Illicit Relationship Chapter 359

351 Well Done

Before Xiao Tian and his underlings left, Xiao Tian looked at Liang Jun and said, "I will be waiting for good news in my company."

"I will make it as quickly as possible." Liang Jun replied instantly.

"Good!" then Xiao Tian and his underlings left.

At this moment, Liang Jun and Liang Rong still remembered Xiao Tian's scary face. When Xiao Tian was invited by Rising Star TV show, he was like a kind person, but the Xiao Tian they saw earlier was different from Xiao Tian on TV.

Because there was no point in staying at Zong Chaihe's villa, Liang Jun turned his head toward his little sister and immediately said, "Let's go home."

"All right." Liang Rong nodded her head.


Because Shi Fei's friends wanted to apply for a job, Xiao Tian immediately traveled to his company. After several minutes of driving, Xiao Tian arrived at his company.

When Xiao Tian was about to enter his office, Shi Fei, who was seeing him, immediately dashed toward him. "Little brother, you have come?"

"Yes," Xiao Tian replied. "Are your friends already here?"

"Yes. there are in my office right now." Shi Fei then cupped his face before finally, forcing him to smile. "Your face is too stiff. You are more handsome if you smile."

Xiao Tian looked at Shi Fei for about five seconds before finally, he smiled. However, his smile was not as dazzling as his usual smile.

Shi Fei knew Xiao Tian had many problems lately so she didn't mind it. She just hoped he would return to his usual self quickly. "If you want to talk to me, you can call me anytime. Don't endure the problem alone because I'm here. Whatever happens, I will always support you. You are not alone, little brother."

"Thank you, Fei" Xiao Tian felt lucky to have Shi Fei because she didn't add a problem to him.

Shi Fei kissed Xiao Tian's forehead before walking toward her office, "I will bring my friends to your office now."

Xiao Tian then entered his office and sat on the couch. He was really curious about what kind of person Shi Fei's friends were.

Not long after that, Shi Fei and two of her friends entered his office.

Xiao Tian then lifted his sight toward them. One of her friends had an adorable face while the other had a quite pretty face.

Shi Fei then put her friend's resume on the table. "Little brother, these are their resume."

Xiao Tian then took the resume and began to read it. He was pleasantly surprised after reading their resume.

Even though previously Shi Fei's friends worked in a small company, but they both worked as managers. Xiao Tian thought they were low-status employees in the previous company. This made Xiao Tian happy because they were capable people.

'Little brother?'

Shi Fei's underlings were surprised at how Shi Fei called her boss. How could their leader call Xiao Tian little brother? was not Xiao Tian the boss? and what surprised them most was that Xiao Tian didn't mind it as if their leader always called him like that.

Xiao Tian then put their resume and said, "Fu Jiyi, Bi Yu, you two are hired to work here."

"Thank you, boss." Fu Jiyi and Bi Yu said in unison.

"I know that you two worked as managers at the previous company, but you two have to work from the bottom again here. But don't worry, if I am satisfied with your work, I will promote you two as managers again later." Xiao Tian planned to make them work as managers if Liang Jun succeeds in taking over Zong Chaihe's company because that was the best choice for them. "Fei, take them to their workplaces."

"Let's go." Shi Fei said.

Then Shi Fei, Fu Juyi, and Bi Yu left.

As Xiao Tian was working, something big happened. A video about the bad things Zong Chihe had been doing all this time, spread on the internet.

This made Xiao Tian smirk. He didn't expect that Liang Jun would make his move this fast. Of course, Xiao Tian was pleased by this because this meant, he would get Zong Chaihe's company quickly.

After the videos spread on the internet, the company took a big blow. The people who wanted to buy clothes decided not to do that.

Many people also started to hate Zong Chaihe, especially the families of the victims. Until now, they didn't dare to reveal it to the public because they were afraid of Zong Chaihe.

That was why they felt grateful to whoever posted the videos on the internet. Because everything was exposed on the internet, the families of the victims ventured to go to the police station to report what Zong Chaihe had done to them all the time.

Soon, four police officers came to Zong Chaihe's villa to arrest him. The police officers were surprised when they saw Zong Chaihe's condition.

Because it was a perfect time to put Zong Chaihe in prison longer, Liang Jun and Liang Rong told the police officers everything.

When Zong Chaihe was brought to the police station, almost all the major shareholders sold their shares. They thought there was no point in continuing to invest in Zong Chaihe's company.

With how big the scandal was, All major shareholders believed that they would lose more of their money if they didn't sell their shares.

With his connection in the company, Liang Jun could make Zong Chaihe's company go bankrupt in a single day. Not only that, but he could also even make Zong Chaiher's company belong to Xiao Tian.

"Not bad." Xiao Tian, who saw the news on the internet, smiled evilly. "Now, your company will be mine. All the results of your hard work will be mine."

With this, Xiao Tian believed that Liang Jun would meet him later. And what he had guessed was right because the day after the scandal, Liang Jun came to Xiao Tian's company.

"Mr. Xiao Tian, all you need to do is sign these documents and Zong Chaihe's company will be yours." Liang Jun put the documents on the table.

After Xiao Tian read all documents, he was satisfied. In the documents, it was stated that Zong Chaihe sold his company to Xiao Tian. "Well done!"

"Thank you. This is what I can do as a sign of gratitude for saving us yesterday." Liang Jun immediately replied. "We just need to announce that you have bought Zong Chaihe's company to the public."

"Is there an internal problem in the company?" Xiao Tian inquired.

"No. Using my status as a general manager, and take advantage of the situation, I have everything under control." Because he used his connection and many of his friends had a high status, it was not hard to control everything, especially after the scandal.

Even many of the employees immediately resigned because they thought it would be meaningless to continue working at Zong Chaihe's company. They thought that Zong Chaihe's company was over.

"Because I'm satisfied with your work, I will hire you as director in my other company." Xiao Tian thought it was not a bad idea to hire Liang Jun as director in his other company because Liang Jun had experience working as a general manager.

"Director?" Liang Jun said in surprise.

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