Illicit Relationship Chapter 36

33 I Miss You

After Xiao Tian finished eating breakfast, he wanted to immediately leave but his mother suddenly says something to him.

" where do you want to go ? " said his mother

" mother, I need to go to someplace. " he said as he waved a goodbye

" alright, be careful. " said his mother as she smiled

He immediately walking toward Lin Xing Xue's house and after a few minutes walking, he finally arrived at her house.

Seeing she was closing her house's door, he wanted to surprise her by walking quietly but it seemed she already aware that he was behind her.

Knowing he was behind her, she turned around and said " hm..What are you doing here so early in the morning? "

He stopped walking in front of her and said " little Xue. I miss you "

" you're coming here so early in the morning only to say it ? " she said

" un. Not seeing you for a few days, making every piece of me aches for you so I immediately coming to your home to see you because if I'm not seeing you right now, I think I'm going crazy from missing you " he said

" it's still early in the morning and you already trying to seduce me? " she said as she smiled

He held her hands and looked at her eyes " little Xue, I'm not trying to seduce you, I really miss you so much "

" is that so? I want to know how much ' this much ' you're talking about " she asked as she giggled

" if I had a flower for every time I think about you and how much I miss you, then I'd be walking forever in an endless garden " he said as he looked at her eyes.

" You really know how to please woman, huh. It seems your future girlfriend will be lucky to have you as a boyfriend " she said as she smiled

" of course, you'll be lucky because I'll do anything to make you happy. " he said proudly

" Why did you bring me into it ? " she asked

" because you're my future girlfriend. " he said

" Are you sure I'll become your lover in the future ?" she asked as she giggled
for visiting.

" of courwait. How about we become officially lover right now ? " he said

" did you say something earlier? sorry, I can't hear you." she said as she pretending to hear nothing.

" can't hear me huh. " he said, then he continued " little Xue how about we just come inside your home and do shake-shake-ah thing right now. Just take a day off today. "

" heyyy " she shouted

" hahahahahha. Didn't you say you didn't hear me? Why did you suddenly can hear me now? " he said as he laughed

" youbully " she said as she hit him

" hahahaha. I'm joking. I'm joking " he said as he laughed hard " but I have no idea little Xue understand the meaning of shake-shake-ah thing I'm talking about. Wait, don't tell me... little Xue, you.."

knowing he wanted to say something she didn't want to hear, she immediately said " what are you thinking about? I don't understand the shake-shake-ah thing you're talking about "

" Really ? " he asked with a smug face

" of course. I just hear it today, from you " she said as she turned her head to another side to avoid his gaze

" if you don't know, why did you suddenly shout when I say shake-shake-ah thing ? " he asked as he teased her.

" did I just shout? I think you heard it wrong. ah maybe it's neighbored " she denied shamelessly

" oh. is that so? look like I have to say it again " he said

" Xiao Tian.. stop bullying me. " she said with a scowl

" hahahahahhaa " he laughed

after a few seconds, he decided to stop teasing her and said " little Xue, there's something on your hair "

Using her right hand, she touched her hair and said " where is it? "

He raised his right hand and touched her hair near her right ear " here "

" what is it ? " she asked

He was clenching his right hand so she can't see it but after he opened his finger one by one, a beautiful necklace could be seen on his palm and that necklace had a silver heart shape.

Seeing the beautiful necklace on his palm, she didn't know what to say. She had no idea that he would surprise her today, she thought he only wanted to tease her like he usually did.

" it's beautiful. is it for me ? " she asked

" un. A beautiful necklace for a beautiful lady " he said as he smiled

She took the necklace and see it carefully. She was fascinated by the beauty of the necklace and after looking at the necklace for a few seconds, she immediately hugged him and said " thank you Xiao Tian "

He hugged her back and said " I'm glad you like it "

" un. I like it very much. It's beautiful " she said

He let go of his hug and said " let me help you put it on "

" un " she nodded

Using her right hand, she lifted the ends of her hair so he can put the necklace easily. after putting the necklace on her neck, he turned her body around, making her face him.

He touched her shoulder and said " little Xue, you're beautiful "

" thank you " she said as she smiled

After that, they looked at each other's eyes for a few seconds before he brought his face closer to her face. seeing he brought his face closer to her face, she knew what he wanted to do and began closing her eyes, ready to accept his kiss and felt it. after that, they were kissing for about five seconds at that time, a kiss with a full of love.

After he kissed her, he held her hand and said" let's go, if not you'll be late for work "

" we're holding hands to my work? ' she asked shyly

" why not, we are lovers so it's natural for lovers to hold hands while they are walking right ? " he said as he looked at her

" but I still haven't agreed to become your lover. " she said

" but I know the time you become my lover is already near. " he said as he smiled

" you're overconfident. " she said as she giggled

" it's not overconfident, it's called determination," he said

" Why did you always know how to answer everything ? " she asked curiously

" well, if someone is talking with a beautiful lady like you, I'm sure they'll also know how to say something like that too." he said

" oh.. is that so ? " she asked

" of course...not " he laughed

" hateful " she said as she hit him. She then continued " alright, let's go "

Walking while holding hands, he smiled and said " little Xue, how about we have a dinner tonight"

"why did suddenly you invite me dinner ?" she said

" well I want to spend time with you in a beautiful place so we can make beautiful memories together. " he said as he pinched her nose

" You always pinch my nose. What if something happened to my nose " she said as she rubbing her nose

" then I will take responsibility and marry you. " he said as he smiled

" you even still haven't become my lover and you already want to marry me ? " she asked

" why not? Is there a rule that I can't marry you just because I still haven't become your lover ? " he asked

" no. but we need to do things step by step " she said

" Alright, alright. We'll do everything step by step " he said as he smiled

" good. I like it " she said as she smiled

They continued walking while holding hand and of course, he always teased her and trying to seduce her all the time.

Without knowing it, they had arrived at her workplace, because she would've felt shy if her coworkers saw her holding hands with a young man, she was trying to let his hand go but it was too late because one of her co-workers already saw them holding hands

" miss Lin, who is he? your boyfriend? " asked one of her co-workers

" what are you talking about ? " she said

" eehhh. but you are holding hand while walking to work " said her co-worker

At this time Xiao Tian didn't remain silent because this was a chance so he said as he smiled " that's right, I am her boyfriend. Please take care of my lover at her workplace "

He suddenly felt someone pinched his waist and he knew it was Lin Xing Xue. She wanted to say something but his hands immediately covering her mouth so she can't say anything

" oh. miss Lin. Your boyfriend is handsome and he is young too " said her co-worker

Lin Xing Xue glancing at him but he treated it like he saw nothing. He then smiled " thank you, big sister "

" Miss Lin, can you tell me your secret to get a boyfriend like him ? " said her co-worker as she pointed her finger at Xiao Tian

Lin Xing Xue already couldn't say anything and could only sigh. At this time Xiao Tian felt like a winner on some competition, with this he succeeded to tell everyone that Lin Xing Xue already has a boyfriend.

" let's not talk about this and get to work. If the manager knows, she will be angry at us " said Lin Xing Xue and she dragged her co-worker to the workplace

" fight on, my love " said Xiao Tian as he shouted

Lin Xing Xue sighed and said " alright alright. Just go "

" un " he nodded

And with that the whole shop knew that Lin Xing Xue has a boyfriend, he is a handsome young man. some of the women were happy for her and others were envious
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