Illicit Relationship Chapter 358

350 How Dare You Betray Me

Liang Jun immediately stopped what he was doing. Even though he still wanted to hit Zong Chaihe until Chao Chaihe faint, but he decided to stop when Xiao Tian told him to.

Liang Jun knew that Xiao Tian also had business with Zong Chaihe. And if it was not for Xiao Tian, they would not be able to free themselves and beat Zong Chaihe. That was why he immediately stopped when Xiao Tian told him to.

After Liang Jun stood up, Xiao Tian grabbed Zong Chaihe's hair and pulled it, "Tell me, why did you order my employees to steal my clothing designs?"

"I don't steal your clothing designs!" of course, Zong Chaihe would not admit it. "I designed it myself!"

"Don't lie to me!" Xiao Tian hit Zong Chaihe's face hard, causing him to spit blood of his mouth. "Do you think I will believe your words?"


Now Liang Jun and Liang Rong understood why Xiao Tian suddenly caused trouble at Zong Chaihe's villa. It was because Zong Chaihe stole Xiao Tian's clothing designs.

"No wonder the company suddenly made a lot of profit in the last few days. So, this is the reason." Liang Jun mused.

Liang Jun didn't expect his boss would steal Xiao Tian's clothing designs. At first, he thought the employees from the designer department were the ones who designed it, but he was wrong.

"Because you have stolen my clothing designs, you have to give me all your money!" of course, Xiao Tian would take Zong Chaihe's money before teaching him a lesson again.

When he knew Xiao Tian wanted to take all his money, Zong Chaihe immediately said, "Dream on! I will not give yo-"

However, before Zong Chaihe had finished his words, Xiao Tian hit Zong Chaihe's face again. "It's my money in the first place so you should return it to me!"

"What?! Your money? It's my money!" Zong Chaihe found it hard to believe what he was hearing. He didn't expect Xiao Tian dared to say that it was Xiao Tian's money.

It was true that he asked Tang Yaxin to steal Xiao Tian's clothing designs, but he used his money to produces it, so it was his money.

"Mr. Xiao Tian, if this bastard doesn't want to give his money to you, I can help you take over his company." Liang Jun said abruptly.

Liang Jun hated Zong Chaihe very much because Zong Chaihe tried to rape his little sister earlier. For this reason, he would teach Zong Chaihe a lesson by giving Zong Chaihe's company to Xiao Tian.

He was a general manager with many connections in the company so it wouldn't be too difficult for him to give Zong Chaihe's company to Xiao Tian

Xiao Tian looked at Liang Jun and asked, "Who are you?"

"I'm Liang Jun, a general manager at this bastard company." Liang Jun then touched her little sister's shoulders. "She is my little sister, Liang Rong"

"General manager?" general manager was a high position. Xiao Tian didn't expect that Zong Chaihe would try to rape his general manager's little sister. Then Xiao Tian started to smirk. "Tell me how to do it."

"I have many connections in the company. Not only that, three days ago I learned all the bad things he had done. We can disclose everything on the internet and when the company's reputation goes down and all major shareholders sell their shares." Liang Jun's eyes gleamed with terrifying sharpness and clenched his fingers. "We will announce to the public that you have bought his company. With this, the company's reputation will be clean again."

"What if the major shareholder still wants to invest?" Xiao Tian inquired

"I will make them sell their shares." Liang Jun was sure that he could do that because he had many connections in the company and his status in the company was also high. "With this, his company will be yours."

"Liang Jun, you bastard! How dare you betray me!" Zong Chaihe shouted angrily. "I'm your boss and you want to betray me?!"

"Boss? Hahaha," Liang Jun laughed loudly, "When you tried to rape my little sister, did you think that I'm your general manager at your company? I would not do something like this if you didn't try to rape my little sister!"

"All right, I will leave it to you." because Liang Jun's idea was not bad and Xiao Tian didn't need to do anything, he agreed with it. "Butdon't you dare to lie to me because you will regret it!"

"Don't worry. Give me a few days, and I will give his company to you." Liang Jun didn't intend to lie to Xiao Tian because if it was not for Xiao Tian, he would not forgive himself for the rest of his life.

For him, Xiao Tian was his savior. Because of Xiao Tian, nothing happened to his little sister. He didn't dare to imagine what would happen to his little sister if Xiao Tian didn't suddenly appear in front of them.

"If you can give me his company in a short time, I will give you a better job later." Xiao Tian needed a capable person who was able to take care of his other company so he would try to recruit Liang Jun.

Liang Jun worked as a general manager at Zong Chaihe's company so Xiao Tian believed that Liang Jun was a capable person.

"Thank you." even though Liang Jun had no idea what position Xiao Tian would give him later, he didn't care about it for now because what he had in mind was how to beat Zong Chaihe.

As if Xiao Tian understood what Liang Jun wanted, he immediately sat on the edge of the bed and said, "You can do whatever you want with him now."

Without waiting for another second, Liang Jun began hitting Zong Chaihe again. Even though blood kept dripping down from the corner of Zong Chaihe's mouth, Liang Jun didn't stop hitting him.

It was as if he wanted to kill Zong Chaihe. As he was hitting Zong Chaihe, a terrifying smile appeared on Liang Jun's face.

This time, Xiao Tian didn't stop him. Xiao Tian even didn't care if Liang Jun wanted to kill Zong Chaihe. He kept looking at them expressionlessly.

Not long after that, Chun Hua and the others entered the room. "Sir, we have paralyzed them."

"Good." Xiao Tian answered without looking at his underlings.

When Chun Hua and the others saw what Liang Jun was doing to Zong Chaihe, they were startled. They thought their boss would be the one who beat Zong Chaihe, but they were wrong.

They wanted to ask Xiao Tian what was going on but when they saw Liang Rong's condition, they finally understood what had happened to them.

Chun Hua and the others gritted their teeth. By seeing Ling Rong's torn clothes, they knew that Zong Chaihe tried to rape her earlier.

This made them furious and want to beat Zong Chaihe too. Even though they were members of a gang, but one of their mottos was protecting women. That was why they wanted to beat Zong Chaihe so badly.

When Liang Rong thought that her big brother could kill Zong Chaihe if he continued hitting Zong Chaihe, she immediately grabbed her big brother's hands. "Big brother, stop it! You will be sent to prison if you kill him."

Liang Jun immediately stopped what he was doing. Earlier, he lost control when he recalled what Zong Chaihe tried to do to his little sister, so he kept hitting Zong Chaihe.

Xiao Tian looked at his underlings and said, "Let's go."

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