Illicit Relationship Chapter 35

32 Announcemen

In the morning at Li's entertainment group, there were a beautiful girl and middle-aged man on the room. The room was big, there were a workbench, a sofa, and four small trees on the room. from the room, you can see the beautiful Shanghai through the window.

" Xin Er, we can't add a song to your album anymore, your album launch is already near. it's impossible. " said the middle-aged man " how about we add the song in your next album? "

" no, director Li Wen. Please do something about my album launch, we can postpone my album launch. I want this song to be added on this album " said Yun Xin Er as she insisted

" Xin Er, we can " before he had finished his words, he was interrupted by her

" director, please hear this song first. " she said seriously " I am sure you'll change your mind "

She played the video where Xiao Tian and Yun Xin Er did the recording on the company's studio. Once it played, he had the same reaction as when Xiao Tian was playing the song in the competition.

He was shivering and lost all his sense, he felt like he lives in other people life. He was thinking about how genius the creator was, for making this masterpiece song.

He began to have a complicated face, he was sure that if they add this song on her album, she would hit in the new height and it would be good for her and the company. If the song was added with video clip, it would be a perfect song but making the video clip takes a few days or maybe a week for this song.

He was wavering at this moment. He wanted to add this song on her album but they couldn't launch her album on time if they were to add the song right now.

The company was already told the mass media the date of her album launch if they postpone the date of her album launch, what will the mass media and her fans think about them.
for visiting.

The company and the singer will be told as a liar and it would be bad for the company reputation.

" How is it director ? " she said as she looked at him

" hm. This song is a masterpiece. I am sure you will be in the new height with this song " he said as he touched his chin.

He was thinking hard right now. What the best choice ? should he make this song in her next album or on this album? but the next album will be at least a years from now on.

" Xin Er, where did you get this song ? " he asked curiously

" director, did you remember when you forced me to become the judge on the piano competition ? " she asked

He widened his eyes and said " wait. Don't tell me.. "

" yes, I bought this song from the contestant. When I first heard he played the melody with piano, I felt like this song is a masterpiece and can make me in the new height " she said before she added " he is the champion on the competition "

" Tell me about him. " he asked curiously. He wanted to know what kind of person can make a song like this.

" his name's Xiao Tian, he is nineteen years old and a college student " she said

He looked at her and said " he's still young and already created masterpiece song like this. Xin Er, you made the right decision for buying this song. What's the price of this song? "

" 100.000 RMB " she said honestly

" 100.000 RMB, it's the same price as we bought the song from professional composer " he said " but this song is worth it, no if the professional composer own this song, I am sure they will sell it higher than 100.000 RMB "

" un. Un " she nodded

" .. and he is only nineteen years old. what a genius young man " he said " I need to take the risk for this kind of song "

Hearing that she was happy because she was a success for making the director putting this song in her album. She then said " so director, you mean? "

Li Wen took his smartphone and called someone " call the reporter, I want to make an announcement about Yun Xin Er album launch "

" yes sir " a voice rang out from his smartphone

" Xin Er, I want to meet this young man. can you arrange it for me ? " he said.

" alright. Leave it to me " she said as she nodded

" get ready, we need to make the video clip today so we can finish it as soon as possible " he said " I will tell all the employee to make the preparation "

" yes director " she then stood up " I will take my leave first "

" un, you can go " he said as he nodded.
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