Illicit Relationship Chapter 34

31 Good Night Love You

" I want to do business. " he said honestly

" you want to do business ? " she asked " what business do you want to do? "

" clothes " he said.

After he was taking over his new body, there were many things he wants to do, one of them was doing business clothes.

" oh. clothes. That's good " she said as she approved his idea.

It wasn't a bad idea because clothes can last a long time so it didn't matter if he can't sell it for a month or so, as long as he was taking care of the clothes he can sell it even in few months so she thinks it was good business for a beginner.
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Not like the restaurant, if the food in the restaurant wasn't sold at the end of the day, almost all the food couldn't be sell again the next day.

" I want to sell my own design clothes " he added

Hearing that, she was angry because she thinks he just wanted to do business to look cool " Tian, do you think making clothes is easy ? and your major is not designer. Do you want to waste your money? "

He understands why she was angry because she thought he was playing around so he said with a serious face " aunt, I know what to do. Believe me, I will become a successful businessman "

" I don't agree, if you want to do business clothes, just sell some clothes from some branded clothes " she said seriously too.

She knew that designing clothes was not easy and need a lot of money to make it. what if he failed to sell his clothes, all his money will be waste and she didn't want that.

" aunt, did you forget that I meet Yun Xin Er today ? " he asked

" what about it ? " she asked

She didn't know why suddenly he was talking about Yun Xin Er.

" I asked her to wear my design dress on her next live concert if she like my design dress and she agrees " he said " so don't worry, if Yun Xin Er wears my design dress, I am sure there will be a lot of order after her live concert is over."

She was stunned again, today her nephew was giving her many shocking news, from how he can playing piano well and become champion, his song was bought by famous singer, he wanted to make his design clothes and finally when he told her that he already had an agreement with the famous singer to wear his design dress.

She felt like she didn't know her nephew anymore after she was coming back to Shanghai, from a shy young man to become a beast young man, he also became smarter and braver in taking action. He didn't waste a single chance in front of him.

" is that so? ..but tell me, are you really know how to design clothes ? " she asks curiously

" of course I know, if I don't know why should I want to make my own design clothes ? " he said honestly

" where did you learn it ? " she asked

" in university. " he said, then he held her shoulder and said " aunt, I want to become a successful businessman so I can make you and mother happy. If I become a successful man, you and mother don't need to work anymore, you just need to go shopping or something like that"

Hearing that, she felt touched so she decided to give him a chance " alright, I will wait for you to become a successful man "

He looked at her lovingly and said " don't worry, I will become a successful man and make aunt happy "

She leaned her head on his shoulder " un "

Not long after that, she was sleeping on his shoulder. Seeing she was already sleeping, he turned off the TV and carried her to her bedroom.

Like when he was inside his mother's room, when he was inside her aunt's room, her room had the same fragrance as hers.

Her bedroom was almost the same with his mother's bedroom but the deference was there wasn't a bathroom and in her room, there was a table where she usually did some work.

After he put her on the bed and kissed her forehead. he smiled and said " good night aunt. I Love you "

What he didn't know was when he was carrying her, she was already awake but pretending to sleep so when he carried her to her bedroom and kissed her forehead, added with the magical word ' I love you' , a smile appeared on her face. it was a pity that he didn't know something like that happened.

He then coming inside his bedroom and lied down on the bed. a huge smiled was appeared on his face because the first step for him to become a successful man was already in his hand, he just needs to do the thing seriously and carefully.

In his previous life, his father's design clothes were always became hit news and a lot of famous people buy it, from actress, actor, businessman and the other important people too.

He raised his right hand and said " I can do it. "
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