Illicit Relationship Chapter 346

339 He Is Lying

"Wait... Whawhat is that? What do you want to do?" Hong Jun said in terror. At this moment, he thought Xiao Tian wanted to give them poison.

This made Hong Jun more scared because he still didn't want to die. He was still young and what more important was, he was still not married so he didn't want to die.

Hong Jun suddenly remembered something that could save himself. "Wait! Your woman, Shi Fei is in my hand. I paid three people to kidnap her and now she is in my hand. If you dare to hurt me, I will ask them to kill her."

Xiao Tian's face darkened. At this moment, he thought that Shi Fei was really in Hong Jun's hand. Even though Xiao Tian really wanted to get revenge on Hong Jun, but when he thought that Shi Fei was in Hong Jun's hand, he wavered and stopped what he was about to do.

When Hong Jun saw the expression on Xiao Tian's face, he knew that he had managed to scare Xiao Tian. Then he started to smirk and said, "Let us go and I will ask them to release your woman."

Hong Jun really hoped he could make Xiao Tian release them. Although he really wanted to kill Xiao Tian, what he needed to do at that moment was to free himself from the crisis situation first, after that he could make plans to kill Xiao Tian later.

At this moment, Chung Hua and her underlings wanted to laugh loudly but they tried their best not to do so.

Their founder was famous for her skill in fighting. Even several upper-class families didn't dare to cause trouble to her in the past and here Hong Jun said that their founder became a hostage.

It was the funniest thing they heard at that day. Their founder was famous because she could fight more than ten people alone, and here Hong Jun said that the three people he had paid to kidnap Shi Fei had captured their founder and taken her as a hostage.

However, when she saw the expression on Xiao Tian's face, she knew Xiao Tian believed Hong Jun's words.

"Sir, you don't need to worry. He is lying. I order ten of my underlings to guard lady Shi Fei's house every day. And because they didn't inform me about it, I'm sure everything is fine. If you don't believe me, you can call lady Shi Fei now." Even though Chun Hua didn't order her underlings to guard Shi Fei's house, she had no choice but to lie to Xiao Tian.

Because Xiao Tian wanted to confirm that Chun Hua was saying the truth, he took his smartphone and called Shi Fei.

"Hello, little brother. What is wrong?" currently, Shi Fei was sitting on the mountain of people. Three people who wanted to kidnap her now became a chair for her.

All of them had fainted and their faces were full of bruises. Not only that, but their arms were also broken.

"Nothing. I will hang up now." Because Xiao Tian only wanted to make sure that Shi Fei was fine, he immediately hung up the phone after he knew that nothing happened to her. "Chun Hua, well done. You did a very good job this time."

Xiao Tian though his underlings were the ones who beat Hong Jun's people. He didn't know that Chun Hua was lying to him.

"Thank you, Sir." Chun Hua could hardly believe that Xiao Tian still didn't know that Shi Fei was a former gang leader. Of course, she didn't intend to tell him because she was afraid that Shi Fei would torture her if she told him who Shi Fei was.

"What? Failed?!" the light in Hong Jun's eyes was dimed. Earlier, he thought that he could be free from Xiao Tian because he was sure the person he paid for had succeeded in kidnapping Shi Fei.

He did not expect that they would fail in their mission. Now that nothing could save him anymore, he began resigned to fate.

Actually, he wanted to scare Xiao Tian using his family, but after remembering what had happened at Cloud Villa, he decided not to do that because he knew that Xiao Tian would not care about it.

Because Xiao Tian didn't want to waste time, he immediately told his underlings to make Hong Jun and Zen drink the aphrodisiac.

Soon, Hong Jun and Zen felt their bodies turning hot. They began taking off their clothes and did forbidden things.

Of course, Xiao Tian recorded all of it using the video application on his smartphone. After that, Xiao Tian posted the video on the internet.

And like the video of Yun Xin Er and him, Hong Jun and Zen video immediately spread really fast because Hong Jun was from an upper-class family.


Hong's family house.

Currently, Hong Guan Ji, his wife, and youngest son were sitting on the couch. At this moment, Hong Guan Ji was furious because his company was in a state of crisis.

He kept cursing his eldest son for his stupidity. Luckily his wife and youngest son were by his side to help him solve the problem.

Suddenly his secretary called him. Without waiting for another second, Hong Guan Ji picked up the phone. "What is wrong?"

"Sir, there is a video of young master Hong Jun doing something immoral with Zen on the internet. The video spread really fast and I can't stop it anymore because it's already too late." The secretary said. "Now the company's reputation is down again. I am worried that this will cause major problems for the company."

"What happened? What video?" because Hong Guan Ji was discussing his company's problems with his wife and youngest son, he didn't know what was happening on the internet.

"I'll send the video link now." The secretary hung up the phone and sent a link to the video of Hong Jun and Zen doing something immoral.

When Hong Guan Ji saw the video, he was furious and his face turned red because of it. "This good for nothing son of mine dare to cause trouble again."

"What happened, dear?" Yi Yi, Hong Guan Ji's wife asked.

"Dad, what happened to big brother?" Hong Duan, Hong Guang Ji's youngest son, asked too. He didn't know why his father was suddenly angry after watching the video.

"Watch this!" Hong Guan Ji showed the video to his wife and son.

"How.how could he do something like this?! This is fake. Yes, this is fake." Yi Yi didn't want to admit that the person in the video was her son.

She knew that Hong Jun liked women, so she found it hard to believe what she was seeing. She kept denying that the person in the video was her son.

"Big.brother?" like his mother, Hong Duan also found it hard to believe what he was seeing. He knew that his big brother always spent time with women all day, and he also slept with a different woman every day.

However, the person in the video was indeed his big brother and he guessed that the video was real, not fake.

"Ahhhh." Hong Guan Ji could not hold back his anger anymore. Today, his eldest son had caused so many problems to him. From causing trouble to the Li family, destroying his company, and now, destroying his family's good name.


Suddenly the sound of the door opened by someone could be heard in their ears.

Hearing that, Hong Guan Ji immediately said, "Who dares to cause trouble in my family?"

"That's me." Xiao Tian said coldly

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