Illicit Relationship Chapter 341

334 Practice Martial Arts

Xiao Tian raised his head weakly to see who was the person standing in front of him. When Xiao Tian saw the person, who was standing in front of him, he didn't say a single word and only looked at that person.

"You can't be like this. Remember that you still have to find the person who caused all of this." The person who was standing in front of him squatted down and embraced Xiao Tian.

Xiao Tian's sad expression turned cold. His eyes were filled with a flame of fury and all his fingers dug into his palm as the clear sound of bones cracking rang in his ears.

Xiao Tian realized that feeling sad for too long was not a good thing. All he had to do was to move on and solve all the problems one by one.

Xiao Tian then raised his head and said, "Ning'er, thank you."

"Good! My man should not drown in sadness." Liu Ning was pleased when she saw the determination on Xiao Tian's face.

With this, she understood that Xiao Tian would stop feeling sad and began to think about what he should do. She was thrilled that Xiao Tian was behaving like an adult, not like a kid. "What do you want to do now?"

Xiao Tian took his smartphone out of his pocket and said, "Chun Hua, find out who posted the video on the internet."

"We are doing that, sir." Chun Hua knew that Xiao Tian would ask them to find out who had posted the videos of Xiao Tian and Yun Xin Er on the internet. That was why she immediately asked her underlings to do that.

"Good!" Xiao Tian answered.

"Who is that person?" Liu Ning asked curiously.

Xiao Tian looked at Liu Ning for several seconds before finally, he began to tell her everything. Xiao Tian didn't want Liu Ning to know about them through other people.

Xiao Tian didn't want to make the same mistake. That was why he didn't hide anything from Liu Ning because Xiao Tian believed that Liu Ning would not mind that he had a gang as his underlings.

And like what he had guessed, Liu Ning didn't mind it. She was even pleased because Xiao Tian didn't try to hide it from her.

"Do you want to go home or to my home?" Liu Ning inquired.

"I will go home now. Tomorrow, I will come to your home." there was something Xiao Tian wanted to do.

"All right." even though she still wanted to cheer him up, but because he said that he didn't want to go to her house, Liu Ning didn't force him.

After Xiao Tian sent her home, he returned home. Xiao Tian didn't immediately head to his room; instead, he went to the backyard.

"I have to become stronger." There was a wooden sword in his right hand. Because Xiao Tian thought that he had to make his body stronger and faster, he decided to practice martial arts.

Not only would he become stronger by practicing martial arts, but it would also help calm his mind, which he needed the most at that time.

After warming up, Xiao Tian swung the sword three hundred times vertically. Xiao Tian did the same thing for more than half an hour before he finally stopped. Because his T-shirt was wet, he decided to take it off.

After drinking water, Xiao Tian began training again. The reason Xiao Tian practiced Moon sword martial arts was that Moon sword martial arts had secrets moves.

In his past life, Moon sword martial arts was famous for its deadly moves. It had eight secrets moves, and Xiao Tian was able to master all of it in his past life.

Those secret moves also had names.

1) Moon style of sword drawing techniques- First Ceremony- Mountain Splitter

2) Moon style of sword drawing techniques- Second Ceremony- Earth Breaker

3) Moon style of sword drawing techniques- Third Ceremony- Desert Storm

4) Moon style of sword drawing techniques- Fourth Ceremony- Radiant Sword Wind

5) Moon style of sword drawing techniques- Fifth Ceremony- One Hundred Deadly Slashes

6) Moon style of sword drawing techniques- Sixth Ceremony- Invisible Slash

7) Moon style of sword drawing techniques- Seventh Ceremony- Countless Cherry Blossom Storms

8) Moon style of sword drawing techniques- Eighth Ceremony- Grim Reaper

To master those secret moves, he had to make his body stronger and faster. He needed to make his body faster so that the enemy would not be able to dodge the secret moves and make his body stronger so that his attack could become more deadly.

Before Xiao Tian could learn those secret moves, he also needed to control the energy within his body first. In order to do those secret moves, he had to gather all his energy on a single point and didn't let it spread out.

Once he master it, he could even break a small or middle size stone with his bare hands. The most important thing was how to use the power. Breath, posture, speed, movement, and concentration were the first thing that he had to master before training the secret moves.

Then Xiao Tian sat crossed legs and slowly shut his eyes. As he was closing his eyes, one by one what his master had told him in his past life emerged on his mind.

After remembering what he had to do, Xiao Tian began to concentrate and feel the energy within his body.

He tried to control his breath. When was meditating, Xiao Tian could feel the gentle breeze on his skin.

After several minutes, Xiao Tian slowly opened his eyes. Even though he was sad that everything was in a mess, and he could not spend time together with his mother, aunt, and Lin Xing Xue, Xiao Tian was still thinking positive.

Xiao Tian decided to use his time to make him stronger and learn martial arts. Then Xiao Tian began to train again.

Even though it was past 10:00 pm, Xiao Tian was still training in the backyard. The longer he practiced, the calmer his mind was. For this reason, Xiao Tian continued to practice even though he was tired and his arms ached.

At this moment, Xiao Tian didn't realize that Ye Qingyu had been looking at him for several minutes from behind a window.

At first, Ye Qingyu thought her nephew would buy beer and drink it to help him calm down, but she was wrong.

Not only did he not buy beer, but he even practiced martial arts in the backyard. This greatly surprised Ye Qingyu.

She knew that lately her nephew often practiced martial arts in the backyard. Ye Qingyu just didn't expect that he would still practice martial arts when he was facing so many problems.

Of course, Ye Qingyu was pleased by this. However, because she was still angry, she only looked at him. When she remembered what he had done to her and her big sister, the expression on Ye Qingyu's face turned into an angry expression. Then she turned around and walked toward her room.

That night, Xiao Tian practiced martial arts until 11:00 before finally, he took a bath and slept.


The following morning, Xiao Tian went to the campus without eating breakfast. However, when he was in the class, his name suddenly called, "Student Xiao Tian, please come to the rector's office."

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