Illicit Relationship Chapter 355

347 Who Is This Beautiful Young Lady?

When Shi Fei was about to walk out of his office, she suddenly remembered something important, so she sat on the couch again. "Little brother, I have two friends. Their names are Bi Yu and Fu Jiyi. Recently, they were fired because they beat up their boss' son. Two of their boss' sons wanted to force their way on my friends. But they didn't know that my friends are martial arts masters, so they were beaten by my friends. For this reason, my friends' boss was furious and fired them from the company."

Of course, Shi Fei made up the story. The reason she did it was that she wanted her underlings to work at Xiao Tian's company too.

That way, not only would his company be more far safer than before, but they could help Xiao Tian with his work too. It was like killing two birds with one stone.

'Martial arts masters?'

Xiao Tian didn't expect that Shi Fei had friends who were skilled at martial arts.

Xiao Tian thought it was not a bad idea to hire her friends because it could make his company far safer. "Ask them to meet me here tomorrow."

"Awesome!" Shi Fei kissed Xiao Tian's cheeks. When Shi Fei grabbed the door handle and was about to walk out of Xiao Tian's office, she turned her head toward Xiao Tian. "Little brother, I don't like your current expression. I like your previous expression the most."

After saying that, Shi Fei walked out of Xiao Tian's office and headed to her office.

Xiao Tian didn't answer her. Ever since the problem came one after another, Xiao Tian never smiled even once. The expression on his face was always cold.

The smile that always on his face and his gentle attitude disappeared without a trace. He also never seduced Shi Fei or Liu Ning anymore.


Nanli district, Golden Bag Store

There was a handsome mature young man about twenty-seven years old and a pretty young woman about nineteen years old standing in front of Golden Bag Store. Those two people were a brother and sister. Their name was Liang Jun and Liang Rong

"Big brother, do you really want to buy me a bag from this store? It's a well-known store so the bag here must cost an arm and a leg. Let's just buy an ordinary bag." Liang Rong didn't want her big brother to waste a lot of money just to buy her a bag.

They were not from a rich family, so in her view, it would be better to save the money rather than wasting it to buy a branded bag.

"It's fine. Big brother has money now. Big brother will buy you a lot of things from now on." Because they did not have money in the past, every time they wanted to buy something, they could only dream about it.

However, because he was promoted to be general manager yesterday, Liang Jun wanted to celebrate it by buying his little sister a branded bag.

All this time, he always saved up his money so that he could buy a house for his family. Because he had saved up quite a lot of money and he was also promoted to be a general manager, he wanted to make his family happy.

It was a pity that his father and mother didn't want to leave their hometown, so now he would only live with her little sister in Shanghai.

But because he wanted to give his parents a better life, he always transferred his money to his parents' bank accounts every month.

Her little sister was still nineteen years old, so he wanted his little sister to enjoy her life more. Every day, her little sister always worked after she finished all her classes in university.

Her life was only studying and working. Every time her friends invited her to go somewhere, she always refused because she didn't want to waste the money. For this reason, she only had a few friends. All of her friends could even be counted with one hand.

Now that he had a better job, he wanted his little sister to only focus on studying and enjoy her life. For this reason, he brought her to Shanghai.

"But" Liang Rong wanted to refuse again because she didn't want to waste his money. She was fine if her big brother wanted to buy her a bag from an ordinary branded bag, but not from a famous branded bag.

Liang Jun smiled and stroked her little sister's hair. "It's fine. Let get inside and buy it."

Because her big brother insisted on buying her a famous branded bag, she could not help but agree. "All right."

When Liang Jun and Liang Rong were about to enter the shop, suddenly a voice rang out, "Oh! Isn't this general manager Liang?"

Liang Jun and Liang Rong immediately turned around. When Liang Jun saw Zong Chaihe, he immediately said, "Good afternoon, Sir."

'He is with another woman?'

Liang Jun said in his head when he saw Zong Chaihe with a lady around twenty-three years old.

