Illicit Relationship Chapter 354

346 Thank You For Saving Me

Even though Lan Ruoxi was still disappointed with Xiao Tian's actions, but in her view, it was better than cutting Su Ruyan's arms.

Because Xiao Tian was still angry with Lan Ruoxi, Xiao Tian immediately said, "You should go home now!"

Lan Ruoxi left to run after Su Ruyan. She didn't want Su Ruyan to pass out or die from blood-loosing. Because Xiao Tian had cut Su Ruyan's left thumb, Lan Ruoxi believed that blood was dripping down from Su Ruyan's left thumb right now.

When Lan Ruoxi saw Su Ruyan, she immediately shouted, "Wait!"

Su Ruyan stopped her footsteps in reflex. She was familiar with the voice because that voice belonged to the person who had just saved her life.

And what she had guessed was right when she saw Lan Ruoxi running toward her. At this moment, Su Ruyan had no idea what Lan Ruoxi wanted from her.

However, she was not afraid because she believed that Lan Ruoxi would not do anything bad to her. When Lan Ruoxi was in front of her, Su Ruyan bowed slightly and said, "Thank you for saving me."

The words came out from the bottom of her heart. Su Ruyan was really grateful for Lan Ruoxi's help earlier. If it was not for Lan Ruoxi's help, she believed that Xiao Tian would have cut off her arms.

Even though blood still dripped down from her left thumb, Su Ruyan still showed her gratitude to Lan Ruoxi. Su Ruyan only pressed her wrist to slow down the blood that came out of her left thumb.

When Lan Ruoxi saw the blood was still dripping from Su Ruyan's left thumb, she immediately said, "Let's go to the hospital first. It will be bad if you lose too many drops of blood here."

"Thank you." Su Ruyan agreed with Lan Ruoxi's suggestion because she really needed to treat it or else, something bad would happen to her.

When they arrived at the hospital, they immediately asked the doctor to treat it. Even though Su Ruyan had lost her left thumb, she still felt lucky because she still had arms.

She didn't blame Xiao Tian for cutting off her left thumb. She was sure if it was other people, they would do more than what Xiao Tian had done to her because Xiao Tian had lost a few thousand Yuan or even more.


Somewhere, inside the hotel room.

Two people were lying down on the bed naked, an attractive young lady and an ordinary young man. The young lady was leaning her head on the young man's left arm, while the young man was smiling happily.

"Yaxin, you did a good job in stealing Xiao Tian's clothing designs. My company makes a lot of profit in just a few days." The young man laughed happily. "If you succeed in stealing his clothing designs again, I'll buy you a house later."

"Chaihe, I will give it to you tomorrow." Tang Yaxin was pleased when she knew that Zong Chaihe would buy her a house if she could bring Xiao Tian's clothing designs to him.

Previously, Zong Chaihe bought her a nice car for giving Xiao Tian's clothing designs to him. Now she only needed to please him so that he would marry her in the future.

If she could marry him, Tang Yaxin would be able to live luxuriously because Zong Chaihe was a rich person.

Zong Chaihe then sat on the edge of the bed and took a cigarette. After lighting up the cigarette and wearing shorts, he walked toward the window to see the night city. "Good!"


"Sir, what should we do now? Should we go and catch her right now?" Chun Hua inquired.

Because it was already late, Xiao Tian decided to catch Tang Yaxin tomorrow. "No. Let's go home now. We can catch her tomorrow."

"All right." Chun Hua nodded her head.


After arriving at home, Xiao Tian immediately headed toward his room.

'Father, I forgave the person who betrayed me earlier. Am I doing the wrong thing? If you were me, would you do the same thing? You always taught me not to forgive those who betrayed me, but she did that because she needed money for her mother's treatment. Her mother would be very sad if she knew that her daughter lost her arms because she wanted to get money for treatment. I...'

It was the first time Xiao Tian felt that way. Maybe because his past life father always told him what to do, so he had no idea what he should do when he hesitated like that.

Because it was already midnight, Xiao Tian decided to go sleep.

And like before, Xiao Tian was lonely when he was sleeping alone. When he noticed his mother and aunt were not on his side, Xiao Tian sighed and shut his eyes.


The following morning, Xiao Tian went to his company to see the development of his company. Since everyone thought the person in the video was not Xiao Tian, his company slowly grew again.

Several people began to buy clothes from his company again, and slowly people stop speaking ill of him. Even though his company didn't sell as many clothes as before, but Xiao Tian was not disappointed because he got a lot of money from Hong Guan Ji.

Not only that, but he also got twenty branches of the Hong Guan Ji Beauty company. Then he immediately called Shi Fei to his office.

"Do you need anything, little brother?" Shi Fei asked after sitting on the couch.

Xiao Tian then walked towards her and sat next to her. "I want to tell you something."

Xiao Tian began explaining everything to Shi Fei. He didn't hide anything from her. He even told her what had happened last night too.

Actually, Shi Fei already knew about it because last night Chun Hua had told her everything. Of course, she pretended as if she knew nothing because she didn't want Xiao Tian to know about her real identity.

After Xiao Tian finished explaining everything, Shi Fei immediately said, "What do you want to do to Tang Yaxin?"

"It better if you don't know about it." because Xiao Tian thought Shi Fei was a normal person, he didn't want to tell her about what he wanted to do to Tang Yaxin.

"All right." because Xiao Tian didn't want to tell her, Shi Fei decided not to ask anymore.

"Fei, hire all the doctors and cosmetic chemists who resigned from Hong Beauty company. Tell them that I'm the owner of those twenty branches now." Xiao Tian suddenly remembered something important. "Wait! Don't tell them that I'm the owner of those twenty branches. Just tell them that Hong Guan Ji is not the owner anymore, and Li Wen will not mind it if they work for me."

From the information, the reason all the doctors and cosmetic chemists resigned from their job was that Li Wen told them to. Otherwise, Li Wen would make their life difficult. That was why they immediately resigned.

If they knew that Hong Guan Ji was not the owner of those twenty branches anymore and Li Wen would not make their life difficult, Xiao Tian was sure they would work for him without thinking twice.

However, because Xiao Tian didn't want other people to know that he was the new owner of those twenty branches, he decided to hide his identity.

There were many reasons for him to do that. One of the reasons was to keep his good image. Everyone knew that Hong family and Xiao Tian were enemies, so if other people knew that twenty branches of Hong family's company now belonged to Xiao Tian, everyone would think that Xiao Tian forced Hong family to give those twenty branches to him.

Even though it was true, but Xiao Tian wanted to hide it because it could affect the development of the company. It could even destroy his company. "Tell them that the owner of the company is Qing Feng."

"All right." Shi Fei nodded her head.

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