao Tian opened his mouth and tried to put his tongue in her mouth.

Liu Ning didn't open her eyes when she felt Xiao Tian's tongue trying to enter her little mouth. She only opened her mouth to give his tongue a way to enter her mouth.

As they were kissing passionately, Liu Ning slowly opened her eyes. When she saw his black eyes, she felt as if she were sinking into the dark night. Coupled with how skilled Xiao Tian was using his tongue, made the flame of lust begin to appear within her body.

This made Liu Ning wrap her slender arms around his neck, and slowly tilt her head to the left and right.

It was not only Liu Ning, but Xiao Tian also felt the flame of lust begin consuming his body. For this reason, Xiao Tian bent over, causing them to fall on the couch.

When Xiao Tian was on top of her body, he didn't stop the kiss; instead, it made him want to kiss her even more.

Even though they always stopped the kiss every fifty seconds, but they immediately had passionately kiss again as if they were addicted to one another.

They kissed hungrily for more than five minutes before finally, a voice rang out, "Hey, I want a kiss too."

This made Liu Ning and Xiao Tian stop the kiss and look at the source of the voice. As if they were still not satisfied kissing each other, Liu Ning and Xiao Tian kissed passionately again.

Even though Shi Fei also wanted to have a French kiss with Xiao Tian, she didn't stop them; instead, she squatted down and looked at what they were doing from a close range.

"Hehe. Both of you have a lewd face." Shi Fei suddenly wondered whether she also had a lewd expression whenever she had a passionate kiss with Xiao Tian or not. "Look! Your saliva is dripping down from the corner your mouth."

This time, Xiao Tian and Liu Ning were kissing longer than before. They had a passionate kiss for more than a minute. This greatly surprised Shi Fei because earlier, she thought they would stop after kissing for several seconds, but she was wrong.

Shi Fei kept looking at them until finally, they stopped the kiss. And when she noticed Xiao Tian looking at her, her eyes shone brightly, "Is it my turn now?"

Xiao Tian then sat on the couch and tapped his lap, "Come and sit on my lap."

With a smile on her face, Shi Fei did what she was told. And then Xiao Tian and Shi Fei kissed passionately too.

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