When Zong Chaihe saw Liang Rong, he smiled with heart-shaped eyes. "Who is this beautiful young lady?"

The woman next to Zong Chaihe did nothing when he behaved like that because she knew what kind of person Zong Chaihe was.

Actually, she was also his mistress. She agreed to be his mistress because he always gave her a lot of money and other things, so she didn't mind if he was interested in another woman again. As long as he still gave her what she wanted, she would let him do whatever he wanted.

When Liang Jun saw the expression on Zong Chaihe's face, his face darkened. Even though Zong Chaihe was his boss, but he didn't want his little sister to be Zong Chaiher's woman because Zong Chaihe was famous for dating many women at once.

However, because Zong Chaihe was his boss, he didn't want to be rude. For this reason, Liang Jun looked at his little sister and said, "He is my boss. Hurry up and introduce yourself."

Upon hearing her big brother's words, Liang Rong bowed slightly and said, "Hello, my name is Liang Rong."

Zong Chaihe immediately grabbed Liang Rong's chin and said, "Oh! What a beautiful lady! And you also have big breasts. I like it very much."

When Liang Jun saw Zong Chaihe harassing her little sister, he immediately stopped Zong Chaihe and stood in front of her little sister. "Sir, please stop it."

Zong Chaihe was annoyed when Liang Jun disturbed him, so he immediately said tightly. "How dare you disturb me! You should be grateful that I take a fancy to your little sister because I can promote you again."

Liang Jun was unhappy by this and clenched his fist. However, because he didn't want to cause trouble, he tried his best to hold back his anger. "Sir, my little sister is young and she is not worthy of you. Please leave my little sister alone."

"General manager Liang, you should be grateful that Zong Chaihe is taking a fancy to your little sister." the woman next to Zong Chaihe said abruptly. "If your little sister becomes his mistress, she will gets whatever she wants. Not only that, but you can also even get promotion again. Is not that a good thing?"

"That's right, general manager Liang." Of course, Zong Chaihe agreed with it because he took a fancy to Liang Rong very much.

Her beautiful face, and smooth skin, made Zong Chaihe want to embrace her and do more things to her.

"Sir, please leave my little sister alone." Liang Jun knew that her little sister would suffer if she became Zong Chaihe's woman.

Not only was Zong Chaihe playboy, but he was also famous for often hurting his woman if they dared to disobey him. For this reason, Liang Jun would never let her little sister become Zong Chaihe's girlfriend.

Let alone his lover, Liang Jun even would not let Zong Chaihe be near his little sister in the future because he was afraid that something would happen to his little sister.

Zong Chaihe was furious because Liang Jun kept trying to disturb him. "General manager Liang, don't disturb me or you will regret it."

So, you want to use your power and status as my boss now, huh? Liang Jun thought to himself.

"Big brother." the feeling of fear emerged in her heart. From the expression on Zong Chaihe's face, she knew that Zong Chaihe was a bad man. That was why she kept standing behind her big brother and grabbed his shirt.

"Sir, please leave us alone" Liang Jun knew it was almost impossible to change Zong Chaihe's mind, but he still tried his best to do it.

Because Liang Jun still disturbed him, Zong Chaihe told two of his bodyguards which were standing behind him all the time, to beat Liang Jun.

Liang Jun tried to fight Zong Chaihe's bodyguards but because he didn't know any martial arts, he was immediately beaten by Zong Chaihe's bodyguards

Zong Chaihe looked at his bodyguards and pointed his index finger toward Liang Rong. "Take her."

"Understood" his two bodyguards immediately did what they were told.

"No!" Liang Rong tried to fight back but because of the difference in strength, it was useless.

"Sir, where are we going to take her?" after capturing Liang Rong, one of the bodyguards asked.

"To my villa," Zong Chaihe replied happily

"Big brother." Ling Rong cried out when they brought her by force.

'Zong Chaihe!'

Liang Jun's eyes were filled with a flame of fury as he stared at them. After he managed to stand up, he immediately ran after them

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