Illicit Relationship Chapter 349

341 One Problem Solved

Hong Guan Ji had no choice but to trust Xiao Tian. He just hoped that Xiao Tian would really keep his word after he transferred half of his company's ownership to Xiao Tian.

Because Xiao Tian needed Hong Guan Ji to clear his name, Xiao Tian immediately said, "Now, let's change the topic. I want you to tell everyone that the person in the video is not Yun Xin Er and me. It's someone else and your son has edited the video. I will record it. You will agree, right? "

"Yes. I will do whatever you want as long as you will release my wife and sons later." Li Wen also wanted him to do the same thing, so Hong Guan Ji had no problem with it.

Soon, they made a video where Hong Guan Ji explained everything. Of course, Xiao Tian immediately posted it on the internet because, with this, it would clear the bad reputation of him and Yun Xin Er.

And like Xiao Tian's scandal video, the video where Hong Guan Ji explained everything immediately spread throughout the whole of China.

When everyone learned the person in the video was not Xiao Tian and Yun Xin Er, one by one they felt guilty for speaking ill of Xiao Tian and Yun Xin Er.

Yun Xin Er's fans who hated Xiao Tian to the bone after watching the scandal video began to regret their action. Actually, they wanted to demonstration in front of Xiao Tian's company, but because everything had been explained, they decided not to do so.

However, the reporters were still looking for Xiao Tian and Yun Xin Er. The reporters wanted to know their opinion about the video of them.

After Xiao Tian posted the video on the internet, he and the others left. He didn't want to stay at Hong Guan Ji's house any longer because it made him feel sick when he saw Hong Jun's face.


Li Entertainment, Li Wen's office.

Currently, Li Wen was standing behind the window while looking at the beauty of Shanghai. But because he had a problem, the beautiful view looked ordinary in his eyes.

He was still furious about what Hong Jun had done to his company. He just didn't expect that Hong Jun dare to cause trouble to him.

Not long after that, someone knocked on the door. Li Wen immediately said, "Come in."

Bing Zhan immediately entered the office after Li Wen gave him permission. "Sir, I have news about the Hong family"

At this moment, Li Wen was still looking at the city of Shanghai. He didn't bother to turn around and look at Bing Zhan. "What is it?"

"CEO Xiao Tian made Hong Jun and Zen drink aphrodisiac. Then he recorded a video of them doing something immoral and posting it on the internet." Bing Zhan spoke and paused for a second before he continued, "After that, CEO Xiao Tian, lady Lan Ruoxi and his underlings went to Hong's family's home."

"Is that so?" Li Wen was not surprised that Xiao Tian would do something like that. From Xiao Tian's expression when Xiao Tian was beating Hong Jun, Li Wen understood that Xiao Tian was not afraid of the Hong family.

Li Wen only wondered how could someone from a middle-class family dare to cause trouble to an upper-class family.

"CEO Xiao Tian also posted another video on the internet. In the video, Hong Guan Ji explained everything, so Miss Yun Xin Er's reputation slowly returns to her previous reputation." Actually, Bing Zhan was also surprised when Xiao Tian dared to cause trouble to an upper-class family. Not only that, Xiao Tian was even young and his family also became a middle-class family not long ago.

"You can leave now." Li Wen said.

Then Bing Zhan left Li Wen's office.


When Xiao Tian went to Lin Xing Xue's house to explain that it was a fake video, Lin Xing Xue didn't believe his words.

Lin Xing Xue knew that it was Xiao Tian. This made Xiao Tian disappointed. He tried many ways to make up with her, but she always ignored him.

Lin Xing Xue rarely answered him and only looked at him without saying a single word. What made him even more depressed was that Feng Yu now hated him to the bone for hurting her mother's feelings.

The same thing happened when he tried to explain everything to his mother and aunt. They didn't believe his words and were still angry with him. Like what Lin Xing Xue did to him, Ye Xueyin and Ye Qingyu also ignored Xiao Tian and pretended as if he was air.

This made Xiao Tian decide to go to Liu Ning's house. At that time, only Shi Fei and Liu Ning who could understand him. When Xiao Tian explained everything to Liu Ning and Shi Fei about the video, they also did not believe his words.

Xiao Tian had no idea how could they know that the person in the video was him. He suddenly thought it was because they knew him very well.

Because it was already 9:00 pm, Xiao Tian decided to return home. When he stepped into the living room, he sighed in sadness when he saw his mother and aunt ignoring him and kept watching TV.

Usually, his mother would immediately run and jump into his arms every time he arrived home. In the past, Xiao Tian thought there was nothing special about it, but now he understood that it was a beautiful memory.

He was longing for it. He wanted his mother to jump into his arm again, but he knew that she would not do that.

When Xiao Tian was next to his mother and aunt, he put the cake on the table. Because his mother and aunt loved a cake very much, he bought it before going home.

Xiao Tian hoped that they would talk with him after he bought a cake. However, his effort was in vain because his mother and aunt ignored it.

Xiao Tian sat on the couch and tried to make up with them but they still ignored him. They even didn't say a single word since Xiao Tian arrived home.

With a hint of sadness on his face, Xiao Tian rose to his feet and walked toward his room. Because his mother and aunt didn't want to spend time with him, Xiao Tian went to the backyard to practice martial arts again.

He would use his free time to make him stronger and stronger so he could protect them in the future. Xiao Tian practiced martial arts until 11:00 pm before he finally took a shower and laid down in bed.

Once again, he was sad when he realized that he was alone in his room. Since the scandal about Xiao Tian and Yun Xin Er, Ye Xueyin and Ye Qingyu never slept in his room again.

Xiao Tian was used to sleeping with his mother and aunt every night. That was why he felt something was off when he slept in his room alone.

Since Xiao Tian had a fight with his mother and aunt, his mother and aunt always slept in Ye Xueyin's room.

Actually, Xiao Tian wanted to sleep in his mother's room too, but he knew that they would kick him out. Xiao Tian didn't know that they would be very angry when they knew that he had another lover. As a result, Xiao Tian slept in his room alone.

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