Illicit Relationship Chapter 353

345 Is Your Heart As Cold As Ice?

When Su Ruyan found out Lan Ruoxi was trying to help her, she really hoped that Lan Rouxi succeeded in changing Xiao Tian's mind because she didn't want to lose her arms.

She kept praying in her head that Xiao Tian would change his mind. Now, Su Ruyan knew that Xiao Tian was someone that should not be offended because he was a cruel person.

At this moment, Su Ruyan could only see Lan Ruoxi trying to help her. However, the ray of hope slowly dimmed when she knew that Xiao Tian didn't intend to change his mind.

"II can help you find Tang Yaxin now." Su Ruyan finally could say a word when she knew there was still hope for her to survive.

"Do you think I need your help?" Xiao Tian looked at Su Ruyan with a cold expression on his face. "I can find Tang Yaxin by myself."

Lan Ruoxi knew that Xiao Tian was a cruel person after she helped Xiao Tian in destroying Feng Ao's life. However, she didn't know that Xiao Tian was far crueler than she thought.

From the information about him, Xiao Tian was not a person like this in the past. Lan Ruoxi had no idea what made Xiao Tian change so much. "Young master Xiao, can you let her go?"

"Lan Ruoxi, if someone betrays you, will you let them go?" Xiao Tian was unhappy when Lan Ruoxi kept asking him to let Su Ruyan go.

In his view, someone who betrayed him needed to be punished. Xiao Tian was kind enough not to kill Su Ruyan. If his past life father was next to him, he was sure Su Ruyan would have died.

At this moment, Lan Ruoxi didn't know what to say. If her underlings betrayed her, she had no idea whether she would forgive them or not.

When Xiao Tian knew Lan Ruoxi didn't say a word, he immediately said, "What?! You can't answer me?! You, yourself, don't know what you will do if your underlings betray you. You should think about my feeling before saying anything. What will you do if you were me right now?"

Like before, Lan Ruoxi didn't know what to say. What Xiao Tian said made sense. But still, she didn't want Xiao Tian to cut Su Ruyan's arms.

When Su Ruyan found out Lan Ruoxi began to waver whether Lan Ruoxi should help her or not, the ray of hope within her heart began to dim again, causing her to feel depressed again.

Xiao Tian then looked at Chun Hua and stretched out his right hand. "Chung Hua, give the Katana back to me."

Chun Hua gave the Katana to Xiao Tian.

At this moment, Chun Hua, Lan Ruoxi, and Su Ruyan thought that Xiao Tian had changed his mind. The feeling of happiness immediately emerged in the hearts of Lan Ruoxi and Su Ruyan. However, Xiao Tian's next words made their blood freeze.

"I will cut her arms myself." Xiao Tian walked towards Su Ruyan with the coldness in his eyes.

"No!" before Xiao Tian could cut Su Ruyan's arms, Lan Ruoxi dashed toward Xiao Tian and pushed him away, causing Xiao Tian to fail to cut Su Ruyan's arms.

"LAN RUOXI." Xiao Tian said coldly. His eyes gleamed with terrifying sharpness as he stared at her. "Fine! I will let her go but as an exchange, you have to cut your arms."

Actually, Xiao Tian didn't want to cut her arms. He just wanted her to stop disturbing him. Xiao Tian believed after he said that, Lan Ruoxi would stop defending Su Ruyan.

Lan Ruoxi's eyes widened with disbelief. She found it hard to believe that she was hearing. "Whatwhat did you say?"

"If you want me to forgive her" Xiao Tian pointed his index finger toward Su Ruyan. "..cut your arms!"

Upon hearing his words, Lan Ruoxi suddenly didn't want to help Su Ruyan again. It was true that she wanted to help Su Ruyan, but if the price for helping her was losing her arms, Lan Ruoxi didn't want to do that.

Su Ruyan was stranger to her. The reason she wanted to help Su Ruyan was that Su Ruyan was a kind lady. Su Ruyan had no choice but to steal Xiao Tian's clothing designs because Su Ruyan needed money for her parents.

Lan Ruoxi just didn't expect that Xiao Tian really didn't feel pity for Su Ruyan. "Is your heart as cold as ice? Is forgiving someone something very difficult for you? Just imagine yourself in her place. She needs money for her parents. That is why she did all of this."

"I know that!" Xiao Tian replied instantly. "But did you forget that because of her, I lost a lot of money? the amount of money she needs is not as much as my loss. You should know about this! If he told me about it, I would have helped her."

Chun Hua, who was standing next to Xiao Tian and Lan Ruoxi, only looked at them without saying a single word. In her view, both of them were right.

Xiao Tian was right for punishing Su Ruyan because she stole his clothing designs previously. Of course, Lan Ruoxi was also right. Su Ruyan did all of it because she needed money to treat her mother's illness. However, she didn't dare to voice it out because she was afraid of the consequences.

At this moment, Su Ruyan had lost hope. She would accept what Xiao Tian would do to her. Of course, she hoped that Xiao Tian would not cut her arms.

"I will give you money!" Lan Ruoxi said instantly.

"I don't need your money! I just want to punish someone who betrayed me. And why do you want to help her so badly?" Xiao Tian didn't understand why Lan Ruoxi wanted to help Su Ruyan.

When he wanted to kill Liu Ning, Lan Ruoxi also stopped him. Now when Xiao Tian wanted to cut Su Ruyan's arms, Lan Ruoxi also tried to stop him.

Xiao Tian really didn't get her train of thought. This made Xiao Tian desire to know why she always wanted to help a stranger. "Lan Ruoxi, be honest with me. What is your relationship with her? Your action really makes me suspicious of you."

"I don't have any relationship with her. I just don't want you to hurt innocent people like her." this time, Lan Ruoxi was telling the truth. She really didn't have any relationship with Su Ruyan. She really only wanted to help Su Ruyan.

"Innocent? Hahaha." Xiao Tian laughed loudly. "Did you forget what she had done and want to do? You call her innocent?"

"But the situation forced her to do that. If she had money, she would not do that." maybe, Lan Ruoxi was wrong saying Su Ruyan was innocent.

However, in her view, Su Ruyan deserved forgiveness from Xiao Tian. Lan Ruoxi was sure that Su Ruyan would help them if he forgave Su Ruyan.

Xiao Tian didn't say a word and only looked at Lan Ruoxi in the eyes. Xiao Tian thought their conversation was going nowhere.

One of them had to budge, or everything wouldn't be finished. Xiao Tian then swung his katana, cutting Su Ruyan left thumb.

"Ahhhhh" Su Ruyan cried out in pain after Xiao Tian cut her thumb.

"Leave!" Xiao Tian said coldly.

Then Su Ruyan left.

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