Illicit Relationship Chapter 334

328 Lets Take Revenge On Xiao Tian Together.

When Zhao Sheng saw Xiao Tian, he immediately said, "Xiao Tian, wait!"

Xiao Tian stopped his footsteps and turned around. "What are you doing here?"

"I don't want to be in the same place as them, so I also left." Zhao Sheng answered instantly. "Oh Right, you should be careful because I'm sure the Hong family will cause trouble to you later."

Because Xiao Tian had offended an upper-class family, Zhao Sheng was sure that the Hong family would take revenge on him later.

"Can you give me information about the Hong family?" because Xiao Tian knew that Hong Jun would take revenge on him, he thought he needed information about the Hong family.

His past life father always said that the most important thing before going to war was knowing about the strengths and weaknesses of the enemy. For this reason, Xiao Tian wanted information about the Hong family.

"I will give it to you tomorrow." Zhao Sheng answered instantly. "What do you want to do to Hong family?"

"I'm sure Hong Jun will cause trouble to me later, so I will strike first." Xiao Tian gave Zhao Sheng an honest answer. Because he was with Zhao Sheng, Xiao Tian thought he didn't need to lie to him.

"Haha." Zhao Sheng laughed after hearing Xiao Tian's words. "Good! Whoever attacks first has the highest chance of winning the battle. But you need to be careful because your enemy is from an upper-class family."

"I will." Xiao Tian replied


Cloud Villa.

Hong Jun held his broken arms and tried his best to bear the pain. Today was the worst day for him. From when he was born, no one had never treated him like what Xiao Tian had done to him.

He was from an upper-class family, so all his life, many people always praised him and wanted to get close to him. He never thought there would be a day when he would be humiliated like that.

He was sure that from tomorrow onwards, many of young masters or misses from upper-class families would make fun of him.

His face was full of bruises and his right arm was broken. Not only that, but everyone also saw him when Xiao Tian was humiliating him or breaking his arms.

If he didn't take revenge and humiliate Xiao Tian more than what Xiao Tian had done to him, he wouldn't be able to forget all of that until he died.

Because Xiao Tian had humiliated him and everyone looked at him as if he was a fool, Hong Jun decided to leave the party.

With all his strength, Hong Jun tried to stand up. "Director Li, I'm leaving."

Li Wen didn't answer him because Hong Jun was the reason all of his plans were ruined. Actually, he also wanted to beat Hon Jun for his stupidity, but he decided not to do that because he needed to give some face to Hong family.

With an embarrassing feeling in his heart, Hong Jun walked out of the Cloud Villa. The light in his eyes was dimed and every step felt so heavy. Hong Jun knew that his family would be angry with him later, but he still had to go home.

After Hong Jun left, Li Wen looked at Zen and said, "Leave Cloud Villa now and never come back again!"

Because Zen knew Li Wen would not forgive him, he decided to leave because he was afraid if he made Li Wen angrier, Li Wen would do something to him later.

Because Zen also wanted to take revenge on Xiao Tian for ruining his life, he decided to run after Hong Jun. What he didn't know was that someone was following him.

When Zen saw Hong Jun, he immediately dashed toward him and said, "Young master Hong, wait!"

Hong Jun turned around after hearing Zen's words. "Do you need anything?"

"Let's take revenge on Xiao Tian together." Zen went straight to the point.

Zen was sure that Hon Jun would agree to his idea because they had the same enemy. Xiao Tian had humiliated both of them earlier, and because of Xiao Tian, all the guests made fun of them.

"All right." because Hong Jun thought that two people was better than one person, he agreed to take revenge on Xiao Tian together with Zen. "Get in my car, let's talk somewhere."

"All right." Zen nodded his head

However, when Zen and Hong Jun were about to get into the car, someone who wore a mask suddenly walked toward them. "Wait!"

Zen and Hong Jun turned around. When they saw that person, Hong Jun immediately asked, "Who are you?"

"You don't need to know who I am." the person who wore a mask answered. Then he threw something toward Hong Jun. "This will help you take revenge on Xiao Tian."

When Hong Jun saw a USB flash drive, he immediately asked, "Why are you helping me?"

"You can say that I also don't like Xiao Tian." after saying that, the person who wore a mask walked away.

"USB flash drive?" Zen said abruptly. "Young master Hong, there must be something important in this USB flash drive."

"I think so too." Hong Jun answered instantly. "Let's go to my hotel and see it."

"All right." Zen nodded his head.

"Go to the hotel," Hong Jun said to his driver.


Somewhere inside the car.

"Young master, I gave it to them." the person who wore a mask said.

"Good!" a voice rang out from the backseat. "Let's go home."

"All right." that person immediately took off the mask and drove the car.


Currently, Xiao Tian was lying on the bed. Because he was in a bad mood, he immediately went home after he left Cloud Villa.

Not long after that, Ye Xueyin entered his room and said, "Tian, what is wrong? Did something happen at the party?"

"Nothing." Xiao Tian answered as he smiled. "Come here and lie next to me."

Without waiting for another second, Ye Xueyin immediately laid down on his right side. "If you have a problem, you can share it with your mother, you know."

"I'm just tired." Xiao Tian knew if he told his mother what he had done, she would feel worried later. For this reason, he decided not to say anything to her.

Because Xiao Tian didn't want to tell her about it, Ye Xueyin didn't ask anymore. "Do you want me to massage your body again?"

"No." Xiao Tian shook his head. "How about we have sex right now?"

"But didn't you say that you are tired right now?" of course, Ye Xueyin would love to have sex with her son, because actually, she also wanted to do it earlier. However, because Xiao Tian looked unhappy, she didn't say it.

"For my beautiful lover, I will always have the energy to do it." Xiao Tian answered instantly. "So, do you want to do it right now?"

"Un." Ye Xueyin nodded her head as she smiled.

Then they immediately took off their clothes and began to have sex. They had sex for several minutes before finally they stopped and laid down on the bed.

Currently, Ye Xueyin was laying down on Xiao Tian's right side with her head resting on his arms. "It was great."

"Yes." Xiao Tian replied. "It's a pity that aunt is not at home."

"Well, that's because there is so much work today. She said she would be home late." Ye Xueyin said.

Then Xiao Tian and his mother talked for several minutes. They were joking, and laughing together.

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