Illicit Relationship Chapter 356

348 Sir What Are You Talking About?

Stars Shop.

Tang Yaxin parked her sports car in the parking lot. With black glasses on her face and a well-known branded white bag in her left arm, Tang Yaxin walked toward the shop elegantly as if she was a young miss from an upper-class family.

Tang Yaxin was in a good mood because her boyfriend promised to give her a luxury house if she could bring Xiao Tian's clothing designs to him later.

Yesterday, Tang Yaxin had asked Su Ruyan to steal it. She just hoped Su Ruyan succeeded in stealing Xiao Tian's clothing designs so that she could give it to her boyfriend immediately.

Imagining that she would live in a luxury house, Tang Yaxin could not help but smile. Since she was young, she always dreamed to have a luxury house and a nice car.

Now that she already had a nice car, what she needed next was a luxury house. After that, she could walk with pride whenever she visited luxury places or something like that.

With a good mood and a dazzling smile on her face, Tang Yaxin walked out of the parking lot happily. However, the smile was frozen on her face.

"Who are you?" a expression of deep fear suddenly emerged on her face when she saw three women walking toward her. "What do you want? Leave now or else, I will call security guards to beat you all."

Of course, Tang Yaxin tried to scare them because they were at Stars Shop. She just hoped that she succeeded in scaring them off.




The sound of clapping echoed throughout the entire parking lot.

Suddenly a good-looking young man around nineteen years old appeared behind Tang Yaxin.

This made Tang Yaxin even more scared. However, when she knew it was Xiao Tian, the feeling of fear suddenly disappeared without a trace.

"Sir. you came to the store?" Tang Yaxin walked toward Xiao Tian.

At this moment, Tang Yaxin didn't have bad thoughts. She thought Xiao Tian just wanted to surprise her.

But something unexpected happened when she was in front of Xiao Tian. Chun Hua, who was standing behind Xiao Tian, suddenly punched her mid-torso.


Tang Yaxin fell to her knees.

She could not believe what just had happened to her. Why did Chun Hua suddenly hit her? And why didn't Xiao Tian say a word to Chun Hua or protect her?

But what surprised her most was that Xiao Tian was looking at her coldly. This made her heart beat faster and faster.

'Don't tell me..'

Tang Yaxin's expression turned into an expression of fear. She didn't want to believe it but from his expression, Tang Yaxin guessed Xiao Tian had known everything.

Tang Yaxin knew that she was doomed. But even so, she tried to protect herself. "Sir, what are you doin-"

Before Tang Yaxin had finished her words, Xiao Tian grabbed her hair and pulled it. "Why did you order Su Ruyan to steal my clothing designs? Who told you to do that? Tell me everything now!"

"Sir, what are you talking about? I don't understand" of course, Tang Yaxin pretended as if she knew nothing.

Tang Yaxin understood that lying was the only choice to protect herself. She just hoped Xiao Tian would believe her.

Xiao Tian pulled her hair again, causing her head to lift. Then he brought his face closer toward her face and said coldly, "Don't lie to me. Answer me now! Or else, you will regret it!"

"Sir, I really don't understand what are you talking about? Who stole your clothing designs? I know nothing about it." when Tang Yaxin saw the expression on Xiao Tian's face, the fear within her heart grew bigger.

She didn't expect the gentle and a kind boss could become a scary person like that. It was the first time she had seen his expression like that. It was as if he was a completely different person.

"So, you don't know anything, huh?" Xiao Tian stretched out his right arm toward Chun Hua. "Chun Hua, give me your dagger."

Chun Hua gave her dagger to Xiao Tian. "Here, sir"

"Whawhat dowant to do, sir?" Tang Yaxin said in terror.

With a scary expression on his face, coupled with him holding a dagger, Tang Yaxin suddenly had a bad feeling about it.

"I will ask you one more time." Xiao Tian then placed the dagger on Tang Yaxin's cheeks. "Tell me everything now, or else you will regret it! You still want to keep your pretty face, right?"

Xiao Tian knew that women value their faces the most. With him threatening to ruin her beautiful face, Xiao Tian was sure that she would tell him everything. And what he had guessed was right because Tang Yaxin's body suddenly trembled.

Tang Yaxin was afraid that Xiao Tian would really ruin her beautiful face. But if she told him the truth, she doubted he would forgive her.

This made Tang Yaxin not know what she should do. But when Xiao Tian pressed the dagger into her cheeks until blood came out of her cheeks, she immediately said, "It's Zong Chaihe. He is the one who asked me to steal your clothing designs. He forced me to do all of this."

Of course, Tang Yaxin blamed Zong Chaihe because, with this, she hoped Xiao Tian would forgive her, or at least he would not punish her heavily.

'Zong Chaihe?'

Xiao Tian didn't know who Zong Chaihe was. He also never caused trouble to Zong Chaihe.

"Why did he tell you to steal my clothing designs?" even though Xiao Tian had guessed the answer, but he wanted to make sure what he had guessed was right.

"It's because your clothing designs are always popular and good. He lost a lot of his customers because of your clothing designs. That was why he told me to steal your clothing designs." At this moment, Tang Yaxin was telling the truth.

Ever since Xiao Tian's company was built, Zong Chaihe's company slowly lost its loyal customers because Xiao Tian's clothing designs were far better than his clothing designs.

Xiao Tian then let her go and looked at his underlings, "Cut her arms and throw her far away from here."

"Sir, please don't do th-" before Tang Yaxin had finished her words, Xiao Tian's underlings took her into the car.

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