Illicit Relationship Chapter 337

331 Scandal

The video of Xiao Tian and Yun Xin Er kissing passionately spread throughout entire China like a world-shaking storm.

In several minutes, a quarter of people living in China had watched the videos of Xiao Tian and Yun Xin Er kissing passionately.

Everyone who watched it immediately shared the video to their social media accounts and named it such as the secret relationship of a young genius businessman and famous singer, a hot kiss of two famous people, immoral behavior of two famous people, and many other names.

Due to this, the videos spread on the internet even faster than before. Soon, all of Yun Xin Er's fans were furious and attacked Xiao Tian through his online shop, internet, and so on.

Several of Yun Xin Er's fans believed that Xiao Tian made Yun Xin Er drunk and took advantage of her. But there were also many of her fans who were disappointed with her and started to hate her too.

They could not accept it and blamed Yun Xin Er too. For this reason, many of them stopped being her fans.

They could not accept that their goddess had a passionate kiss with a man. It was even a man who was younger than her.

And like what they did to Xiao Tian, her fans, or more preciously, her former fans began to attack Yun Xin Er on the internet too, saying that she was a slut, immoral woman, and many other names.

Some of them even said that they regret ever admiring her. They didn't know that under her pretty face and beautiful voice, there was a slut side of her that was hidden.

In less than an hour, Yun Xin Er's reputation broken into pieces, and even several contracts were canceled due to the scandal.


An unknown place.

Yun Xin Er was surrounded by several reporters, and all of them wanted to know her opinion about the video that spread on the internet. They also wanted to know whether it was really her or not.

However, Yun Xin Er never gave them an answer. She always covered her face and avoided public places so that the reporters would not bother her.

This made Yun Xin Er's bodyguards work very hard to protect her and hide her from public places. But wherever they went, several reporters always followed them.


Li Entertainment, Li Wen's office.


Li Wen hit the table with his fist hard. He was furious after watching the videos. Because the videos of Yun Xin Er and Xiao Tian kissing had spread throughout entire China, Li Wen was unable to stop it anymore. "WHO DID THIS?"

In front of him, a young man about twenty-eight years old stood firmly. He was Bing Zhan, Li Wen's secretary.

"Bing Zhan, find out who did this quickly!" Li Wen was unable to control his anger anymore. With the circulation of videos of Xiao Tian and Yun Xin Er kissing passionately on the internet, Li Entertainment's reputation was tarnished.

Not only that, but it was their most important singer. At this moment, Li Wen really wanted to kill the person who uploaded the video on the internet for causing him big trouble.

"Understood, sir." Bing Zhan immediately walked out of the office.


Golden Bag company, Ye Qingyu's office.

Currently, she was sitting in her chair office. Ye Qingyu gritted her teeth and clenched her fist. She found it hard to believe what she was seeing. Her nephew always said that he only loved her and her big sister and would never hurt their feeling.

And what made her angry was that he had been lying to her all the time. He kept saying that her big sister and she were the only people he loved, but he still had another woman behind their backs. He was cheating on them.

Xiao Tian always said that he had no relationship with Yun Xin Er and he was not in love with her, so why did he kiss passionately with Yun Xin Er?

This made Ye Qingyu believe that her nephew still had many secrets. She even suspected that he still had another lover.

All this time, she always tried her best to make him happy and loyal to him, but he did the opposite. Even though their relationship was taboo, but she kept telling herself that their love was real.

"Hehehe." Ye Qingyu laughed sorrowfully. She felt as if someone was stabbing her heart with a knife.

Her heart ached when she remembered the videos of Xiao Tian and Yun Xin Er kissing passionately. She loved her nephew very much and here, he was cheating on her. As she was closing her eyes and tilting her head back, tears fell down her cheeks.


Stars coffee

Currently, Ye Xueyin was sitting on the chair in her room. Tears were falling down her soft cheeks. She felt her world broken into pieces when she saw the videos of her son and Yun Xin Er kissing passionately.

She kept refusing to believe that it was her son, but every time she tried to deny it, the scene where her son and Yun Xin Er kissing passionately appeared on her head.

Slowly the entire world turned dark in her eyes. She kept sitting on the chair without moving her body.

She didn't think that her son had been lying to her all the time. One by one the promise Xiao Tian had told her appeared in her mind.

** Xiao Tian looked at his mother lovingly and said, "Mother, I will always make you happy and will never hurt you. I promise, I will always remember my words."

"Liar!" Ye Xueyin's little mouth opened, letting out a sorrowful voice.

** Xiao Tian looked at his mother and said in a soft loving voice. "Mother, you and aunt are the only people who I love in this world."

"Liar!" A sorrowful voice came out of her mouth again.

** Xiao Tian raised his right hand high and said, "I swear in the name of the sun that illuminates the earth during the day and the moon that illuminates the earth at night that my love is only for mother and aunt. Only for you two until my last breath."

"Liar!" Once again, a sorrowful voice escaped from her little mouth. "You are a liar!"

Tears kept falling down her soft cheeks. She always gave her son the best things she had. Her body, her time, she gave it to him without thinking twice. And here, her son broke all of his promise to her and lied to her.


Stars Clothes Company, Lin Xing Xue's office.

Even though Lin Xing Xue was sad and her heart was broken into pieces, she was still working. But, as she was working, she kept wiping off the tears on her cheeks, tears that keep falling from her beautiful eyes and continue to wet her cheeks.

Every time she tried to focus on her work, the scene where Xiao Tian and Yun Xin Er kissing passionately kept appearing on her mind.

It made her unable to focus on her work and feel like someone was slicing her heart. It was so painful for her, to the point she wanted to cry loudly.

However, because it was working time, Lin Xing Xue tried her best to keep working. She kept working with tears running down her cheeks.


Stars Clothes Company, Shi Fei's office

Currently, Shi Fei was sitting on the office chair. Among all Xiao Tian's woman, only Shi Fei who was not sad after seeing the video of Xiao Tian and Yun Xin Er kissing passionately.

She tried to delete the videos on the internet or report it but she only could delete a few of it. "Who did all of this?"

Shi Fei was furious that her lover's reputation was tainted. Due to how angry she was, her face turned dark. She really wanted to torture the person who spread the video to the internet.


Liu Ning's house

Even though Liu Ning also felt hurt when she remembered the scene where Xiao Tian and Yun Xin Er kissing passionately, but it was not as hurt as what Ye Xueyin's felt.

She knew that Xiao Tian had another lover and she had accepted it. But still, she hoped that they knew each other by introducing themselves, not by scandal like this.

"He must be having a hard time right now." Liu Ning mused. "I hope he will not make a stupid decision."

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