Illicit Relationship Chapter 352

344 Dont You Have A Little Pity For Her?

The person who wanted to steal Xiao Tian's clothing designs immediately turned around. That person didn't expect that someone was following her.

Chun Hua then turned the light on, so that they could see who that person was. On her right hand, a black dagger was ready to take the blood of the person that wanted to steal Xiao Tian's clothing designs.

"Oh! Is not this, Su Ruyan?" Xiao Tian walked toward her. Like Chun Hua, Xiao Tian was also carrying a weapon. The weapon in his right hand was the katana that he just bought a few days ago.

Su Ruyan felt her blood freeze when she saw Xiao Tian and his underlings. From their expression, she knew that they would beat her to death.

Su Ruyan knew that it would be meaningless to lie to them because they would not believe her words. the small flashlight which she placed in her mouth fell to the floor.

Su Ruyan walked backward before finally, her ass hit Xiao Tian's workbench. The feeling of deep fear suddenly emerged on her face.

When Su Ruyan saw the expression on Xiao Tian's face, she felt as if the temperature on the room suddenly turned cold.

The gentle expression that always appeared on Xiao Tian's face was nowhere to be seen. His gaze was so terrifying until it made her afraid.

Su Ruyan opened her mouth and wanted to say something to Xiao Tian, but she felt the words stuck in her throat after seeing Xiao Tian's deadly gaze.


Because the fear in her heart was so big, Su Ruyan fell to her knees. At this moment, she could only accept her fate.

Xiao Tian grabbed Su Ruyan's neck and said coldly, "Are you a spy from Donghai clothing company?"

Xiao Tian knew that someone told her to steal his clothing designs. That was why he wanted to know about it.

Because Xiao Tian was strangling her neck hard, Su Ruyan struggled to breathe. She didn't try to fight back because she knew it was useless.

She didn't know any martial arts, and she was also a woman, so there was a big difference in strength between Xiao Tian and her.

Because Su Ruyan hadn't answered him, Xiao Tian choked her neck harder. "Answer me!"

Su Ruyan's face turned red, and tears fell down her cheeks. However, she still said nothing while still enduring torture.

Xiao Tian stopped strangling her neck and turned around. Then he walked toward Chun Hua and said, "Chun Hua, cut her right arm and break her legs. After that, bring her to Blue Ice Lotus headquarters."

Because Chun Hua's weapon was a dagger, Xiao Tian gave the katana in his right hand to her. Suddenly a memory from his past life emerged on his mind.

"Son, remember what your father will say to you." Huang Feng, his past life father, looked at him seriously. "Never forgive someone who betrays you. Give unforgettable punishment to anyone who dares to betray you. Don't show weaknesses. If you forgive them and everyone knows about it, other people will not be afraid to betray you again. Make them regret betraying you so other people will afraid of you and don't dare to betray you later."

After taking a deep breath, Xiao Tian shut his eyes for three seconds before reopening it again. "Cut both of her arms."

"Understood, sir" Chun Hua took Xiao Tian's katana and unsheathed it. As a gang leader, Chun Hua had killed people, so cutting Su Ruyan's arms was an easy job for her.

"Pleplease... Don't do that.." Su Ruyan said in terror. She thought they would only beat her, nothing more than that.

She didn't expect that Xiao Tian would give Chun Hua an order to cut her arms. His words made Su Ruyan frightened.

Losing both arms meant that she would become a useless woman. Not only would she not be able to do many things, but she would become a laughing stock.

The imagination of losing her arms made Su Ruyan almost faint. She suddenly regretted her actions. At that moment, she hoped that someone would save her, or at least Xiao Tian would change his mind.

Su Ruyan was still young, so losing both arms was something that she didn't want to. She wanted to believe that all of it was only a dream, but when she saw a Kanata in Chun Hua's right hand, she knew that it was not a dream.

"Pleaplease, don't cut my arms." Su Ruyan still hoped that Xiao Tian would change his mind.

However, Xiao Tian didn't care about her plea. He didn't care whether it was man or woman. If they dared to betray him or cause trouble to him, Xiao Tian would do something terrible to them. "Chun Hua, cut her arms now!"

Because Xiao Tian still wanted Chun Hua to cut her arms, Su Ruyan's heart was trembling in fear. Tears kept falling down her soft cheeks. When she saw Chun Hua raising the katana, she immediately shut her eyes.

However, before Chun Hua could cut Su Ruyan's arms, suddenly a voice rang out, "Wait! Don't do that."

In reflex, Chun Hua stopped her move before it cut Su Ruyan's arms. Then she turned her head towards the source of the voice because she wanted to know who was the person who shouted earlier.

When Xiao Tian saw Lan Ruoxi, he immediately said coldly, "Lan Ruoxi. What is the meaning of this? Are you on the same side as her? Why did you want to stop us?"

Lan Ruoxi immediately explained her reason to Xiao Tian because if she didn't do that, Xiao Tian would order Chun Hua to cut Su Ruyan's arms again. "She is forced to steal your clothing designs. Her mother is sick and she wants to bring her mother to the hospital but she doesn't have money for it. Your store manager, Tang Yaxin, is the person who told her to steal your clothing designs. Tang Yaxin promised to give her a lot of money if she could steal your clothing designs. Because she really needs money, she has no choice but to agree to it."

"I don't care!" Xiao Tian replied instantly. "The fact that she had stolen my clothing designs would not change. She even plans to steal my clothing designs again. This is enough to punish her by cutting her arms so that she will not steal again in the future."

Lan Ruoxi knew that Xiao Tian would not agree to let Su Ruyan go, but because she didn't want Xiao Tian to cut Su Ruyan's arms, she still tried her best to change Xiao Tian's mind. "Can you not do that? think of this as me asking you a favor. For our friendship, can you change your mind? If she loses her arms, she will be depressed because the arms are important to us, especially for women."

"Lan Ruoxi, I am already kind enough not to kill her. If she didn't work for me, she would be dead now." Xiao Tian didn't want to change his mind because people who dared to betray him, need to be punished.

"Are you really going to cut her arms? Don't you have a little pity for her?" Lan Ruoxi still tried to change Xiao Tian's mind.

"I do not have a pity for someone like her!" Xiao Tian replied coldly

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