Illicit Relationship Chapter 343

336 Li Wen Make A Move Faster Than Xiao Tian

Xiao Tian was furious when he saw Donghai clothing promoting their clothing designs. But what made him angry was that it had the same design as his clothing designs that Xiao Tian had given to Lin Xing Xue and Shi Fei earlier.

Xiao Tian believed that someone had betrayed him. Someone stole his clothing designs and gave it to Donghai clothing company.

"Little brother, what is wrong?" Shi Fei entered Xiao Tian's office without knocking on the door.

Because her office was next to his office, she could hear it when Xiao Tian hit the table hard. She had no idea why Xiao Tian suddenly did that. That was why she dashed toward his office.

"Someone stole my clothing designs." Xiao Tian said angrily. "Tell the tailors not to make clothes base on the clothing designs that I just gave you earlier."

The reason Xiao Tian told Shi Fei to cancel it was that Donghai clothing company would accuse his company of stealing their clothing designs if his company produced it.

"All right." Shi Fei left to inform the tailor about it. Then she returned to Xiao Tian's office. "I have told them."

Xiao Tian's eyes gleamed with terrifying sharpness. The smile that always appeared on his face was no longer visible on his face. The gentle expression on his face turned into a cold expression. And the aura around him turned into terrifying as if he was a person who loved to kill people.

Xiao Tian didn't expect that in two days his life would fall apart. The videos of him and Yun Xin Er kissing passionately spread on the internet, his harem was in a mess, his good reputation was ruined, he was expelled from Sky University, his company was in a crisis condition, and now someone betrayed him.

All of it happened in less than two days. Xiao Tian then rose from his seat and walked toward Shi Fei. "Fei, I will leave the company in your hand."

Shi Fei was surprised after hearing his words. "Little brother, what are you going to do? Where do you want to go?"

"You don't need to know." Then Xiao Tian walked out of his office.


Li Entertainment, Li Wen's office.

Currently, Li Wen was sitting on the chair. The expression on his face was terrifying. Since the video of Xiao Tian and Yun Xin Er spread widely, Li Entertainment's reputation was tarnish.

On the internet, several people said that Li Entertainment should end the contract with Yun Xin Er or they should not hire a slut as their singer. There were still a lot of bad things they said about Yun Xin Er or Li Entertainment on the internet.

Suddenly someone knocked on the door. Upon hearing that, Li Wen said coldly, "Come in."

When Bing Zhan was in front of Li Wen, he immediately said, "Sir, we have found the person who posted the video on the internet."

"Who is it?" Li Wen coldly.

"Hong Jun, the eldest song of Hong family." at this moment, Bing Zhan could feel a terrifying aura around Li Wen. He even felt as if the air in the room had turned cold.

"That good-for-nothing kid?!" Li Wen didn't expect Hong Jun dared to do that. Yesterday, he didn't punish Hong Jun for destroying his party and ruining his plans. And here, Hong Jung caused trouble to him again. "Does he think the Hong family is great? Good! Very good! Extremely good!"

"What do you want me to do, Sir?" Bing Zhan inquired.

"Do it like usual. I will go to the Hong family." After saying that, Li Wen rose from his seat and headed toward his car.

"Understood." Bing Zhan said.


Hong Beauty Company.

Inside a luxurious office, an elegant middle-aged man was working hard. On the Workbench, there was a mountain of papers.

Even though he had a lot of work, but from the expression on his face, anyone could tell that he was in a good mood. He is Hong Guan Ji, Hong Jun's father.

The reason he was delighted was that his company was growing again. Several important people became his customers.

Suddenly, someone entered his room without knocking on the door. This made Hong Guan Ji furious. "Dong Yi, what are you doing? Is this how you behave to your boss?"

"Sir, I'm sorry. I have someone important to report so I forget to knock on the door." Dong Yi replied. "Something big is happening to the company. Someone is making trouble for the company."

"What do you mean?" Hong Guan Ji had no idea why Dong Yi suddenly behaved like that. His company was growing again so what kind of trouble until it made his assistant behave like that. "Tell me what happened?"

Dong Yi began explaining what had happened to Hong Beauty Company. "All the doctors and cosmetic chemists suddenly resigned. Not only that, but our VIP and VVIP customers also decided to stop being members. And ... and ... almost all major shareholders want to stop their support and sell their investment."

"What?!" Hong Guan Ji said in surprise "How come?"

"I also don't know. We are trying to find out who is the mastermind behind this." After everything was a mess, Dong Yi and the others immediately tried to find out who was the mastermind behind all this, but until now the mastermind was still a mystery.

Hong Guan Ji gritted his teeth and said angrily. "Who dares to cause problems in my company? I will kill all his family members if I find out later."

"That's me." Li Wen and four of his bodyguards entered Hong Guan Ji's office. "Do you dare to kill my Li family members? Do you dare to go on war with my Li family?"

Hong Juan Ji felt his blood freeze. He didn't expect to meet Li Wen in his office. Not only that, Li Wen even stated that he was the one who caused problems at his company. "Director Li?"

Li Wen then sat on the couch and behaved arrogantly as if it was his office. "Yes. The mastermind behind all the problems in your company is me. I want to know, do you dare to cause problems to my Li family?"

Even though Hong Guan Ji was furious, but he tried his best to control his anger. Even though his family was an upper-class family, but when compared to the Li family, the difference between their families was like heaven and earth.

It would be easy for the Li family to destroy his family in a single day. For this reason, his arrogant attitude disappeared without a trace.

What Hong Guan Ji wanted to know was why Li Wen caused trouble to his company. He remembered that he had never caused trouble to Li Wen.

He would be a fool if he dared to do that "Director Li, I have never caused problems to the Li family, so why did you cause problems to my company?"

"You're right. You never caused problems to my Li family, but ..." Li Wen showed the video of Xiao Tian and Yu Xin Er kissing passionately to Hong Guan Ji. "Your son dares to cause trouble to my company. So, tell me, should I stay silent and pretend as if nothing happened after your son ruined my company's reputation and caused problems at my company?"

"Wait, don't tell me the person who posted this video on the internet is my son?" Hong Guan Ji knew the videos about Yun Xin Er and Xiao Tian's were spreading on the internet, but he did not know who was the person who posted the video on the internet.

"That's right." Li Wen answered.

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